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PIECES OF THE PUZZLE: Deception and Back-Door Attacks on the First Amendment

As I continue to read about the past, I am beginning to see the future they wrote about being built all around us. I also become more competent at seeing through the subterfuge that has been so long used to disguise and deceive people as to what is actually going on right in front of them. In many respects, we are all living in a massive play, only the stakes in this play are very real. Nothing less than the control of the entire globe is at stake, as well as man’s freedom. But, before you can see and understand what they are doing, you have to learn how they are doing it. You need to learn their language and their play book. Because they are so convinced of their superiority, and because they have found a formula that has been largely effective, there is little worry they will change tactics on you. So, once you learn these things, you will start to see what more and more of us are seeing. This time, the specific issue is the use of deception to make a back-door attack on the First Amendment. Here is the story:

Exclusive: John Cornyn Rips Chuck Schumer’s Media ‘Shield Law’

“They want to pick and choose which journalists are covered,” the Texan Republican told Breitbart News. “In other words, if you’re a blogger they might not cover you, but if you work for the New York Times they might. Given the changes in the way we get information and the way we consume news, that really smacks to me in essence of government licensing who’s an official ‘journalist’ for the purposes of a shield law and who’s not. If there is one thing I can glean from the First Amendment, it is that government should not be in the business of licensing the news media.”

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3 thoughts on “For Kells

  1. Here’s the thing: I truly feel that the bloggers are the ones waking America up. I suppose that is why the bill disturbed me so. Good post……although, I think you and Charles are in some sort of competition as to who can drone on the longest. Trust….I can deal…..I did my 6-week RNL training course….jes sayin (yeah, I stole that from Augger….so?)

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