Sarah Palin in 08′ election accurately forecasts Putin invading Ukraine

During the 08′ election, Sarah Palin describes 4 different hypothetical crisis scenarios with Ukraine being the 4th.

After watching the video clip, ask yourself:

Are progressives really this ignorant?  Or do progressives actually understand the consequences of their decisions?  

(hint:  Remember during the 12′ election when an open mic caught Obama telling Putin what would occur after the election?  Anyone?)



10 thoughts on “Sarah Palin in 08′ election accurately forecasts Putin invading Ukraine

    • We need to de-legitimize the Liberal Machine ourselves.

      By being vocal in our immediate surroundings…….By watching and pushing Sites like the Blaze, Shows like Mark Levine and Breitbart and driving traffic to Blogs like RNL, OYL, CNS, The Right SCOOP PJ-Media and others …. get on threads and comment and put the links there…. Grow audiences. We have power to do this.

      We Know by now That the Media is just basically ” State Sponsered Slander”…and Propaganda. We have to stop waiting for them to Legitimize our views….because our views are Correct because they are on Principle….. NOT because they are legitimized by Bubble-Heads in Hollywood or the TV Screen.

      • Agreed. The right leaning blogs are making progress in their readership. Fox is dominating the cable news. However, far too many folks still sit and listen to the MSM for evening TV news. The Left has successfully indoctrinated a generation or two and the true believers follow the MSM. I’m not waiting for them to legitimize our position. I’m simply pointing out that the information providers that touch the most people are liberal and will not tell the truth – in this case about Sarah Palin.

    • Kells, Communists.

      Never forget Obama’s political starter, Bill Ayers, who regrets not doing enough with his organization, “weather underground”: Killing innocent Americans. Meeting and training with soviets on how to make bombs. Planning the murder of at least 10% of the American population in “re-education” camps.

      Every progressive decision made is demonstrably against America’s interest. Consistent results rule out ineptitude, ignorance, bad luck, or George Bush’s fault.

    • Kells….Good video link….the first part of this which isn’t here…Obama is specifically Talking about REDUCING America’s Strategic Missle count……

      In other words Obama is working DIRECTLY with Communist Putin in undermining America’s Defensive capabilities.

      • Yeah, that’s what made me think of silly Alex Jones. Sometimes things are deeper than they seem…..if you’re an international super spy like me.

        In all seriousness, there seem to be many things that correlate. (In my sick and twisted mind, anyhow.)

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