Mozilla: Pitchforks and Torches In Silicon Valley


Break out the designer pitchforks and the environmentally responsible, rechargeable LED torches.

If you haven’t heard about the recent ouster of Mozilla’s CEO (now former CEO) Brendan Eich, you probably have been on vacation from the internet or haven’t had a TV on any news program for the past week. There is a lot of talk from a lot of high minded folks about the Mozilla/Brendan Eich/Prop 8 situation. Many explanations for Eich’s ouster are being proposed – as fascism, the gay mafia, bigotry, etc.

There is a tendency to try to assign some sort of elevated motive, some raison d’être that this seemingly visceral response from the GLBTQ* community is something less primal and more contemporarily progressive.

I really don’t see it that way. This entire Shakespearian-Lite tragedy actually fits a historical pattern that was born in the heady days of the counterculture revolution of the 60’s and has achieved a crescendo in the good old twenty double aughts and teens.

My take is something far less intellectual or scientific – it is nothing so complicated, it is something that can be observed on any elementary playground. Like so much of the liberal agenda these days, the GLBTQ agenda is not about getting “equal” at all, it is about getting even.

On Howard Kurtz’s Fox News show MediaBuzz last Sunday, John Avarosis, the founder and editor of Americablog and also an openly gay man, gave a clue to the rationale of the GLBTQ community:

“Today, Brendan Eich wants to run a large American corporation, having called for the repeal of 18,000 gay marriages. Barack Obama, you know because I’ve written for you about it, Barack Obama, we beat the bejesus out of that man on his position on marriage. So don’t tell me that we did not hold Obama accountable. Obama came around…”

Prop 8 was a California ballot proposition and a state constitutional amendment passed in the November 2008 California state elections. The fact is that the only reasons for Proposition 8 was that the California Supreme Court had overturned the popular will of the people when in 2000, they passed Proposition 22 by a 61.4% to 38.6% margin – just shy of 2 to 1. Prop 22 that defined marriage: “…only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California.”

In the mind of Avarosis, Eich didn’t lose his job for a $1000 donation to the efforts to pass Prop 8 in 2008, he was deposed for the thoughtcrime of “repealing” 18,000 gay marriages. The will of the majority of the people in California in 2000 and 2008 means nothing but getting Eich for his crime means everything.

The modus operandi of the modern “progressive” is not to give respect and deference to the principles enshrined insimpsons-mob-torches our Constitution that both define and assure equality while recognizing and allowing for individual freedom. Their approach is always that of taking from the supposed offender and giving it to the offended, often with them skimming a little vigorish off the top as the transaction is made. That is not a process to assure equality, it is a process that teaches the aggrieved party that as they approach maximum volume in the shortest amount of time, they also approach a greater certainty that they will receive the reward they desire.

And these perpetually aggrieved parties have learned this lesson as well as any two year-old in the aisle of Toys-R-Us during the Christmas rush. Just as the black grievance movement wants reparations for slavery, the Occupy Wall Street crowd wants to soak the rich, and the Democrats are all in on “income inequality”, the GLBTQ’ers sense that they have the upper hand and want payback for centuries of societal disapproval and subsequent ostracization.

So this is something less than the noble charge of a historically oppressed, socially stigmatized minority seeking righteous retribution. It is just a bunch of rent seekers looking for some good old fashioned playground payback.

* It is now apparently so very avant garde to include “q” for “questioning”.


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2 thoughts on “Mozilla: Pitchforks and Torches In Silicon Valley

  1. Holy crap! I can use vigorish in the Words game?! I tell you, this article was posted at that Atheist/Christian site, and I believe the crux of the article seemed to escape them…..what’s new? I think it’s high time you were mounted by a super hero…..

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