Lessons in Irony

I received a funny e-mail that I thought I would share….

Irony 1.

We are told NOT TO judge ALL Muslims by the actions of a few lunatics.”

BUT on the other hand. “We are also encouraged TO judge ALL Gun Owners by the actions of a few lunatics.”

How is that supposed to work…..??????

Irony 2.

The Food Stamp Program, administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, is proud to be distributing this year the greatest amount of free Meals and Food Stamps ever, to 47 million people as of the most recent figures available in 2013.

Meanwhile, the National Park Service, administered by the U.S. Department of the Interior, asks us “Please Do Not Feed the Animals.”

Their stated reason for the policy is because “The animals will grow dependent on handouts and will not learn to take care of themselves.”

Thus ends today’s two lessons in irony!

63 thoughts on “Lessons in Irony

    • Then again, your theory is that Flight 370 was taken by alien Pac-Man creatures with razor-sharp teeth. (Sorry, sometimes I can’t resist.) I feel that those folks are on the bottom of the ocean…..hope I’m wrong.

      • Actually, I think they are in Pakistan — or at least, that’s where they landed. Have you seen the story on the Blaze about WHO was on that plane and what they did and who they worked for? No coincidence here. Look into it. I may even post on this later. There is a good reason for the picture of the supposed ‘arc’ of the flight into Pakistan or the Indian ocean. Anyone who knows about Oboe and ‘G’ from WW II and the British night time bombing campaign will (or should) immediately recognize that arc and what it means. I am almost certain that they know MUCH more than they are telling us. In fact, I think they know what happened, they just don’t have the courage to admit it because of what it would reveal.

        • Well, Pakistan would definitely lie if they did have the plane……and take the millions we give them. 🙄

          As far as who was on that flight, I know there were the two Iranis with stolen passports, the three Russians, the three Americans, and the aeronautical (12?) engineers. I don’t know Oboe except for the instrument….and the Mozart quartet: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUYmdmxs2NQ

          • Don,

            Yeah, right. But you nailed one thing for sure; they DO want the rest of us to collapse so they can try to create their new world order from the ashes. I know this to be true because I’ve read where they said it (but you have to be reading back in the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s to find it).

            • That special on the Blaze-TV last night was incedable !

              The quote from Marx himself about killing off the Undesireable non-industrialized people like the Serbs, Scots and Basques and others………… Then Lenin said Marx was wrong ONLY in ethnic mass-killings….Lenin said it should be CLASS Mass-murder.

              All the Bullshit put out by the Karl’s put to lie…..including Stalin’s signature along with the other High Communist Party Leaders signing mass Execution Death warrents !!!

              Beck said it was the Highest Watched show since the 2012 Election…..I think that is a GOOD sign, because it wasn’t easy to watch……yet many Did !!

        • Trapped; I really hope I’m wrong….just a felling. I say, I just watched 2016 Obama’s America. That was a good show! Good and sad…….so frustrating that people cannot see. (This show is from the fella that the DOJ has decided to sue…..go figure.)

          • Kells,
            I’m afraid Obama is going to insist on making life very bad for Dinesh D’Souza, poor guy. Did you know Dinesh used to date Laura Ingraham?

            My neighbors back in CA are still standing with Barack & it is so frustrating that they can’t see what’s happening, but they’d rather go down with the Titanic than break away & think for themselves.

            • I didn’t know they dated, but they’re both really hawt, imo.

              The one thing Obama and the Democrats have going for them are there psychofans, er, sycophants. This latest push for Hillary is amazing to me.

            • I have a slightly different take on it Trapped …… they want the REST OF US to go down with the Titanic …. and THEY will be among the priviledged few to pick up what’s left.

      • Why would the Pilot s fly the plane for 5 – 7 hours AFTER turning off all the communications and tracking devices just to ditch the plane in the Indian Ocean, when the Gulf of Tailand or the South China Sea was much closer ?? I mean if that was your goal ….. why the HUGE change in direction and the flight for 7 additional hours ? Remember it had already flown 1.5 hours when it went silent.

          • You can’t get into the cockpit now unless invited as I understand it.
            Meaning the passangers could have risen up …. but the pilots only needed to stay on course and keep the door closed and noone could have touched them. Since it seems that the pilots were the ones who put in the Computer change I don’t see how any Rucus in the passenger cabin would have mattered.

            • I think they were pretty lax about invites into the cockpit.
              We don’t know who put in the flight change. I don’t know the scenario. I hear a baby crying and a lot of commotion. For some reason, I still feel as though they were put to sleep. My assumption is loss of cabin pressure in the struggle…perhaps the deed was done in Pakisatn as B. suggests. I just see water.

                  • Really? So, if you KNOW those pics are from flight 370 — while it was in the air — then why not tell the authorities what happened to the plane — since you MUST know because you have the pictures.

                    Silly, K, see — you assume a lot. At least i stated that I was speculating.

                    • WTF? The pics of the pilots when they let the hotties into the cockpit is all over the internet! My guess is that Malaysian Airlines is kinda lax about that. I’m very well aware that my opinions are only speculation about what happened, but judging from prior instances whilst flying, my conclusions are as plausible as yours.

                    • Kells,

                      How is it you always manage to miss the most elementary of points? Well, this time, I am not going to try to explain it to you. It just makes me look like the one who doesn’t understand the issue.

                      OK, they flew into the water — which must be why the Navy called off their ocean search for 370.

                    • Ewwww!!! I thought the Navy called it off in one specific area, pal Joey! I believe you just love to be snarky with me. Look here; my comment was in reference to the earlier pics that surfaced of chicks in the pit. How I’m “missing” something by my own theory truly does escape me.

                      How’s about a friendly wager? If you’re theory is right, I shall do as you wish….but if I’m right, you shall dedicate a post to how much you love me…..since I’m always right. 😉

  1. “If a nation values anything more than freedom, it will loose its freedom, and the irony of it is that if it is comfort or money that it values more, it will lose that too”.

    W. Somerset Maugham

    • I believe you’re telling me I’m funny. While, I do believe laughter can heal, the e-mail pointed out the redundancy of the govt. Currently, I must meet with some sweet corpsemen to meet our dear leader in the 57th state.

      • Kells,

        The political philosophy I am espousing here comes from the Founding Fathers.

        The President of these 57 united states is a tyrant who is described quite well in the Declaration of Independence.

        • You would enjoy this show I watched by a fella called Dinesh. I believe it is called Obama 2016…I can’t remember…Now then, he has done another show called the Honour Diaries, which the Muslim foundation, CAIR, is awfully upset about. I shall watch this show. You see, when a religion discriminates, and the govt. follows suit, I do not feel that is right. The founders specifically separated us from canon law.

          • Kells,

            The political philosophy espoused by the Founding Fathers is secular, not religious.

            The ancient Greeks wrestled with this same question of government involvement in society.

            Plato created a ruthless “Republic” that encouraged the destruction of the family (it’s easier to control the People if government controls ethics, values and education).

            Aristotle, Plato’s student, was highly critical of his mentor and advocated family values and virtue and government encouragement of virtue.

            • silence,

              I do not mean to sound confrontational, but, my friend, that last statement about the founders designing a secular government is 100% FALSE!

              Our founders were deeply religious and they took the majority of our governing principles directly from Biblical Scriptures. This is not “opinion,” it is FACT! They said this — that they got their ideas from Scripture. They also wrote it into the Declaration AND Constitution and those who know history and especially the Bible see the influence of Scripture in everything the founders did.

              This is one of the reasons the founders rejected the Greeks (Adams has a well known letter to Jefferson discussing this point, and expressing his pleasure to find Jefferson shared his rejection of the Greek philosophers).

              The founders also rejected democracy.

              EVERYTHING the founders built this government upon is traced DIRECTLY to Scriptural teachings. This can only be denied by the the ignorant, the willfully blind and the intentionally dishonest — because you have to reject the very words of the founders to make the case of a ‘secular’ Constitution.

                • Kells,

                  NOT the same thing. Secular means to be without God. The founders did not design a nation without God. They designed a nation where the Church and the civil government had separated functions but were both under the ultimate command of God. BTW: this idea came from the Bible.

                    • I disagree. But then, it could be because I hold a dictionary understanding of the definition of religion. Read it and you will find that NO ONE who reaches the point of self-awareness is without religion.

                      BTW: The Supreme Court disagrees with you, too. They said Atheism is a religion — because it meets the dictionary definition of the word (not to mention legal).

                    • Joe,

                      You are employing a logical fallacy called moving the goal post (changing the subject to distract from being proven wrong).

                      Self-awareness has absolutely nothing to do with this conversation.

                      I am addressing topics in political philosophy, not New Age nonsense.

                      And like your brother atheists, when all is lost, start quibbling over the meaning of words.

                    • Nice try, but you swing and miss. YOU are the one committing the fallacy. it is called arguing out of ignorance.

                      Self-awareness has everything to do with the illustration I was making. if you do not see that, then you lack the proper understanding of logic, or you are the one trying to divert attention (moving the goal post).

                      I am not new age, nor is this non-sense. And I hold my degree in philosophy — which is probably why I know you did not look past the surface of the Declaration/Constitution to the foundation upon which they are built.

                      And I am not an atheist. Hasty assumption is yet another fallacy.

                      See what I mean, Kells?

                    • Your whole argument is predicated on the absence of the word “religion” in the Declaration and Constitution. The ir PRINCIPLES are all through BOTH documents, so you are stuck with rejecting it because you do not find the word “religion.”

                      Congratz! You just vindicated the Anti-Federalists and utterly destroyed the federalists. After all, the Federalists said many things are not mentioned in the Constitution because COngress had not been given any specific powers to meddle in those areas.

                      Funny, religion was excluded from the Constitution, but at the time of ratification, many States had State religions. Since the Constitution establishes a federation, how could they NOT eliminate religion if they wanted a secular govt? They would have to — or the federal govt. would be assumed to be filled with religious people being elected from States with State religions.

                      See what I mean? You are refusing to look past the surface, and in the process, you are looking the fool — not me.

                    • Joe,

                      If you had actually read the Declaration and studied it instead of being brainwashed into thinking about it a certain way, it would be obvious to you that the Founders based human rights on the “Laws of Nature and Nature’s God.”

                      There is no religion in the Declaration of Independence since it is based on Natural Law which back then had a 2000 year old heritage.

                      The Founders knew that a government based on any one religion would become an extremely oppressive tyranny.

                      That’s why they based their new government on Natural Law which can be understood through reason, not religious faith.

                      The heritage that bases political philosophy on reason, not religion goes back to Plato, the first political philosopher in human history.

                      The other philosophers that informed the Founding Fathers’ reliance on reason instead of religion included, John Locke, Charles Montesquieu, Adam Smith, Aristotle, Machiavelli.

                    • And if YOU knew what you are talking about, you would know those phrases can be traced DIRECTLY to CHRISTIAN thinkers — especially those working in the areas of law and governance. But you do not know this because you are the one who has accepted your indoctrination.

                      BTW: I can also trace your indoctrination DIRECTLY to those who boldly stated their aim was to destroy the CHRISTIAN foundations of this nation, and they started in our universities. Unless and until you can find and show me that, I do not care to listen to you telling me I am the one who does not understand — because I know the origins of BOTH where you CLEARLY know neither!

                    • Joe,

                      Truly, Natural Law is a subset of the Divine Law revealed to mankind by God.

                      But great Christian thinkers like Saints Augustine and Aquinas were educated in Greek philosophy.

                      Saint Augustine was a Platonist and Saint Thomas Aquinas united Christianity with the philosophy of Aristotle thus showing the unity of Natural Law and Divine Law.

                    • Natural Law as our founders knew and understood it was NOT from the Greeks. they produced an understanding of Natural Law closer to that of Hobbes and NOT Locke. Our founders embraced the Lockian ideal. You are committing equivocation by not differentiating. Locke = GOD GIVEN laws and Natural Rights, Hobbes (and the Greeks) = Govt. given laws and rights.

                      Keep in mind, the Greeks believed the gods and the universe were unknowable. The idea that the universe operates by fixed principles established by God was first asserted in genesis, not Greece.

              • Joe,

                The Founding Fathers created a secular government.

                God is mentioned 4 times in the Declaration of Independence yet religion is never mentioned once.

                Nor is religion mentioned in the Constitution.

                However, religious freedom is a basic human right guaranteed by the Bill Rights within the context of the prohibition of the government creating a state religion.

                Religion teaches the virtue necessary for the formation of civilization therefore it is a critical component of any culture that strives for justice and virtue.

                • NOPE! They — the FOUNDERS — say you are wrong. They did it with their own words and by their own hand. You cannot object without falling into one of the three categories I mentioned: ignorance, willful blindness or deliberate dishonesty.

                  The problem you seem to have is that you do not have or understand their faith. Your objections would be similar to me attacking a ‘scientist’ for not mentioning anything about the need for air to sustain life. The scientist will not do this because it is assumed that those reading whatever he writes already know and understand it, but if his paper talks about respiration, oxidation and other life cycles dealing with air, that is evidence that he knows full well that the need for air is necessary and assumed. Well, so it is with the founders.

                  I have covered this to the point of ridiculousness on this and my other blogs. I have posted the founders forcefully asserting that they got their ideas from the Bible (Franklin, no less) and that religion is the ONLY assurance for maintaining a free and self-governing society.

                  I wish the founders were here today. I have zero concern that they would agree with you, but you might should be worried that they would jail you for heresies and affronts to society.

                  • Joe,

                    You are hallucinating.

                    Leave your talking points behind and actually go read the Declaration and the Constitution and the Bill of Rights for yourself.

                    You’ll see that what I’m saying is true.

                    • I have, and I have looked past them. That is why I know there is NOTHING new in them. Jefferson just said things he got from other CHRISTIAN THINKERS in a more compact and eloquent form.

                    • And in the process you pointed out that you do not understand the definition of religion or its relationship to the government our founders designed.

                    • Joe,

                      I understand well the political philosophy that the Founders used to design American government.

                      I learned it at Hillsdale College, a religious grad school and a secular grad school.

                      Did you know that the Founders valued the teachings of Niccolo Machiavelli and referred to his work, The Prince, in the Declaration of Independence?

                    • Where? Machiavelli is the antithesis of EVERYTHING the founders valued. I’ve read him. He can be summed up in one phrase:

                      “If the ends justify the means, DO IT!”

                    • Joe,

                      If you had actually read the Declaration or knew the first thing about political philosophy you wouldn’t have to ask, “Where?”

                      Go do your homework.

                    • You may win the ignorant to your side with this, and you will definitely keep those who WANT to expel God on your side, but you will never win me to it BECAUSE I TOOK TIME TO READ THE FOUNDERS AND WHAT THE FOUNDERS WROTE!

                      Anyone who HONESTLY approaches the subject the same way — by going back to ORIGINAL SOURCE material — will arrive at the same conclusion. They have to, because it is TRUE!

                      The problem is our modern ignorance is so profound, we cannot even accept something as simple as a definition. And on top of that, we demand that something clearly speak to us in the language and understanding of our simple times or we reject any possibility that it may mean something more than we read.

                      But then, if we want to find it, we’ll find a separation of church and state in a document that mentions neither, so why should we think we will find the Scriptural principles that founded this nation in a document written by men who actually said they found the principles of our Declaration and Constitution in SCRIPTURE! I guess accepting the actual truth is a thing reserved for close minded bigots whilst invention is the new “enlightenment.”

                      Sad state of affairs we’re in — and it is why we will NOT extract ourselves from it. It is a trap of our own making and due to our embrace of our own ignorance.

                    • Joe,

                      You’re babbling.

                      All you’ve done in the way of argument is cite yourself as an authority on the Founding Fathers.

                      That is yet another of the logical fallacies that you employ.

                      How about an actual quote or something.

                      I stated facts about the Declaration, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights that are easily verifiable.

                      All you’ve stated is personal opinion which has no value at all.

                    • Another miss. I have cited the founders as the highest authority on the founders. I just have not bothered to regurgitate the many posts you could EASILY find on the RNL were you to just look which provides the mountains of evidence I have previously presented.

                      Not for me to do. But it IS for you to go find and refute it. Personally, I want to see you tell Madison he didn’t find the three branches of govt. in Isaiah when he said he did. Or Franklin that the founders did not get the principles of the constitution from the Bible when Franklin said they did. Or tell Adams that ours is a secular government when he said it was a government meant for a moral and religious people and will work fo no other.

                      but then, I image you would have no more trouble telling the founders they didn’t know their own minds than you have had telling me I do not know what I could easily place my hands on from my own library — were I of the mind to do so. But what use to spend any more time with a man who knows he KNOWS that which simply is not true?

                    • Joe,

                      Citing the Founders as the authority for your personal opinion is a tactic that atheists use and yet another of the logical fallacies that you habitually use as the basis for your arguments.

                      The Founders were prolific writers.

                      Can you name a Federalist Paper or some other primary source that I can use to verify your claims?

                    • I am citing the founders as the authoriuty on the founders. For me to state what they sate is nothing more than TRUTH! Just as citing the definition of a word as defined in the dictionary is nothing more than TRUTH! Neither is an “opinion,” they are FACT — BY DEFINITION!

                      that this seems to escape you, or worse, that you ignore it and try to twist it into something other than what it is IS “Atheistic” in nature.

                      As for naming something you can use to verify my claims, search my posts here on the RNL — LIKE I HAVE NOW THRICE TOLD YOU TO DO!

                      Or google the founders and Christianity in govt. You’ll find it all over the place.

                    • Joe,

                      In other words you can’t give a specific citation, which means you are pilfering the authority of the Greats as a masquerade for your totally biased personal opinion that you formed while watching the Glen Beck Show.

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