Democrat Party = Doomsday Cult

I was surfing today and noticed these items around the internet:

Then you have the Democrat’s denial of objective reality when it comes to Obamacare:

And with Russia:

Now Obama has told Democrats that “It is time to worry”.

And somewhere during all of that, it dawned on me that the Democrat Party has become a doomsday cult like that of Jim Jones and Jonestown, Guyana infamy.

So knowing that there is nothing that isn’t available on the Internet, Al Gore’s greatest invention, I looked up the characteristics of a doomsday cult:

  • Charismatic leadership – check, Obama.
  • Deception in recruiting – check, “We can give you free stuff, vote for us.)
  • Use of thought-reform methods – post modernism and good old fashioned lying, check.
  • Isolation (physical and/or psychological) – only Beltway ideas accepted here, check.
  • Demand for absolute, unquestioning devotion and loyalty – check, just ask the Congressional Black Caucus.
  • Sharp, unsurpassable distinction between “us” (good, saved) and “them” (bad, going to Hell) – the GOP is filled with old white men who want to starve the poor and the Tea Party is nothing but racist bigots…and don’t even get us started on the Koch brothers, check.
  • “Inside language” that only members fully understand – “uncontested arrival”, enough said.
  • Strict control over members’ daily routines – you must comply with all government edicts or else we will send Louise Lerner to audit you, check.

Looking at these would seem to indicate that the joke that the left “drinks the Kool Aid” is far more than a cultural reference.

21 thoughts on “Democrat Party = Doomsday Cult

  1. Free shit? Check. (We thank you! If you would like to receive your very own tax-paid promotion sticker, please sign up today to be a sponsor!! P.S. ~ If you have a Driver’s License and a van, you could be reimbursed for your time in 2014!. 🙂 ~ Stomping out neocons daily!!!!

    This message has been brought to you courtesy of the people who actually pay taxes, and the really smart ones who know where to put your money!

    • Kells, I think I am falling in love! You’ve taken up my Free Shit Army banner, and that makes me smile!

      Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  2. Exactly. This IS why we call em “kool aid” drinkers. I 100% believe the vast majority of Obamunists would literally ‘drink the kool aid’ without a second thought if Obama asked them to do what Jim Jones asked of his followers.

    • Tabby,

      I think the Obama Cultist Communists want the rest of US to drink the “coolaid” …. so they can get the rest of our property, and put a final end to the rest of our rights without any struggle.

      This is the REAL reason for the Democrat “Talking points”…. err hatespeech.

  3. And it’s not only DEmocrats on the warpath for Bigger Government … it’s their RINO Counterparts in the GOP leadership.

    Here is Mitch McConnell declaring war on Americans who believe in the Constitution and rule of Law …. saying he ( and his Corporate Donors) will crush the conservatives and TP. Time to pony up and start supporting Matt Bevin who is running against him !!

    These people need to GO !!!

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