The Imam Lives!

Just so everybody knows, this site is just part of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy…

Here’s just a little tidbit from the comments on one of Kells’ posts on FaceBook:

  • Steve Hough I’m sorry, but I see too much regurgitation of right-wing MSM sound bites on the RNL.
    4 hrs · Like
  • Greg Cobb true that, my friend
    And I also was first to issue a personal attack on Mr. Cobb – according to him, of course.
    Oh, yeah…as for the rest of you, your only purpose here is to agree with me.

22 thoughts on “The Imam Lives!

  1. Funny, I have gone silent because I sensed that I had angered the ‘right wing’ crowed on the RNL. So what does that make me: one of the most prolific contributors (and former champion of Melfamy’s)??? If I was ‘regurgitating’ right-wing stuff, then how did I manage to draw so much ire from them?

    And if this is a site for echoing nothing but the right-wing, how is it that both of these people are allowed to comment? Wouldn’t we have just deleted their words if we did not value open discourse?

    CONCLUSION: this post is properly titled. The IMAM does live — truly. (note: long time readers will recognize that is a reference to Malfamy, Utah gave him the title of Imam some time back)

  2. Joe, Enjoying your posts, as well as Utah and CDE posting is what started me checking the RNL. Don’t always agree, but as soon as I get all this free time I dream about, I will come back and go into those issues. Augger’s wit can have me “belly laughing”. Always glad to see Augger involved in a discussion. Just enjoy being a part of the Right Wing Conspiracy.

  3. Right-wing MSM? I didn’t know there was one. Can anyone tell me where it is?

    Those who believe in G-d, America, family, honesty, self-determination, and the “rule of law,” are called domestic terrorists by the true domestic terrorists.

  4. Well, I just read through that exchange. Isn’t it interesting that Fox News is the only organization reporting CAIR banning Dinesh d’ Souza’s documentary, The Honour Diaries? CAIR claims it is right-wing propaganda. So your statement about Muslim and Marxism being homegrown in America is spot on.

    • Kells,

      This govt — not just Obama, but the past several Administrations — have been committing TREASON! they KNOW that CAIR is part of the Islamic jihad against the West (because CAIR and Islam say so), yet they are giving protection to CAIR and other Islamic jihadist groups because they want Muslim oil.

      For those with ears to hear, understand that oil is the wine of the Harlot!!!

  5. Utah: I find it humorous that we still employ Right & Left when describing political positions, since that taxonomy derives from the Estates General in pre-revolutionary France, where the supporters of the King sat to the right and those supporting the revolutionaries sat to the left. My family has never honored tyrants, & we continue that tradition today. And today the spectrum runs from the Anarchists who favor complete individual freedom & reject government as unnecessary, through libertarians like myself who reject the authoritarian nature of our current administration and support individual freedom, free markets, private property & limited government to American Conservatives, who theoretically support the same values as libertarians, but are really waiting to regain power so they can impose their morality on the rest of us!!! On the authoritarian side we have a variety of Collectivists & Marxists movements…Progressives, Modern Liberals, Communists, Nazis, Fascists, Socialists & all the subspecies whose only desire is to control the lives of other citizens & live very well themselves.

    It especially delicious that Hillary Clinton, who has spent her unremarkable career cooking up any number of conspiracies & benefited from privilege forever, should have coined the hilarious phrase & theory of the “vast right-wing conspiracy” against her husband, the sexual predator & proven liar. While Conservatives may be somewhat more willing to tow the party line, working with libertarians is akin to herding cats because we all have the nasty habit of thinking for ourselves & saying what we think. For these traits that we share with the Founders, we are often described as un-American, as if Americans should all reflect the sheep-like characteristics of the often catatonic zealots who follow false prophets like Our Dear Leader. As this site often reflects, Conservatives & libertarians often differ but manage to respect each other’s ideas, even if the Conservatives’ are not usually that good!!! Our Liberal/Progressive regulars & drop-ins struggle here because “Yes We Can” is not regarded as a defensible argument. Emotion & victim-hood are not substitutes for facts & reason, & Lib/Prog sites are long on the former & devoid of the latter. I know…I go there & it is the intellectual equivalent of a baby seal hunt.

    So viva la RNL, & long live Utah!!! May we all argue intensely until Joe realizes I’m usually right!!! CDE

  6. Utah,

    As I warned about below regarding the enaging of Trolls. Be advised you will need to bring a Wisk Broom and a pooper scooper with you for the eventual clean-up of your site. Since Trolls are incapable of being Cleaned-up themselves.

      • Don/Utah: There has been a recent proliferation of OFA trolls who have descended on a wide variety of Conservative & libertarian websites & are clogging up the discussions with pure propaganda & unsupported statements. It is unrealistic to think RNL could be ignored by these clowns, since the goal appears to be to shout down facts & logic with emotional crap. I’ve outed several on sites like AEI & WSJ, as well as the obvious ones like Facebook. I suggest playing with the buffoons, but not wasting too much time, as they do not listen but obfuscate & annoy. Just a suggestion!!! CDE

        • I understand the sentiment. But it seems the clutter deflects from the Topics .
          And its effect is geometric rather than proportional. Don’t know OFA….but the ORK trolls that have frequented here are nothing but repititious diatribe. To whit we have been served the same Banal, hatefilled “Cobb-salad” since I started coming to this site after the Nov 2012 election.

          But it is Utah’s site and he can Play as he may I understand that. For me at this point it’s all been said in refutation of the litany of Anti-American, Mysogynistic, Pro-Mohameddan apologetics and regurgitated Marxist clap-trap. The Republic is almost gone…..directly because of these trolls and their influence. I don’t see any benefit in succor to destructive sycophants. Even the insults they lob are stale and moldy.

          The Midterms are upon us. There’s enough play in that …. serious and otherwise.

          • Don: OFA is short for “Organizing for Action,” Obama’s permanent campaign organization. We know they are funding a massive social media organization with thousands of paid bloggers & trolls. It is usually not difficult to spot them, because their initial posts & comments are coherent, but they are unable to sustain a reasonable quality of discourse after the first three to five exchanges, indicating the first sequence of comments is scripted, after which the troll is incapable of continuing the discussion on his (I’ve found mostly men thus far) or her own. On FACEBOOK the strategy plays out with very professional graphic posts, after which the troll cannot hold up the discussion. They have always been around, but there are many more each week now, CDE

          • Get used to me, Donnie. Utah and Augger are commenting on posts and threads on Facebook in which I have an interest (and I am glad to welcome them aboard), While it isn’t quite China and ping pong, maybe we are finally moving past some stupid and irrelevant crap. You should dust off your “A” game and join the fray.

  7. Another tidbit from the same thread….
    Greg Cobb Every comment? Timeline, you called me a coward, from 600 miles away. I couldn’t thrash you in person, and none of your sycophants would call you on it, so I lowered the bar; I wanted you to be as mad and frustrated as I felt, so I said what will not be repeated. I have apologized for including family in the matter, should have made it your horse. I now apologize to you for my trespass; I should have been the big man, and ignored your stupid rant, but I stumbled. That’s all you get,

  8. Kells, CAIR did not ban the lady, they objected to her receiving an award, and Brandeis University show its lack of backbone. CAIR objected to Ms Ali’s obvious distaste and downright hostility towards her former religion. Personally, I think she has a right to be, as she suffered greatly in her homeland of Somalia.
    Female Genital Mutilation is not directly addressed in the Quran, and FMG preceded Islam by hundreds of years, but there are several verses used by each side of the debate to buttress the rightness of their opinion, And many Islamic scholars through the centuries have spoken in favor of the horrific practice.
    Thankfully, in recent years, many Islamic scholars and leaders have spoken out against the practice, including the former Grand Mufti of Egypt,Ali Gomaa, who said in 2007 that “excision is a practice totally banned by Islam because of the compelling evidence of the extensive damage it causes to women’s bodies and minds.”[11] Egyptian Islamist scholars such as Mohammed Emara and Mohammad Salim Al-Awa have opposed FGM, arguing that it is not an Islamic practice and is not endorsed by Islamic jurisprudence.”
    The F-holes in the Muslim Brotherhood, however, want very badly to make the practice universal.

    As for our supposed appeasement and silence on the subject former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton had this to say. –“We cannot excuse this as a cultural tradition. There are many cultural traditions that used to exist in many parts of the world that are no longer acceptable. We cannot excuse it as a private matter because it has very broad public implications. It has no medical benefits. It is, plain and simply, a human rights violation,” Clinton said. A spokesman for CAIR has stated:

    American Muslims join people of conscience of all faiths in condemning female genital mutilation, forced marriages, “honor killings” and any other form of domestic violence or gender inequality as violations of Islamic beliefs. If anyone mistreats women, they should not seek refuge in Islam.

    Let me add that male circumcision is also abominable, but it IS sanctioned by the BIble, and there seems to be no major push to end the practice, although there should be.

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