A Wink and a Smile

What to do when your ratings are 38%? A parody of yourself, of course! Americans love cool comedians, and Obama deftly promotes the ACA, while humorously appealing to the masses who have seen this show called The Hangover. (No, I haven’t seen it as it looks dumb……but Obama missed his calling; he should’ve been an actor……….wait a second……he is!)

Here is the clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lg4VvDeKKtY

Guess what, baby? The only ones suffering from a hangover are the ones that voted for this liar and see what has happened to their insurance plan! (Naturally, this is all Neocon BS because Harry Reid said so.)

Harry! Word! (cause I’m hip that way by sayin it, bro) November 2014 is right around the bend! Let me break it down for ya, dog!)

November elections are comin up fast,

Who do we vote for, which one do we cast?

Will it be the hot diggedy-dog what you do to me?

Or willl it be the STFU; you so screwin me?


Word to ya mutha. (My latest rap album can be bought now at www. Kells.com)


Gotta say, I don’t recall any president utilizing the media to this extreme. Did Reagan do Carson? I know very well that Obama didn’t……but he did Leno, Fallon, and SNL http://screen.yahoo.com/clinton-halloween-party-000000967.html


Not to be unkind, but when the hello did we decide that our leaders need to be paid to entertain us?

6 thoughts on “A Wink and a Smile

  1. Once again …. Obama IS NOT promoting the ACA …. he is promoting OBAMACARE .

    A– There is NOTHING affordable about it….not to individuals nor to the Country… in fact just the opposite..it will BANKRUPT everyone.

    C– There is NOTHING about it having anything to do with Care, let alone Healthcare …. it is a Ponzi-scheme to FORCE the purchase of a PRODUCT ( Insurance)….and that’s it. Except to mention PENALTIES and “Taxes”.

    A– It is not an Act….it isn’t even a Legal or Constitutional Law….. not by the way it was passed, not in the re-writing of it by the SCOTUS…..nor in the 34 and counting illegal “Delays” and alterations and special interest set-asides waved into being by Obama.

    Language matters ……….. Obama is Unlawful and acting UnConstitutionally and OBAMACARE perfectly describes what this collection of Phony Legislative garbage is…..

    • Great. So now I’m a fascist? Oh, wait, were you talking about the One singular sensation every single move he makes? (I sang that just for you, and any other poor fool within earshot.)

        • Damnitalltohell! I wanted to be the One…singular sensation!!! Hey, I can fly. I think that’s the reason they put me in this straight jacket. I tell you, if you would be so kind as to slip me a key…..the other boys have blown it! Worthless, I tell you. Crikey! Even the CNN bans me! Can you believe I am censored??!!

          It’s probably not a good idea for me to write when I/m mad and tired…..then again, I laugh at my self.

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