Obama “After my election I have more flexibility.” Russian leader “…I stand with you.”


This is my last election.

After my election I have more flexibility.

Obama leans forward and looks Medvedev in eye, and says lowly; “yeah?”

Russian leader Medvedev responds immediately while intently looking Obama in eyes:

“I understand.  

I will transmit this information to Vladimir,

and I stand with you.”

Now watch the interchange hosted by CBS News on YouTube.

  • Body language interjects meaning of unsaid words.
  • Notice Obama’s body language.
  • Notice Medvedev’s body language.
  • Notice the eye contact.
  • Notice the leaders lean forward closely together.
  • Notice Obama patting Medvedev as Medvedev responds.

Anyone who has any experience with interpersonal negotiations can immediately understand the intent and meaning in those few words with their body language.

The words “I stand with you” are purposeful.  “I stand with you” was purposely chosen.  This interchange is not an interchange between enemies.

Is this is an interchange between two men with common goals?

Put the interchange in context.  Context is everything.  The talks involved Russia opposing America protecting fledgling Democracies on Russia’s border with America’s missile defense shield.  With the hindsight of what is currently happening in Ukraine, ask yourself: Was Obama purposely giving Putin the “green light” and explaining the U.S. is not going to defend the “free countries”?

Context is everything.  Obama is the proud and self-asserted son of a full-blown Marxist.  Obama began his political career in the kitchen of Bill Ayers, an organizer for the Communist/Marxist terrorist organization, “weather underground” who lamented:  “I didn’t do enough”.  (The planning and deaths of Americans on American soil.)

Obama’s regime has withdrawn the only obstacle to Communist expansion.

Context is everything.  Notice Medvedev describes Putin, not as Putin, but with his first name, Vladimir.  Did you ever hear opposing leaders/enemies call each other by first name before?

“I will transmit this information to Vladimir.  I stand with you”

Interesting words indeed.

May God bless and keep safe, America.

6 thoughts on “Obama “After my election I have more flexibility.” Russian leader “…I stand with you.”

  1. They’re buddies. You’d have to be blind not to see that. Same with China. And the Middle East. Begs the question of what their goals are prior to 2016. Don’t predict happy times for Israel. On a tangent…..just wondering if the Tea Party will be allowed to run ads on Lerner (she of IRS fame) pleading the 5th……again?

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