OK, this took a few days to put together, and it still isn’t done.  There are still several pages to add, but it is complete enough for the purpose at hand.

A couple days ago, I had an encounter with another one of those people who insist the founders of this nation intentionally designed and built a secular government.  This is not true, and the historical record proves it.  but, for some reason, you can’t get these people to listen to the evidence.  They are stuck in what they have been told or what their agenda demands they believe.

Anyway, here is a link to a page I am building specifically for these folks.  I am tired of having to constantly recover old ground so, from now on, when they play the “where’s your evidence” game, I’ll just give them this link and leave the conversation.  You might want to do the same because, if they actually read what is posted here and still refuse to accept the truth, then you are dealing with a dishonest person who is never going to admit it — ever.



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