The Tyranny of Control; Milton Friedman explains

Grab your favorite beverage and take less than 1/2 an hour to watch and listen to Milton Friedman historically compare free markets and governmentally controlled markets.

Is America on the path of “Japan’s weavers” or “India’s weavers”?

Is this statement true?  Governments never learn, only individuals learn?

What is the point of view of the “experts” who criticize Friedman’s theories. Does it appear the critical views stem from a belief they must plan for, and thereby control, the “individual”?  Does that control thereby give the government power over the individual?

Why does Milton Friedman say?

“I’m not pro business.  I’m free enterprise.”

Notice a much younger Donald Rumsfield emphasize, “Government cannot plan for 215 million people and how poor historically government is at attempting to plan.”

Watch more of Milton’s “power of the market” Utah has collected in the menu at the top of the page.

4 thoughts on “The Tyranny of Control; Milton Friedman explains

    • The anti-Friedman “government-planners” won out and took more control: stifling and suffocating the “free market”.

      The UNION members lost out. But the “Union bosses” must not have, as they continue to advocate the same old policies.

      Now 30-40 years later, America is decidedly worse off by any and all measures. Employed individuals as a percentage of the total population are at an all time low while individuals on Government subsidies are at an all time high.

      And there are “voters” who still support the status quo? More and more of the same failed policies causes more and more failed outcomes?


      Free to choose and self determination is “the way”.

      Individual Americans must accept reality. The leviathan seeks a new minority from which it can steal in order to give to a more powerful minority. “Might makes right” is its way.

      • Insanity is right. LBJ saw this coming, that’s why he enslaved the entitlement class.

        People no longer vote for what are objectively the best policies, instead they vote against whoever they think is going to take their freebies away

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