Ukraine & Gun Control

LESSONS IN APPLIED LOGIC: What Ukraine Teaches Us about Gun Control

This is to anyone who has ever believed the lies advanced by those who advocate for gun control.  And the claim that giving up our weapons makes us safer is a lie.  Statistics, anecdotal evidence and history all speak to this fact.  So I do not wish to debate this point: it has already been settled as a universal truth.  Rather, I wish to point to what is happening in Ukraine to hammer home this truth.  Ukraine is in this position because it accepted the promise of protection from both Russia and the United States.  In return for giving up its nuclear weapons, Russia and the U.S. promised to protect Ukraine from exactly what is happening to it now.  See what trusting liars got them?  Now, and be honest with yourself, do you really think Ukraine would be in this position if they still had control of their nuclear arsenal?  Or do you think that would be enough to make Putin think many times before invading his neighbor?

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8 thoughts on “Ukraine & Gun Control

  1. Some may remember Mr Cinque… a former 20 year Navy veteran ….who said he WOULD NOT COMPLY with Connecticut’s unconstitutional anti-2nd Amendment “law”.

    Well a Connecticut so-called “LEO” was recorded as saying he couldmn’t wait to kick down his door and confiscate his gun.

    Well here is the Backlash to that Officer’s statement ( admission ) and the State’s attempt at Police-state takeover in Connecticut…

    • ANY LEO who complies with a govt. order to confiscate an American’s weapons is no longer protected under the law. Instead, they are entering into a state of war with ALL Americans and, as such, those Americans have a JUSTIFIABLE RIGHT TO SELF-DEFENSE!

      This is NOT “Joe’s opinion,” but a matter of LAW! We were actually taught this in the military — back before our government turned against the American people.

      Remember, the 2nd Protects a right NO govt. can take — neither Federal nor State. And the govt. that claims authority to do so has openly dissolved itself by declaring itself in violation of the Social Contract which gives it its authority.

  2. Here is another article about ever expanding Police-state. This time in the “People’s Communist Republic of Maryland”. This has shades of Boston where everyone just sheepishly watched while the Police armed like the Army pushed their 4th Amendment rights out of the way as they forced peole out of their homes or Pushed their way inside.

    Remember…. in the end it was a SINGLE CITIZEN who found the muslim terrorist in Boston…..not the virtual army assembled on their lawns.

    Here the maryland Jack-boots push their hostility on massed Drivers and sweep away their 4th Amendment rights in a mirror show of State-over-Citizen force.

    BOTH…Boston and Maryland…claim to be “Protecting” the public by their intimidation and trampling of Constitutional Rights.

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