Taking Baby Steps Toward The New Gulag


It may seem petty to note that a Louisiana TV station has reported that a lingerie store in south Louisiana will accept an EBT (food stamp) cards for purchases for all your edible underwear needs. What is not petty to note is that this is perfectly legal:

“Although this case skirts the line, state officials stated there’s no violation of the law with the store accepting the card for lingerie and other adult items. They added because the cash benefits are part of a federal program, Louisiana does not dictate how families spend the money of those cards, which could be less than $200 a month or up to $400 a month.”

And this isn’t an isolated incident. A short while ago, it was reported that it is legal in Colorado to use an EBT card in an ATM and then use the cash to buy pot:

“At least 64 times, public-assistance benefits were accessed at businesses selling marijuana. A total of $5,475 in public benefits was withdrawn at ATMs in establishments that sell pot. This figure includes medicinal dispensaries, recreational stores, and at least one place that combines the two. Some of these establishments sell groceries as well as pot, so there is no way to know exactly how much welfare money was spent on marijuana.”

These incidents tell a greater story about America’s growing welfare state, the role of the so-called “progressives” (Democrats) in this expansion and what their true goals are.

Welfare in America isn’t about emergency and temporary survival; it is about “progressives” working to create a guaranteed minimum standard of living that attempts to fulfill Frédéric Bastiat’s definition of government – “…the great fiction, through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else”.

The fact that a “food stamp” card can be used at an ATM to get cash at all or purchase non-food items is proof.

I understand the “progs” will screech that this is “only an isolated incident” and “there are only a small number of people doing this” – but if there is one, that is one too many. This is the same attitude that allows government employees to use taxpayer funded government credit cards “to buy gift cards, gym memberships, food and thousands of dollars in other items.”

This is also a prime example how the “progressive” movement in America holds the poor in disdain while using them to accomplish their dual goals of enslaving the poor while destroying the wealthy. In their minds, their self-anointed “duty” to the poor is satisfied by throwing money at them while ignoring the true consequences. We have more people below the poverty line today than we did before the “War on Poverty” was joined over 50 years ago. According to Thomas Sowell, government data shows that poverty was actually trending down until the federal government got involved:

“Ironically, dependency on government to raise people above the poverty line had been going down for years before the “war on poverty” began. The hard facts showed that the number of people who lived below the official poverty line had been declining since 1960, and was only half of what it had been in 1950.”

Our federal government has become nothing but a clearinghouse for the transfer payments necessary to a “progressive” takeover of America. In 2014, 70% of all the money the federal government spends will be in the form of direct payments to individuals, an all-time high. Right before our eyes, Democrat and Republican “progressives” are using the redistributive power of government to destroy America’s capitalistic economy and replace it with a communist system of wealth transfer.

The President’s recent move to implement overtime pay for white-collar workers is less about requiring employers to pay more to their employees; it is a drive to end white-collar work where rewards are earned through indirect labor. These are activities like managing and coordinating the efforts of others and also knowledge and innovation work – which cannot be managed through a shift schedule and a time clock. Can you imagine Apple or GE telling an employee that they can only think about work from 8 to 5 and they have to stop thinking at lunch? No, this is a nod to Marx’s labor theory of value and an attempt to force every job to be measured in units of labor for an eventual “equalization” under a communist economic regime.

Do not be fooled, everything these “progressives” are doing – from welfare to work – is straight out of Marx’s playbook.

Welcome to the new Gulag, Comrade Citizen.

2 thoughts on “Taking Baby Steps Toward The New Gulag

  1. Note to self: Continue with your plan of mass-marketing chocolate-covered penises.

    This problem could be easily solved if there was a specific rationing of food (i.e.- one loaf of bread, one carton of eggs, &c.) Talk about killing the incentive to work……Crikey! Congress is literally giving them chocolate-covered penises!

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