What do a Razor, Oboe, Garcia and a Map have in common? Flight 370, that’s what

This one, you might want to read all the way through.  I’m not saying I am correct, but I suspect you’ll agree that this is no ‘half-baked’ analysis, either.

PIECES OF THE PUZZLE: Was Flight 370 Stolen because of Who was on board?

I heard Limbaugh invoke Occam’s Razor this week to explain the flight 370 disappearance.  According to Limbaugh, the most likely explanation is going to be one of the most simple, and this will cause most people to reject that explanation.  However, Limbaugh missed something in his explanation.  Occam’s Razor depends on all explanations being equal (as in, the support for all possible explanations is relatively equal).  But there is an explanation here that is not equal.  In fact, there is enough evidence to suggest that something much more sinister is in the works here, and that the governments involved actually know much more about it than they have told us.  But to know there is a good explanation requires knowledge of some rather obscure pieces of the puzzle.  You need to know a little bit about who was on the plane and what they do; about U.S. military and spy installations; and about WW II night bombing navigation techniques.  When you put these all together, you might agree that there is sufficient reason to suspect flight 370 was stolen because of who was on the plane, and that it was flown into the general region known as ‘The Stans.’

First, we need to start with this story, and you need to read it because it covers something that has been verified but has not been reported by the major news media (i.e. government controlled media):

Glenn breaks down some of the theories surrounding Malaysian Airlines flight MH370

Last night, Glenn came across a story by Samantha Payne of the International Business Times entitled, “Malaysia Airlines Plane MH370 Latest Conspiracy Theory: Who were Freescale Semiconductor Experts on Board?” The article explains the value of the technological expertise the 20 employees from Freescale Semiconductor, a Texas-based technology firm that were on flight MH370 could have for groups with nefarious intentions.

“I want to read to you what the International Business Times is reporting,” Glenn said. “These people… were on the plane, however, the theory around it is being labeled as conspiracy theory. But just about everything in the world today is being labeled a conspiracy theory.”

Now, read the rest, because it gets REALLY interesting from here.

5 thoughts on “What do a Razor, Oboe, Garcia and a Map have in common? Flight 370, that’s what

  1. That’s a fascinating theory. Interesting info, as well. Mine is pretty basic. I believe the plane was hijacked, and plans went awry. I feel as if the plane intentionally lost cabin pressure (by someone) and is now lying on the bottom of the ocean. I do think there was a struggle onboard. Hope my theory is wrong.

    • Kells,

      Why? Yours is more merciful. If I am correct, the passengers who were of no use to the kidnappers were probably marched off the plane to a ditch, shot and buried. So I am hoping you are correct.

  2. Read your EXCELLENT approach to the Mystery on the Link to your site !

    I’ll only add one thing ……. the Rolls Royce engines this beastie was supposed to have and were pinging the satellite…. well the “pings” are supposed to be designed to let the satellite know where to turn in anticipation of the next Ping. Thus lending some support to Someone(s) knowing where this plane was headed while it was heading there. Although with some time delay.

  3. I tried to assert your theory on the CNN, and they banned the comment……….interesting……and STUPID! Now I shall torment them! The fools!! See the trouble you have caused me?!

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