America is often renowned as a great bastion of democracy – a word that is used by our presidents of past, present and likely in the future.

If we are great protector of democracy and it is so important to our Republic, why is it not mentioned in either the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution?

You have to believe that if it was that important to America, the authors of these foundational documents would have at least mentioned it – they didn’t – but there are two words that do make an appearance in these documents – freedom and liberty.

The reason that they do is that the Founding Fathers were classical liberals – they understood that democracy is useless unless it is shackled in service to freedom and liberty. Democracy is a word that communists use with great frequency but in their lexicon, it is simply a tool used to extinguish both freedom and liberty and replace them with central planning and arbitrary authority.

2 thoughts on “Democracy

  1. Exactly ! We are a Republic. And our electoral process ultilizes some democratic principles. But the Republic was established around the individual and his rights.

    Marxists / Communists are expert at changing words and their meaning. The Fifth column is very alive in America and is a master at masquerading as one thing but in fact being another ….. as for instance the Progressive Marco Rubio. But in the end they reveal themselves.

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