Another Great Post from our Friend, Vlad :-)

Hey, folks, take a moment and hope over to our buddies site and give this a quick read:

Liberals: Fear, Anger, Hatred


lib hate


The prime motivating factors for the liberal worldview are not freedom and liberty, but rather fear, anger and hatred. American Liberalism is best understood as the domestic manifestation of Leftism as it has evolved in the halls of academia and Congress. While occasionally wearing the disguise of populism or progressivism in an effort to appeal to the whims of the mob, liberalism is unconcerned with actually improving the lives of people, but is dominated by fear, anger and hatred. Fear of freedom of thought, anger that their views are not universally embraced, and hatred for all who stand in the way of their agenda.

One thought on “Another Great Post from our Friend, Vlad :-)

  1. Mr Davidiuk’s posts are consistantly Good ! …I think More should read them.

    I have a Very slight disagreement with him on this one sentence….. “I’m not talking about the average Liberal / Democrat / Progressive American citizen, many of whom are my friends and family and who have divergent views from my own, but seek an inclusive, mutually beneficial ”live and let live” environment. ”

    MANY of the Policy positions of The Democrat Party…..and the Progressive agenda DO NOT in any way advocate nor allow for an “inclusive, mutually beneficial ” live and let live” environment”….Not even Close……………. It is all well and good for these “moderate” “average” Liberals to tell themselves that…… But I think there is a LARGE amount of Cognitive Disonance within this group of “Average” Liberals who do tell themselves that. Or they are asleep to the effects of Liberal/Democrat policies. Or they are lying.

    That said, his Post is an Excellent one and in fact points out the Single major Liberal thrust….which is Division and Balkanization of America based on “diverse” groups of special Interests……And yes, because it is becoming the expected response in ANY political dialogue these days……. The RINO Establishment GOP is “guilty” of some of this too.

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