Wonder Why We Can’t Get Rid Of Obama?

TRUTH: Obama was sent by God

When I speak about Scriptural matters, I usually tell my non-Christian readers so they can pass by those posts that they may not want to read.  Not this time!  Whether you are Christian or not, you need to read and head this post.  And I’ll warn everyone now, it is not going to be easy to accept what I have to say, but I challenge anyone to show me where I am not standing on solid ground.  So hear me, and hear me clear: we are not going to get rid of Obama or the spirit he represents because he has been sent by God as part of God’s judgment on this nation!

I am no prophet, but I feel the pressing warning of Ezekiel 3:16-21 pressing down heavily upon my shoulders.  I have been slowly coming to realize this truth, but a friend posted something on a Face Book page I am part of that suddenly brought it all into focus for me.  I happen to believe America has fallen under God’s judgment.  We were warned, and we ignored God’s warning.  Just as Israel ignored Isaiah’s warning of judgment, we have done the same.  If we look to types or spirits, we will find that America has repeated the prophecy of Isaiah 9:8-21 – almost to the letter.  Something we need to understand about Biblical prophecy is that it is one of the Lord’s wonders.  It usually applies to the lifetime of the prophet who delivers it, but also to some future event.  What’s more, we will often see the spirit or type of the prophecy echo in history before the ultimate fulfillment. We see this in Joseph, who is an early type of Who Christ will ultimately be.  There are many such examples.  So, when you consider what this nation has done in response to the Lord’s warnings, we should take seriously the likelihood that we have ignored God’s warnings and have now fallen under His judgment:

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