I Think It’s Time…


Hear me, and hear me clearly.  The U.S. Government is in violation of the Social Contract.  We know the Social Contract that formed this nation as the U.S. Constitution, and those which formed the States as the State Constitutions.  Together, they create and define the laws by which our society is governed.  But this is what these Social Contracts are: the supreme law of either their State or this nation, and the chief executives are legally and morally bound to remain inside the boundaries set out by these Constitutions.  In Obama’s case, that means he is legally and morally obligated to operate according to the letter of the Constitution – as understood at the time of ratification!  If the President refuses to do so, then he loses his legitimacy and – with it – his authority.  But when the Congress allows the President to repeatedly and blatantly violate both federal and State law and does nothing to stop him, and when the Courts not only turn a blind eye to this violation of Constitutional law but lends its authority to this usurpation, then the entire federal government is in violation of the Social Contract (i.e. Constitution) and ceases to be legitimate.  In other words, it cedes its legitimate authority and enters into an open state of war with the people.  At that point, we are no longer bound by the law because the government has destroyed the law.  This is where we find ourselves today: with a government that has entered into an open state of war with the American people!

Let me ask you something: when was the last time you read the Declaration of Independence?  If you haven’t done so in the last six months, take a moment to read it – do it now!  The Declaration is a legal document, written according to the internationally accepted practices of the law at the time of our founding.  As such, it lists a series of charges against the Crown.  Today, we are told they are archaic and, therefore, have no meaning in our ‘modern’ world.  This is a lie!  If you doubt me, read the charges and think about the modern equivalent(s) that are happening today:

Read the rest (I bet you’ll be surprised)

39 thoughts on “I Think It’s Time…

  1. You are correct…..according to Obama and Eric Holder NONE of us is bound by Federal Law any more.

    That is any Law passed by Congress…. We are However, all bound by ANY LAWS passed by …..the Courts…the Supreme Court….The Justice Department…..Obama….The Speaker of the House …Harry Reid….the EPA…the IRS…OSHA…..the DHS….the TSA….the NSA….the Patriot Act….the NDAA….the FCC….. and of Course the United Nations.

    That’s The New World Order of things …. so get with the Program and just STFU ….. or one of Obama/Holder’s Acorn army will visit you and Shut you up.

  2. It’s time to remember a Little bit more of our History of fighting for Liberty.

    The town was called “Athens” no-less….. an echo of that First Democracy.

    • The people who are down-voting this video are telling you they are IN FAVOR of the State Stealing elections.

      This is a heads-up for the Midterms !!

    • Augger,

      I understand the desire to blame Bush for Obama, but we need to be honest: the lawlessness started long before Obama. After all, Bush destroyed the free market, gave us the Patriot Act, TARP (which laid the foundation for Obama’s death panels).

      We need to stop looking at individuals and start fighting the SPIRIT of control — wherever we find it. Don’t you think?

        • Waste of time — but that is EXACTLY why many of the people we listen to keep us focused on making blame lists. I think we’re better served by actually expending our time trying to get rid of those on the list instead of adding to it. When the bodies start to fall (figuratively, people), those who didn’t make the list will get the message.

  3. “If the President refuses to do so, then he loses his legitimacy”

    so is the constitution as interpreted by the extreme right the sole source of legitimacy?
    What about the people whom the constitution empowers? This is a republic for and by the people. Or does that phrase contain too much democracy and you prefer it to be a republic by a christian southern baptist (I am not sure if this your religion, but feel free to correct me) god and for natural law (as interpreted by Joe)?

    • Karl,

      Thios nation is NOT a ‘democracy.’ That’s actually at the heart of the problem. The COnstitution is not meant to nor does it “empower” anyone. It is meant to protect by restraining government encroachment.

      YOU, Karl, ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM! You, and everyone — every last soul — who thinks like you. YOU are the one who seeks to control and impose. My post is aimed strictly at reclaiming that which Obama has taken: THE RULE OF LAW!

    • The Constitution is not up for a Vote….its Legitimacy and meaning are not based on changing “interpretations”.

      A Republic Of, By and For the People is exactly WHY Obama has become illegitimate …. he and his Adminitration have ruled Selectively.

      Liberal Jonathan Turley actually agrees with Joe….not the likes of you. Even though Turley is a supporter of some of Obama’s ideas.

      • “The Constitution is not up for a Vote”
        why not do we live in a document-ocracy? who or what decides these documents?

        “its Legitimacy and meaning are not based on changing “interpretations”.

        A document is interpreted whenever it is enforced. To enforce it you have to interpret it, because documents don’t enforce themselves. Documents are not agents capable of action, but are inanimate objects which are not capable of demonstrating their intentions and views through action.

        “The COnstitution is not meant to nor does it “empower” anyone”

        So it does not empower the people to vote for electoral college electors who vote for the president? It does not empower congress to write and pass laws? You are being ridiculous.

        • Karl,

          No, I’m not being ridiculous: you’re just insane. Everyone who buys into the Marxist lies about Communism is insane. It’s just a question as to whether or not they are indoctrinated (i.e. a useful idiot) or the ones doing the indoctrination.

          Either way: you have clearly demonstrated that you do not understand enough to understand the issues at hand. You only know what you want and will tell us the sky is green and grass is blue if you think it will get you what you want.

          Now I’m done with you. You’re not worth the time it takes to refute your delusions.

          • I wish I had something to respond to, but I don’t. You haven’t refuted anything or even presented an argument.

            How can I be a useful idiot when I’m not the reason Smith and Wesson stock is at all time high just because of paranoia, also I am not the idiot who made post about “free-market” currency bitcoin being a “success” weeks before a crash in price and many bitcoin holders losing their bitcoins due to lack of government regulation. I also didn’t praise 60 minutes for an investigative report that was based on a false witness account of a man who wasn’t there, a man Fox News refused to use as a source. I also have the brains to know that the bible is a collection of fables and allegories and not a document to be taken literally.

            How can I be a useful idiot when I can see that private property corrupts man and corrupts any government. Like I said, you can write the best constitution in the world but as soon as private property exists it will be transferred from the wealthy to the lawmakers in order for both groups to benefit from their positions in society. In short the rich provide the campaign funds and the legislators provide the pro-rich laws. You can have police and FBI but they are not immune to seeking their best interest in a private property society. Anti-corruption laws, are laws and rely on human being to enforce them. Simply stated. Those with the gold make the laws.

            No, you don’t see this, your views are formed by talking heads that want to sell you guns, books and gold certificates plus the latest and greatest tea-party candidate.

            • You are a useful idiot because you argue for the Confiscation of people’s property for yourself and your Communist Union thugs.

              As you say…..Those with the Gold make the Laws. And there are MANY MANY more Folks with “Gold” in Westrn Democracies then ANYWHERE in the Socialist/Communist world…….. Almost NOONE has any “Gold” in China or Russia.

              By studying History just a bit…people can see you for what you are…. an Aparatchik…. a Tool of Communist activists who seeks to stir discontent in order to disrupt and in the disruption enable Communist Oligarchs to grab power. There is more of Soros than sensible about you.

              • You have not disproved that the gold-holders make the law. The “gold” the western proletariat isn’t so much gold as it is future obligations to pay the gold back to the banksters ie debt. the words “communist oligarch” is an oxymoron. The oligarchs in Russia arose from the capitalist ‘democratization.’ If you want your children and grand children to languish in wage-slavery while Joe and his plutocrat-approved brothers interpret and enforce the constitution. Being judge, jury and executioner. Because we can’t have democracy. Remember fellow liberty lovers, “Democracy is baaaaad.”

                What you “liberty lovers” are proposing is an undemocratic system that solidifies that the gold holders make the rules and enforce the rules.

                you do not know economic laws. you are trapped in the 1700’s when capitalism was in its infancy. all factories and farms were sole proprietorships, anyone with ambition could become rich. But that was the 1700’s. Today we have corporations that excel at pooling and managing resources and capital, the future is less companies and concentration of capital. The bigger fish eat the smaller fish. Remember when Willie Nelson did farm aid? when Small farms were losing ground to large corporations. This happened in the Reagan era, in capitalist America. it was not a communist collectivization that led to the end of the small farms, it was capitalism itself.

                If you understood economic laws, you would know capitalism creates crisis, concentrates capital and power and leads to monopolies.

                • Karl, Mr. Government, thank you for allowing we Americans to show you for the ignorant fool you are; claiming a “controlled” market of capitalism is liberty and the “free market”. In reality we have had Marxist fascism for far too long which is suffocating economic growth for all. In the end creating Obama’s “food stamp” society. What little freedom has been allowed; has supported the “progressives”, who are the “American Communists”, follies. Here Milton Friedman explains why the free-market works when government doesn’t get in its way…:

                  • Gents,

                    Don’t be too fast to assume Karl is a govt. plant. Truth is, there are more people who actually believe the way Karl claims to than we want to accept. If this were not the case, how do you suppose Communism was ever sold to the people in the first place? Mind you, I know and I know you guys know that it is usually forced on people, but there are still more of these THIEVES among us than we care to imagine (and yes, Karl, anyone who thinks they can rationalize taking from one to give to another is a THIEF — you’re just trying to find a way to moralize your immorality).

                    • Most of those you talk about are like Edward and Rush mentioned….usfeul idiots. And they don’t have sticking power.

                      Gov’t and/or Soros Trolls are more like Karl…..the main thing is he is RE_DIRECTING the dialogue which is their Goal….. To Goad and thus De-legitimize the Commenters and the OP. Saying this doesn’t disgard what you say…it in fact supports it.

                      At any rate…. a Combination of Ignoering and Sating ..”TROLL ! ” each time he/she/it posts is the way to combat either a Soros Agent Provacatuer or a useful Drone idiot.

                    • Joe I commented about one of your Prior posts on Texas95’s post above about Palin. I misspelled your name….but it was about your Post on the “Suicided” bankers….an update !

                    • Don,

                      I’ll check it out, but I’ve heard the count is now at 5 or 6??? I think we’ve passed the ‘coinkidink’ phase of this story 😉

                    • There were 5 in 2013 and 9 so far this year 2014 which equals 14 plus a “disappeared” WSJ reporter.

                      I’m not sure what you mean by “coinkidink “.

                    • Don,

                      THAT, my friend, is no ‘coincidence,’ that is a sure indication of cover-up or an attempt to silence.

                      I suspect the world is in for a serious financial melt-down sooner than we feared… 😦

                    • Not sure, I just know that — as more people wake up — they will feel the pressure to go all-out for their ultimate goal. Remember, if they think enough of us are awake, they will drop the pretense of their illusions and just be open about who and what they are — they always do.

        • Joe is right You truely are Insane. Enforcement = interpretation, LOL. You are just simply after control of other people and stealing their property ………… Just like the Russians in the Ukraine today.

          • Just like ALL Communists — everywhere — for all time. Communism is just about taking what others have for yourself and preventing anyone else from ever doing the same for themselves — period!

            History has already demonstrated this — every time it was tried. EVERY time!

      • Texas, Karl will tell you that’s just your ‘interpretation,’ not the law. After all, according to Karl, the law is whatever HE says it is (him or those he supports).

        The fool never considers the double edge on the sword he wields. Nor does he know when to check his swing to keep from hitting himself…

        • I figure Karl is a federal government employee/agent.

          I’m not writing to Karl. I’m writing to anyone else who seeks truth and justice.

          • Texas,

            Karl is just insane. No one who has any footing in the real world can believe in Marxism/Communism. It’s a lie told to persuade weak-minded and greedy people to sell themselves to whichever master is pushing that drivel. Communism is so antithetical to human nature, it can’t even be forced on people — not even after the murdered 120+ MILLION people trying to make people conform. That is all the proof a sane person needs to know Communists are insane.

            • nd actually, I think it is best to NOT reply to this Fraud. The goal of Government Trolls is to DIVERT threads.

              If you think about it this Post is about AMERICAN politics….about the AMERICAN Constitution and the Illegal actions taken……… It has NOTHING to do with Communism….or any ideology. His entire discussion is just a Diversion….parroting the Article in Slate Today and the Communist Tripe published in Harvard’s School Paper ..”The Crimson” noless.

              Thus everytime we engage this Troll we are falling for the age-old tactic of the Agent Provacatuer….. Which is what a Government Internet Troll really is.

              I think it best to Discuss Ideas…. and show supporting evidence etc…… And realize this is NOT a “space” for, of and about Communism……. That is what “Karl” and others have tried to make it.

              WE have the power to Cut them off at the Knees by just not reponding except to say …. ” TROLL “.

  4. Don,
    This Karl is a typical 12 year old liberal progressive (occupy), who thinks History was invented when he was born.

    Rush identified the likes of Karl on his radio program this morning exactly as Joe defines him (Karl), by what he
    professes as the “Occupy Idiots.”

    I’m with you, Joe! Don’t give this solipsistic cretin any credit by a reply to his rant.

    • Yes….exactly. Except the Occupy Crowd is an extension of the Communist party. Thet are NOT innocuous….nor for the most part 12 years old. What we saw was a collection of what Rush describes. But believe me there are very dangerous folks associated with OWS….and with the Internet Trolls doing their bidding.

      Google Lisa Fithian and Medea Benjamin for starters if you want to get a start on just what exactly OWS was and is. There are others just like Soros involved and with his kind of Money too…..He is just the “Face”….he takes all the attention…..but that too is by design.


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