And the Government Extortion Game Marches on…

FUNDAMENTALS OF NATURAL LAW: Govt. Commits Extortion when It Fines

It is a foundational principle of Natural Law that only the harmed Party is due compensation.  The government exists to maintain a court system that allows the harmed to state their case and to insure the law is fairly applied so that the accused can fairly defend themselves.  In no case does government ever have an interest in these cases because it is an artificial entity and, therefore, it does not have rights.  That means government cannot be harmed, which then means it cannot be owed damages.  Only real people have rights, and only real people can be harmed and make fair claim to compensation from the person(s) who harmed them.  Yet, today, our government routinely fines people and businesses.  When it does so, it violates the Social Contract, effectively making its action nothing more than extortion.  Here is just the latest in this long string of injustices:

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3 thoughts on “And the Government Extortion Game Marches on…

  1. “Equal protection under the law” does not mean “the laws and regulations” are applied to everyone except Progressives.

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