Got Time? Want to make Your Head Hurt?

This is a l-o-n-g one, but you will learn things you probably didn’t know:

AGENDAS: Destroy the Christian Roots of America and Build a Global Marxist Society

This post will not be easy to write. There is too much I need to explain, and even then, there will be much more I have to leave out or I risk losing even the most dedicated reader. Please keep this in mind as you read this post. If you think something is missing, it doesn’t mean I do not know about it, but more likely, that I left it out intentionally. Still, this may be one of the most important posts you will ever read. I am going to take you through history and connect a lot of dots that most people do not realize are connected. I only hope you will stay with me as I try to connect some dots for you, and that you’ll do your best to help me by trying to remember the things you have learned that might add to and support the story I am trying to tell you.

I want to start with a story from the Blaze, and a clip from Glenn Beck’s radio/TV show. The story is about something Obama did, and the clip connects the Obama piece to the roots of the Progressive movement. These will take you some time, but they are essential to understanding the ground work for the rest of this piece. I will certainly understand if this story takes you several days to get through, but please, do your best to work through all of it as I present it. It really is that important and it will explain the driving force behind everything you see happening in our world today:

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One thought on “Got Time? Want to make Your Head Hurt?

  1. Have “you” ever wondered why the goals and promises made for the creation of new government programs and bureaucracies are never met?

    The actual results never accomplish the stated goals? Have you ever wondered why the “solution” to a “non-working” system is always more and more of the same non-working solution in a system which never corrects the claimed ill?

    The “openly stated” goals are in truth lies. This is exemplified by the repeated slogan “you can keep your doctor/healthcare if you like it”. While repeating the slogan, the government was designing and forcing upon the people exactly the opposite.

    The true goals are the actual results which are accomplished and attained by “government” and it’s progressive designers. The actual accomplishments are the true design of the proponents and builders of this new slavery.

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