President Obama in Disneyland

The Washington Post finally recognizes that the foreign policy of the President exists only in a fantasy world, saying:

“For five years, President Obama has led a foreign policy based more on how he thinks the world should operate than on reality. It was a world in which “the tide of war is receding” and the United States could, without much risk, radically reduce the size of its armed forces. Other leaders, in this vision, would behave rationally and in the interest of their people and the world. Invasions, brute force, great-power games and shifting alliances — these were things of the past.”

Nice of them to notice – but this fantasy world isn’t any more limited to foreign policy than it is just to President Obama – this video game construction of reality is a common feature of modern progressives, spanning every Democratic administration since the election of Jimmy Carter.

In my opinion, Lyndon Johnson was the last Democratic president who was even close to being a realist. Carter engaged in make believe policies that led to catastrophic economic conditions, a foreign policy that lead to hostages being taken in Iran and invented the use of oil as a weapon our enemies could use against us. Clinton had his “DotCom” economic expansion that consisted of nothing – when the value of a company was based on how fast they could spend money (burn rate) in a “knowledge-based economy” no one yet understood, investors were just asking for trouble…the only thing that stopped even more wonders was the election of a Republican Congress in 1994.

And we know of President Obama’s mythical economic “recoveries”, his “leading from behind” and the wonders of Obamacare.

I can’t lay it all on Democrats; there have been several “progressive” enablers – G.H.W. “No New Taxes” Bush and his “Compassionate Conservative” son, George W. Bush both played supporting roles at different points during their terms, as did the Republicans in the House and Senate – but what is undeniable is that every Republican president since Nixon has had some mess of Democrat presidential or congressional origin to clean up. Nixon had the war in Vietnam, Reagan the debacle of the Carter years, Bush the Younger came into office on the heels of the “dotcom” bubble bursting and exited as the mortgage bubble burst after “progressive” manipulation of the Community Reinvestment Act and Democrats Barney Frank and Chris Dodd threatened banks from their committee perches and rebuffed Bush’s six attempts to reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

For these post-modernist “progressives” (both Democrat and Republican), all of this is about construction a world they can control and be relevant in. This is where all the magical thinking and denial of reality comes from.

Some examples: countries will respect us if we are just nicer to them, America won’t be threatened as long as we make ourselves weaker because weak is the new strong, terrorism is caused by poverty not religious hatred, it is not fair that people who have little or no income can’t buy  a house they can’t possibly pay for, unemployment insurance is stimulative, it is a sign of a recovering economy that food stamps are at record levels, the government can mandate insurance for every possible condition and it won’t cost a dime, we can borrow ourselves out of debt and Obamacare has overcome that singular scourge of our time – “job lock”.

The hits just keep on coming.

When executed by “progressive” Democrat administrations they are able to maintain just enough connection with reality so that they aren’t immediately denounced as fools and frauds. They do so by ignoring any action that augurs minor consequences (allowing them to resolve themselves with minor impact) because they are politically strong enough to deflect and thereby withstand the political effects (this is why scandals like Fast and Furious, the IRS, the NSA and Benghazi have had little effect to date). They also are masters at delaying major issues until they are someone else’s problem by acquiescence to milquetoast policy positions, manipulating budgets and pushing the true costs of programs way out into the future or simply using debt to finance them, kicking the can down the road and avoiding the immediate impact of the massive tax increases that would be required to pay for them in real time.

All of this amounts to a perpetual “progressive” feedback loop where successive Democrat presidents and Congresses create unreality Republicans try to correct it but largely fail as they are hampered by the “progressives “ in their own party who secretly agree with the Democrats –or at least fear to oppose them.

Until we are able to get a majority of realist Democrat and Republicans in control, this process amounts to nothing less than a death spiral for our nation that will be helped along by our realist enemies – enemies like Putin of Russia, Xi Jinping of China and the Mad Mullahs of Iran.

7 thoughts on “President Obama in Disneyland

  1. Utah,
    I do believe it’s time to dig a deep hole, throw in all the food , water and ammo you can find; crawl in, and pull the dirt behind you.( A goodly supply of bourbon may be helpful.) I recommend Elijah Craig and Evan Williams !

  2. Oh, I see………….
    Take the money from the rich and give to the poor until everyone is equal.
    Take the weapons from the mighty and give to the weak until all countries are equal.

    Actually, when I saw the title, I was hoping it was just another multi-million dollar vacation OWEbozo was taking.

  3. Very thoughtful Post. You got the essence. I don’t think that there ARE any “realist Democrats” as you are defining the Term realist….. I say that not out of ideological Bias but rather because of the Political Dialogue in the last 25 years. The divergeance between Rational, realist political thinkers and pure ideologues is too vast at this point. What we need is nothing short of a True New Revolution with True Patriots committed to the Republic. What he have on the other hand is almost 100% Opportunistic Political Opperatives.

    I do not see much hope except in a Grass-Roots movement at this point.

    What has been accomplished by the Sychophantic Washington Elite since Clinton and up through Obama has been the complete unraveling of the Work done to help free parts of the World since WWII.

    In 1938 / 39…. Hitler used the excuse of “protecting the German-speaking population” to invade the Rhineland and Austria……. Putin in 2014 uses the same excuse…….. National Socialists in 1938 invade Sovereign nations……… Russian Socialists in 2014 in Vades Sovereign Nations…( Georgia 2008….Ukraine 2014 ).

    The Cold War fought AFTER WWII and won by Reagan / Thatcher/ The Pope with Support of the Worlds Democracies like Australia, Japan and others…..has Likewise been undone and unraveled……. Most especially by Obama and his ( let’s be frank) Communist Cabinet and Administartion.

    And so here we are……back at 1938/39….With appeasement and with a Military at just about the same level. The first time brought by the Socialist FDR….. the Second brought to us by the Communist B Hussein Obama. The only differences this time is we have muslims and muslim sympathizers in Hagel and Brenner in the Defence Dept and CIA …… and of course Iran right on schedule to obtain Nuclear weapons because of this 5th column in our federal government.

    • So everyone may understand the ridiculousness of Russia protecting “Russian-speaking peoples”…

      Hitler began and made war upon his neighbors and the world under the pretense of protecting “German
      Speaking peoples”….

      Next up?
      Invasion of America to protect
      “Spanish-speaking people”…

  4. Progressives. >>>> closet communists, are simply ………… evil.

    How can a person see prosperity, freedom & liberty; and then only consider, and works towards the goal of; ?how can we “re-make” all this thereby placing ourselves “in charge”. Make ourselves dictators.

    The Marxists/progressives purposely lie, about everything. From the creation of “critical theory” and infiltrating our textbooks with nonsense to knowingly lying and hiding communist and Muslim atrocities/genocides.

    Progressives have secretly and continually worked to destroy the foundations of the greatest society mankind has ever known. (regardless of how greatness is measured. Equality of opportunity. Success of the poorest. Overall healthcare for all, including the poorest. Etc.)

    Only EVIL could look at the freest and most prosperous people/nation on earth and spend all their efforts subversively lying and working towards its destruction.

    To work towards bringing a new “Dark Ages” is the opposite of enlightened, learned, and open minded.

    Anyone who now refuses to admit truth and reality is at best an idiot, at worst an active participant in helping destroy our society.

    It is time we Americans disassociate with the progressives. We must spend all our time helping those who believe in liberty and freedom. Progressives must be made to feel the pain they are inflicting upon us. They have already stolen from us all we should allow.

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