Is THIS what You Had In Mind, Don?


TRUTH: History Is Repeating Itself, And For The Same Reasons

Have you been paying attention to what is happening in Ukraine right now?  Do you know enough history to realize this is an old story: invading another nation on the guise of ‘protecting’ the people in that nation who speak your language?  This is an old game for the Russians: Georgia in 2008; Czechoslovakia in 1967/68; Hungary in 1954.  But they learned it from another master, Adolf Hitler.  Look up the invasion of the Sudetenland in 1939, when Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia in the name of protecting ethnic Germans.  Now, do you understand enough history to realize that there are other commonalities between these events aside from the excuses given to invade sovereign countries?  There are, and Obama is repeating one of them as you read this post.  But, if you do not know and understand history, you will not see what Obama is doing – or more accurately – failing to do.

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18 thoughts on “Is THIS what You Had In Mind, Don?

  1. What I had in mind….and in heart…. was a world after the 1989-91 break-up of the Soviet Dictatotship where the newly independent Republics would slowly build toward a more free world with so many examples existing together.

    What I ( we all ) Got was what you describe in your Post link ….. :- ( .

    • Don,

      How could it have been any other way? The nations between Germany and Russia were never supported after the end of WW II, leaving the path open for Germany and Russia to do exactly what they did and the inevitable start of WW II. Now, with the break up of the Soviet Union, the West is repeating its mistakes of the 1920’s and 30’s. We did not provide the support that these same regions needed to grow strong enough to defend themselves, so we left the door open for Russia to gobble them back up. And, unless we are asleep, it is hard to miss the fact that Germany has once again risen to a position of dominance over Western Europe. It’s just that we do not see the new means of force: economics. Once we understand that the West has tried to substitute money for swords, we will see the parallels everywhere between WW I/WW II and now.

        • Augger,

          No, I don’t.

          Afghanistan — Republicans
          Grenada — Republicans
          Panama — Republicans
          Desert Storm — Republicans
          War on Terror — Republicans
          Now, Graham is pushing for war with Russia — Republican

          What I see is the spirit of control — which lives in both Parties — pushing for war, because war has always been an excuse to seize control from normal, peace-time laws.

        • BOTH Joe and Augger are correct on this ………. It is about Control. But the patterns are there in Both “y’alls” examples to see the differences in the “Control Mechanism” when more of one party is in control versus the other.

          Putin’s invasion of Georgia and Ukraine and Tajikistan ( quiet Coup) are of the order of the Leftists in America…BIG Wars to push the Agenda. Joe’s examples show the GOP Progressives slightly different philosophy that the same can be accomplished with slighly smaller “Contained” agression.

          And for instance ..Desert Strom….The War on Terror….and Afghanistan….were ALL signed off on by Democrats as well as Republicans. We have to start thinking smarter.

          WRT History I AM worried at this juncture about the DEMOCRATS tie to BIG WARS….we can’t ignore the evidence.

          • “History I AM worried at this juncture about the DEMOCRATS tie to BIG WARS….we can’t ignore the evidence.”

            A man with understanding. 🙂

            • ‘Big Wars?’ ‘ Understanding?’

              Gentlemen, what is the war we’ve been in the past 12 years if not ‘big?’ Or do we only measure ‘big’ in terms of lives lost?

              But, no worries: I see the GOP is innocent of all wrong. The only evil MUST be on the Dem side — because we’re all R’s (right?)

              If I remember correctly, I think that’s how the reasoning always goes in those books I’ve read about how people are turned into trained monkeys while being left to think they are still their own person.

              • You’re over-reacting. That’s not what’s being said. If fact rhe (R) connections to wars was clearly stated.

                The Last 12 years seems to be (1984-Brave New World) comme to like…..Life immitating art ?? The (R)’s method and thrust has been smaller and ongoing conflicts…..with the exception of Mr. Lincoln’s war of course……but again there is ample evidence of London Bankers helping to foment that little “fete”.

                • Don,

                  It was meant to be sarcastic. I know you get it.

                  As for BNW: remember, it and 1984 were meant to tell us to get used to it, not to warn us about what to avoid/prevent. 😉

            • Plus Augger The Korean War was under the Democrats ( Truman).

              Stopped by Eisenhower ( a Republican ). ………….. In essence the Chinese Communist/Socialists were fighting the American Democrat/Socialists.

                • No he was manipulated into the escalation…..only that the pattern is still there.

                  Ike got us out in 1953….the first year of his presidency ..

                  • Don,

                    Yes, Ike got us out, but do you realize how much he got us into? Have you read “None Dare Call It Treason?” If not, grab a copy off Amazon and prepare to be VERY angry at our govt.

      • You are spot about the Power Change in Europe.

        Let’s remember that Helmut Kohl was a force for GOOD …working along with Reagan, Thatcher, and John Paul II to bring down Breznyev’s Cold War aggression…….that Putin NOW is trying to reconstitute.

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