Oh, This One Will Get Me In Hot Water, But…

FUNDAMENTALS IN NATURAL LAW: The Govt. Position on Hobby Lobby and Corporations is Correct

This post will not make the majority of Christians, Conservatives or even many Libertarians very happy with me, but it is still the truth. I am not going to bother linking to it, but I am reacting specifically to the Supreme Court case over whether or not businesses should be allowed to claim 1st Amendment protections from the mandates of Obamacare. You can find the stories easy enough if you are interested. What I’m concerned about here is that the Obama Administration actually has the correct position regarding Hobby Lobby and corporations in general: they are not people, and, therefore, they do not have constitutionally protected rights. Sadly, any attempt to fight the Administration on the part of those seeking to preserve our rights will undermine that effort in the long run. This is the mess we make when we ignore the fundamental principles of Natural Law.

Read the rest (before you jump on me 🙂  )

12 thoughts on “Oh, This One Will Get Me In Hot Water, But…

  1. No. You’re not in Hot water.

    You just missed the mark entirely wrt the issue regarding Hobby Lobby and ObamaCare. In this sense your entrenched hostility to Corporations has gotten the better of you. So much so that you leave the trampled 1st Amendment in the dust, stomped by the Obama Admin and “the Government”.

    And I don’t think anyone really believes that you “are concerned that the Obama Admin has the Correct position regarding Hobby Lobby and Corporations in general”. But alas such is the way of politics, even for those who claim they don’t participate. What is the saying…”The enemy of my enemy is my friend”. Perhaps the sage is correct who said….”everyone has a price”.

    • Don,

      I have missed nothing. The first amendment does not give rights to non-people! The Creator does not endow man-made creations with rights, therefore, corporations can have no Natural Rights — only legal privileges. Your dogmatic insistence on making property into people and then insisting you can own those ‘property people’ is the issue here. And, ON THIS NARROW POINT, yes, I am concerned that Obama holds the LOGICAL high ground — because he does (only, just for the wrong reasons).

    • Don,

      Maybe the issue will come into better focus if we harken back to the original discussion surrounding the First Amendment. If you’ve read the founders records on the debate, you will note that they were trying to protect freedom of conscience. No, they did not word it that way, but that is because they thought the wording they settled on was the best way to protect what they were actually after. This is fact; it is in their notes. So let me ask you: where is the conscience of a corporation? And, before you answer “In the ownership,” think HARD about what that will then imply about socialism and group conscience 😉

      I do not think THAT is what the founders were trying to protect. In fact, I can guarantee it isn’t — mostly because they said so…

        • Kells,

          They were never intended to be the final arbiter. The founders said all three branches were equal in their authority as to what the constitution does and doesn’t say, but the supreme, the final authority is the people over the three branches. We have all forgotten our proper place/role in this thing we call self-government.

          • I actually thumbed you up on the RNL! Enough with the niceties….grab the palm frond and have M. gather the grapes. I’ve already had FL feel me up for the safety of our country, and now I’m ready to relax. Trapped wants a margarita, and I want …..gosh; what is my RNL fantasy? Too explicit for this site, to be sure…. I will say that it involves waking up the populace. Seems to be a bit imperative, these days. Please make sure Dusty is on hand to sharpen my nails. I thank you.

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