Legal Jenga, and ‘the Crash’ into Tyranny

So, how long before Obama removes enough supporting pieces of the law that we just fall into open tyranny?

TYRANNY IN THE HEADLINES: Obama ILLEGALLY Changes Freedom of Information Act

It is one thing to be able to look back on history and see how people fall into tyranny.  You may still wonder how people were so blind to what was happening, but you have the benefit of hind sight to help you see what they did not.  But it is another thing all together to see history as it is happening around you.  And another thing on top of that to understand what it means if and when you do happen to see it happening.  Well, we are witnessing the destruction of the United States Constitution, the rule of law and the last vestiges of mankind’s liberty and no one seems to care.  What am I talking about this time?  Yet another open act of lawlessness and tyranny by Obama.

Obama White House Quietly Amended Rules Regarding the Freedom of Information Act: Report

In a move that went little noticed in 2009, the White House quietly amended portions of the Freedom of Information Act, making it more difficult for Americans to request public documents for review.

The FOIA change came in an April 15, 2009, memo from then-White House Counsel Greg Craig,…

In the memo, Craig instructed the executive branch to let Obama administration officials review all documents sought under FOIA requests to determine if said documents involved “White House equities.”

However, nowhere in the FOIA does it say that White House officials can withhold certain documents for further review, meaning that the Obama administration effectively altered the law to justify burying public documents, the Washington Examiner notes.

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