America; liberty is in our DNA

Fort McHenry flag of 1812


QUICK FACTS ABOUT THE STAR-SPANGLED BANNER FLAG are hosted here by the Smithsonian.

American History Museum Star Spangled banner exhibit

America IS different from every other society.  Why?

America was founded and is re-constituted with people from all over the world fleeing oppressive regimes;  Kings, Dictators, Monarchies, Oligarchies, Socialists, Fascists, and Communists, and yes, even self-styled Presidents.

Immigrants seeking liberty and freedom are the world’s “risk-takers”.  Consider the strength, the fortitude, and the drive required for a person to leave their friends, family, and homeland for a new beginning.  What drives a person to “give up everything” to seek a new future?  Suffocation?  Hopelessness?  The refusal to settle for the status-quo of an un-just society.

In the rest of the world, freedom seekers are destroyed if they are unable to flee their repressive regimes.  Other societies have a small minority left, if any, who seek liberty and justice. The world’s losses are America’s gains in human spirit.  That spirit cannot be destroyed.  America’s majority is the result of centuries of immigration with people who treasure liberty and justice.  Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and “equal protection” under the law is in America’s DNA.

Americans are the only “people” to fight for the freedom of other peoples asking nothing in return except for the unshackled people to constitute a new beginning of righteous “self-rule” and “self-determination.”

We all seek “the American dream”, even if we don’t intellectually understand her foundings because America’s design is greater than any other.  America is constituted with a peaceable people who will hope for, and allow, every opportunity for a peaceful transition from lawlessness to lawfulness.  We believe honorable and good leaders will be permitted to “step-up” and re-gain control of an out of control bureaucracy.  A People founded in Liberty, will abide and withstand oppression and deprivations until there is no longer any hope for a peaceful correction.  “The People” will not remain silent when it becomes obvious the bureaucracy will no longer heed the will of the People.

There is no other place to go to.  If there was, we “the People”, a peaceful and loving people, would already be there.

May God bless and keep safe, America.


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