Gulliver, Unbound (or, Energy is Civilization)

By Bill Whittle:  (Update:  I’ve been considering Bill’s statement:  Energy is Civilization.  This statement is more true than one can imagine.  Consider, from the time wanderers first came together in groups to help one another, they gathered around a fire, which is the consumption of energy.  I have typed some of the Bill’s points contained in his video below:)

Russian “will” did to Obama’s “smart diplomacy” what a Russian tank would do to a “smart car” in a head on collision.

The Russian weapon being wielded by Vladimir Putin today is energy.

America’s insatiable appetite for oil that would have put us at the mercy of Russians in the same way it would have put us at the mercy of the Sheiks back did during the arab oil embargo of 1973 with it’s even/odd license plate days and lines stretching for a mile or more in order to just fill your tank.

Well those days quietly and uneventfully, have pretty much gone.

America sits on reserves of oil and natural gas greater than anywhere else in the world including Russia and the Middle East . . .

And the “smart” diplomacy of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John Kerry, like their “smart” economic policies and their “smart” Obamacare rollout; didn’t have a thing to do with it;  they’ve done everything in their power to make sure it never occurred. . .


Back when we were smarter, we understood this.

Back when we were smarter, in the space age years when I was a boy, we knew that energy was civilization.

In “Syd Mead’s” future, our lost future, when progress meant moving forward instead of moving backward as it does today.  Energy was civilization and there was so much energy we simply didn’t know what to do with it.  So we produced wealth and prosperity and happiness.  Like we always have.  But the power of that progress has been taken away like so much else by the “power” of the “progressives”.

Instead of arising and using that cheap clean energy as the muscle to build a better world, the American colossus lies passively and obediently back as pygmies stake us into the sand with strings and threads.

That’s not progress,  that’s progressive-ism.

The laws of economics are as impervious as the laws of gravity.  Products will be made where they can be made least expensively.

The “American Gulliver” have tapped a resource so great the progressives must stay up all night speaking against it (cheap energy) if they are to have any chance to survive. 

The price of a widget is not set by the cost of labor alone. . . . the cost of labor and the cost of energy.

America’s expensive labor + cheap and clean energy is less than their cheap labor + expensive and dirty energy.  (my note: so Progressives increase taxes, mandates, regulatory fees, etc. to increase our costs above other countries.)

And the future is ours again, and all we have to do is wake up, sit up, stand up, shake the sleep from our eyes and get back to work with shovels the size of castles and move dirt the size of kingdoms.

America, awaken!  America’s problems are caused by Progressives and their policies.  Progressives’ policies are a facade, a web of lies so pervasive and intricate, many are blind.  Lies created and propagated to subjugate and enslave all American’s to their will.

As more and more individual Americans awaken to truth, Progressives will resort to anything to keep themselves in control.  It is now time to expose and loudly proclaim Progressives for the en-slavers and destroyers they are.  If any non-governmental organization had committed a purposeful “fraud in the inducement” to pass a complete set of lies such Obamacare, all of the organizers and promoters would be prosecuted and go to the penitentiary.  Now is time to awaken and prosecute and imprison progressives for the lies, frauds, and thefts they have, and are, perpetrating upon all Americans.

7 thoughts on “Gulliver, Unbound (or, Energy is Civilization)

  1. Yep. Don’t see EU standing in line against Russia….natural gas.

    On a tangent, I tell you, Texas, our washing machine broke, and Mr. Kells first stab at fixing it didn’t work. He said, ” I suppose we should just but a new one.” I told him, “The hell with that!” The reality is that after reading these reviews of the new EPA approved washers, they actually waste water! My sister bought this monolithic machine that must run two cycles to clean the clothes! I read a crapload of reviews on the Amazon, and this seems to be the norm. In other words, the “efficiency” is rather inefficient as well as energy consuming. Defeats their whole purpose.

    Needless to say, Mr. Kells bought another part to fix our inefficient, outdated, non-EPA approved machine. Maybe I could get the Lilliputians to help him?

  2. Kells, no different than the low water toilets. Flush twice and use more water than the old originals. Pay twice as much for a fancy washer made in Korea and they only make the pipes rattle and move the dirt from outside the material to inside. Kind of like a politician. Once in Washington they all become stains that won’t go away.

    Isn’t green great.

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  4. This is one area where Limbaugh has it correct. The ‘environmental’ movement is nothing more than the new home of the American Communist Party, and their goal is to starve this nation of its own energy resources while making it subservient to others by forcing America to become dependent on those other nations for the energy they deny us through environmental protection laws.

    Once you start thinking like a Marxist revolutionary, things become MUCH clearer — even Obama. Or you could just read what the Communists wrote about how to destroy America and take them at their own words 😉

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