Time for another Round of Beck Bashing


As regular readers of my blogging will know, I have developed a great deal of respect for Glenn Beck.  I didn’t always like him.  At first, I thought he was a clown and I set out to prove I was correct.  However, because I took the time to read the things Beck was talking about – and more – I eventually had to change my opinion about him.  Not only has he been honest with his audience about the things he has tried to teach them, he has been very judicious in holding back on what he hasn’t told them (yes, he has kept the ugliest stuff from his audience).  Still, today, Beck asserted that it is the Constitution that makes America different – not her people.  This is one of the most ignorant statements I have ever heard Beck make, but, rather than explain why it is ignorant, I think I will let the founders box Beck about the ears for me.  After all, who better to correct his ignorance than the men who wrote the Constitution?

While relaying details about his recent vacation in Mexico, Beck asserted that the key to what makes America different from Mexico is not the people, but the Constitution.  According to Beck, the Constitution is what allows people to be who they want to be; to do what they want to do.  He could not be more wrong.  In fact, this is the most ignorant statement I have ever heard Beck make.  I have already attacked Beck for his claim that our rights come from the Constitution in a previous post.  But, this time, I am not going to explain why Beck is wrong about the people and the Constitution.  Instead, I will let the founders explain it first and then sum up the issue with a brief comment at the end of this post.  So, without further delay, I give you the founders’ thoughts on the role of the people in the maintenance of liberty:

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24 thoughts on “Time for another Round of Beck Bashing

  1. I am puzzled by Beck’s statement. Maybe Beck lived in “Democrat” controlled states too long. States where believers in liberty already fled to other free states like Texas; thus leaving a small minority of patriots in the Marxist controlled states.

  2. Joe,
    I am as puzzled as texas95 by Beck’s statement. Does he understand that it was Great Men that conceived and wrote
    the Constitution and Declaration? I’m sure he fully accepts the motivation of these Great Men (Our Founders) that
    their ideas and philosophy produced our guide to American Liberty and Freedom.

    Whatever Beck’s reason for his statements, I’m confident he has the proper explanation?

    • EdwardS,

      Nope, no proper explanation — and he doubled down on it today. As far as I can tell, and it is all based on what Beck has actually said, he is under the mistaken illusion that our rights come from and are protected by the Constitution and nothing else. Just today, he said we have to save the Constitution for our children and grand children. But I would ask him, if you have forgotten the ideology that undermines the Constitution, the principles and ideals it is meant to protect and preserve, then what good is the document? At the same time, if you live in a society which DOES understand these things, then what need have you for the document?

      Sadly, this is one area where Beck — like so many other Americans — has lost sight of what it is that actually made America ‘exceptional.’ 😦

      • Well ………. Given his latest thrust to turn the tide Culturally ( Movies , etc )…. I think he is trying to affect “..a society which DOES understand these things…”.

        And he is saying what he said re: the Constitution so as to Preserve the Constitutional mechanism UNTIL we can affect a turn-around Culturally……. I assume he is trying to do BOTH…
        (1) Affect a turn around with respect to the Ideology of the Constitution…..and inculcate an UNDERSTANDING and belief in the precepts underlying the Constitution within the populace.
        (2) Prevent the “Living Constitution” nonsense and so Preserve the Constitution so that our Children and grandchildren will be able to have the Legal and governmental structure to change course and reestablish the Republic without having to fight a Socialist takeover that decalres the Constitution null and Void.

        • Don,

          If that is his intention, then the way he is going about it will fail. The single, most powerful force for cultural change which the world has ever seen is the Gospel of Christ! Unless and until we turn back to Christ’s message and seek the Lord and His forgiveness, then anything else we try will fail — because we are trusting in ourselves and not God.

          Now, I understand that, in our society as it is now, this is not a popular message. But that is exactly the point! If one will look to everything that we see coming under attack these days, those things which are attacked most viciously are the same things most closely associated with Christ and His Gospel message. And it is those same things the world now attacks that our founders relied upon to build this nation. So, unless we return to and embrace Scriptural principles for life and governance, we will go the way of every other nation that has tried to preserve itself. History is very clear on this point, and what Beck is doing will not affect the change he seeks.

          • Absolutely…….. But, keep in mind one of his first Two projects is the “True story of Christmas”…… my understanding at this point to be different from all the other Christmas stories……So, I don’t think what you are saying is unknown or unexplored to him.

            He is attempting to build a path .

          • Respectfully Joe,
            The key is to use the terms in the understanding our founders used.

            “Our Creator”

            And yes, I agree, America was founded as a Christian nation. Yet Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson consistently used the more general terms “our Creator”

  3. Joe,
    I agree with you on Christ and His Gospel Message. I just hope (our type of Hope) that we have enough time to turn the
    evil tide that is against us into a favorable action that The Good Lord will accept?

    • EdwardS,

      Amen! I just fear that we may be in the final act. In which case, we need to bring as many to that Gospel message as possible while there is still time…

  4. You’re right. Beck is not perfect and sometimes he is wrong or wrong headed. I remember telling a friend about Doc Savage when he heard me listening to it on the radio in my car. He said Savage is obnoxious and goes off on rants and rude, yada, yada, yada. I replied yeah, he’s al those things but Savage has the ability to find the nugget and often he is right on and when he is right on he is absolutely right and his loud obnoxious style is right on too. So I agree Beck is sometimes wrong but often he is right and one of the few people actively speaking up for the American people.

    • GWTW,

      Please, don’t get me wrong: I am a Beck supporter. I just think this is one of the few areas where he has it wrong, and this is a BIG area to be wrong. That’s all. Otherwise, as many will attest, I am in Beck’s corner 🙂

      • Joe,

        Remember a lot of Beck listeners are Constitutionalists but Not Christian …. some are Jeweish, some are Agnostic and some though Christian do not like what they see as Prosthelytizing…….. AT THIS POINT.

        Beck knows this …. and thus the “path”… to the Path has to be carefully laid. At least that is my take on his possible reasoning.

        • Don,

          Let’s hope you are correct, but — unless he brings them to this truth — none of what he is doing will work. It can’t. And how he can miss the founders clear and forceful assertions to this FACT is beyond me.

          Truth be told; candy-coating this is a mistake, too. Either tell them the truth and invite them to join you, or tell them the result is failure and leave them to their own doom. But walking down the middle of the road… Well, you can’t watch both directions of traffic at the same time, you know? 😉

      • Don,

        A populist radio shock jock who, as GWTW rightly points out, does tend to get some things right. The issue I have with him is my inside radio sources (reliable ones, at that) have told me they do not think Savage actually believes much of what he says. He is in it for the money and fame.

  5. It’s not that Beck is wrong, it’s that both of you are right. What other country has a structure to replace the leaders without a violent revolution or the leadership just dies off from old age? Monarchies are by divine right, and the throne only changes hands by death or abdication. In parliaments, one house is reserved for the autocrats that the people have no control over.
    In our republic as originally established, the people controlled all phases of government by:
    a) The house – direct election of representatives
    b) The senate – by who they sent to their state legislature or governor
    c) The executive – by who the state government sent to the electoral college
    d) The judiciary – through consent of the senate
    This country as originally conceived, is the only place on earth of government with the consent of the governed. Franklin was correct when he answered the question of what have you given us with “A constitution, if you can keep it.” Alexis de Tocqueville is often quoted as saying “America is great because she is good. If America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.” This is what comes back to your position. But you can’t have one without the other.

    • Old_Vet,

      But the British DO have a system for peacefully transferring power, as did ancient Israel. The Constitution is not as unique as we make it to be. What is truly unique, what makes America ‘exceptional,’ is that our founders were the first to assert that man was meant to be self-governing and not have a master. But even in that, they were just doing what they said they were doing: returning to the ancient principles of Biblical government. You will not find that so much in the Constitution as you will in the Declaration. This is why Madison claimed to have found the three branches of our government in Isaiah (where God asserts that he is our King, our Law Giver and our Judge).

      As for Franklin, he was reported to have said a REPUBLIC — if you can keep it. Remember, the world’s first record of a written constitution was created by Israel by command of God.

      Finally, I most certainly can have a ‘good’ society without the U.S. Constitution. To claim otherwise is to assert a falsehood. The original Church — the first century Christian Church — was a ‘good’ society which governed itself within the confines of the Roman Empire, yet they didn’t have the U.S. COnstitution. Still, they managed to protect and preserve the rights of individuals much better than any other government before them, which — if we truly look to history — is what changed the world and led directly to the rise of Western Civilization. In this sense, everything we know as “Western Civilization’ is the result of Christ’s Gospel. The Constitution is just the culmination of that movement, but it is NOT the foundation of it. This is where Beck seems to be greatly missing the point.

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