Turd In The Punch Bowl

This started out as a comment to another post but it grew and sort of acquired a life of its own.

I post a lot of “negative” items that illustrate the things that are wrong with society and our culture and not much about a path forward or a way out – so I thought I would try to put into words what I think is at least a starting point to crawl out of this morass we have crawled into – so here goes.

Sooner or later we have to stop acting like nothing can be done. It starts by calling out the ridiculousness that we come across in our daily lives – to call BS what it is, BS. To step up to the plate and simply refuse to go along with some of this PC crap.

Inch by inch, we can win back the high ground.

Many people are frustrated that there has not been an explosive freedom renaissance – but the fact is that the “progressive” movement has been chipping away at liberty since Woodrow Wilson took office in 1913. It took 100 years to get here; it will likely take 100 to get back.

It is the nature of liberals that they believe that they are automatically superior to, and smarter than you simply because they are liberals. They see conservatives and classical liberalism as inferior and in many cases, illicit, that you simply have no right to rebel or challenge them because liberalism is the way, the truth and the light. When they start from this point, it should come as no surprise that if you put 5 liberals together in a room, in less than 5 minutes they will convince each other that they are the smartest people on earth and the survival of mankind depends on them deciding to deny a kindergartner the right to say grace before a meal, that a baker must be forced to supply cakes to a gay wedding or that Wells Fargo should remove all the American flags from their lobbies because somebody could be offended.

Sometimes, all it takes do stop a liberal from doing something is the phrase, “That’s the dumbest damn thing I have ever heard and here’s why…” – but to have any credence with them at all, you have to be one of the fellow elite, a member of their peer group, or they won’t listen because all they respect is position in the organization they are part of. Liberals are herd animals, not lone wolves. They seek affirmation and safety in packs. They thrive on committee decisions because committees provide the aura of authority (a decision by a group just has to be better because it was made by a group) and the camouflage of anonymity (no one person can be blamed if the group collectively makes the decision).

Liberals are actually pretty benign and harmless as individuals but are deadly in groups.

Liberals look to arbitrary authority in any organizational structure for validation and to use as a tool of coercion. That is why they turn to the Department of Education to get school bleachers torn out, that is why liberal city councils and school boards are rarely moved by citizen testimony…after they make a decision, they will not be swayed by any individual, no matter how rational or correct that individual’s argument is. These opportunities for public comment are a sham, just a dog and pony show, that part is just mandated by law or they wouldn’t do it.

Run for school board positions, go to PTA meetings, and get engaged in local politics – public utilities have boards of directors, city government has many opportunities for part time service. Write letters to the editor of your local paper, start a blog, post on FaceBook…so much of this postmodern/hippie logic starts to fester because it isn’t countered early enough – when you can embarrass someone due to their stupid idea in a timely fashion, they will drop it. The only way that much of the liberal agenda is successful is that there isn’t an adult in the room with 5 other liberals to say “no” when they come up with some kooky idea.

So go to meetings, become and official member of a structure that liberals respect – and then be the proverbial turd in the punchbowl. Far too often, bad and destructive ideas gain momentum simply because there is no dissenting voice in the room to introduce a dose of reality.

5 thoughts on “Turd In The Punch Bowl

  1. Good one Utah….

    By not SPEAKING up and Speaking Out we allow their agenda to succeed. Beck, Levin and others have said also…speak up in your social environments. Even those environments directly around you. But getting to School Board meetings is a greast Idea….and probably a powerful tool….if done my many in many locations.

    this sentence you wrote…” Liberals are actually pretty benign and harmless as individuals but are deadly in groups.” ….. reminds me of this …. The Chain of Obedience is our biggest enemy !


  2. Well, while I dread the thought of comparing myself to a turd; I will follow your advice to the best of my abilities.(Now I think I need a shower….) Just kidding. I’ll eat more garlic and become the smelliest turd in the room. (It’s what I live for, after all…..)

  3. Good post, Utah. I agree, but have to stress the point that when we challenge the “PC crap,” we have to be informed
    and knowledgeable about the subject discussed. Even though, in most cases this is a fact, the presentation and
    strength of your position has to be projected in the liberal 12 year old’s face. Of course a big smile on your face
    while telling them they are full of crap is pretty effective, too! (Kells will like that note).

    Have to agree with Kells, the “Turd in The Punchbowl” is kind of atrocious?

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