Obama voices his plans to bankrupt coal producers and to “skyrocket” electricity rates

“Under my plan, of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.”

at 2:15 into the next video:

“If somebody wants to build a coal powered plant they can.  Its just that it will bankrupt them . . .”

Hmmmm, as Joe always says, progressives can’t help but brag about their evil plans.

How many people have lost their jobs in coal country?  He wants to bankrupt companies.  Companies provide jobs.  He wants to bankrupt individuals with skyrocketing electricity rates.

Obama’s consistent results are caused by the same continuing ever present goal.

  • Closing parks and libraries.
  • Loss of their health insurance and doctors to higher costs for health insurance.
  • Higher fuel costs.
  • Higher electricity rates.
  • Fewer jobs and fewer available work hours for each job.
  • Higher national debt guaranteed to hurt America for decades to come.

Obama states in the second video that China is building a coal plant a week.  Americans are losing jobs and going on foodstamps while Chinese are going to work?  That’s good for America?  Really?

From wood burning fires to nuclear power, Civilization is built upon energy creation.

One thought on “Obama voices his plans to bankrupt coal producers and to “skyrocket” electricity rates

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