Would Somebody PLEASE Put Barry’s Clothes Back On His Arse?

Obama not only doesn’t have any clothes, the whole world knows it.  Heck, Jar-Jar Binks phoned and wanted to know if there was any intelligent life left on this planet.

LESSONS IN APPLIED LOGIC: Obama is Lying (Again)

This will be short and sweet. Here is the story:

Report: Obama to Call for End to NSA’s Bulk Call Data Collection

It’s a lie. It is not a ‘miss-speak’ or a ‘I’m trying but they won’t let me:’ it’s a lie! How do we know? Because, when Congress and the Court would not allow Cap-and-Trade, he implemented it with that pen and phone of his. When he needs to change the Obamacare law, he just tells Sebelius to do it. When he needs political enemies stopped, he just tells the IRS to make it happen. When he wants to kill an American citizen without having to bother with courts or constitutional protection, he uses the pen to give himself the authority, and then he just assassinates them. Heck, he has openly bragged that he will do whatever he wants and he has proven it.

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