America’s brilliant orator ! . . . ?

This is interesting.  I’d be surprised if the various leaders did not know and understand this.

ps.  What country has “freedom of speech” protected by their Constitution for the media to keep the People informed?

9 thoughts on “America’s brilliant orator ! . . . ?

  1. I did notice Uniform expressions of disbelief amongst the various leaders…… They all looked like they new they were being Bullshitted !…………… The Phillipine…..Danish …..Polish and Irish heads of state looked almost disgusted….but they all looked disdainful of Barry O’Fraudster…….as they should.

    What a loser America put in office.

    • I’m puzzled by the consistent and purposeful pauses and and “umms” in his rhetoric.

      Is Barry merely an empty vessel, a mirror maybe, for all the America “haters”?

      The blonde female is the one who took a “selfie” with Barry at Mandela’s funeral. Zero class.

      • I wonder too….but it was Obama that took the Selfie, remember.

        The Blonde Danish Prime Minister looks like she she has no respect for the O-man to me. Obama is the Vessel IMO of his Progressive Puppet-masters…..and at the same time a vehicle for the “Culture of Revenge” that has grown in America….pushed by the Education system, Universities and of course the Press ( which basically parrots the opinions of the Owners of the Media Corps. ). This Culture of Revenge and Deceit is a tool used by Obama and his handlers to dismantle America.

        The “umms” to me are a window into Obama’s mediocrity.

        The Norwegian Head of State looked to me like he was laughing at Obama, barely contained. I take no truck with the European Socialists….. but I think they view Obama as a Joke.

        • They’re both the same song …. the Movie used a few stanzas. The Song-only was the Welsh Guards singing on the anniversarry of the Rorke’s Drift Battle depicted by Micheal Caine and his red-coated Hombre’s above it……. in fact it was sung in the Chapel at Rorke’s Drift I think……

          That’s in South Afrika for those not a Military History Wonk…. Joe might know a bit more about it all.

          • I recognized Michael Caine when he started shouting. The other actor I know, and I can’t recall him. I should’ve focused on the music because the two versions sounded completely different to me. I loved the spirit of the first and the harmony of the latter. Thanks, Don! 🙂

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