Marxist Maternity Wards

studentMore often than not, the first criticism of the non-Marxist by the Marxist is that they aren’t “paying their fair share” or some other trope to indicate that in the view of the Marxist, the non-Marxist is not contributing enough of their time, treasure or efforts to the collective “cause”.

In a free, capitalist society, individuals are free to contribute whatever and however they wish to any collective – as long as that collective is meeting the needs, wants and desires of that individual. A Marxist society demands that contribution regardless of the success of the collective in successfully delivering that outcome.

We like to think that America is not a Marxist state – and by strict definition, it is not – but there are a myriad of examples where this Marxist ideal of forced association are at work.

Perhaps there is no single better example than our schools. American Christians are forced to send their children to Government schools that denigrate Christianity and its practice even as they glorify and attempt to mainstream other religions and promote views that are contrary to Christian teachings. Beyond that, children are being exposed to subjects of sexual behaviors and practices that many parents feel are not age appropriate subjects or are subjects better addressed by a parent than a teacher.

Nonsensical programs like Common Core try to complicate and convolute simple learning practices thR6O8IHSSwhile catering to the least common denominator. Parents have been arrested for refusing to allow their children to take standardized tests – and have been accused of trespassing for showing up at the school to attend to their children. Parents often have no rights to know what and how their children are being taught once they enter the school door – the kids are often treated as state property.

School vouchers are routinely rejected in an effort to destroy parent’s ability to choose to get their children out of failing schools – curiously, the denial of such vouchers primarily harms inner city minorities – the very proletarians the Marxist claims to want to help. Homeschooling is a prosecutable offense in some jurisdictions. Some teachers unions have made it nearly impossible to fire bad teachers. On some college campuses, the Marxists are so entrenched that so called “speech codes” prohibit distribution of copies of the Constitution of the display of the American flag because some students might find it “offensive”.

Programs of “affirmative action” are not about guaranteeing equal access, they are better described as discriminatory “preferential directives” to advantage lesser qualified minority students over those in the majority who possess greater qualifications. As recently happened in New York, higher performing charter schools were effectively abolished, not because they were failing – because they were too successful and were embarrassing the public school administrators.

All of this on the taxpayer dime…regardless of the choices of the taxpayer.

Didn’t we start a revolution over taxation without representation?

And when people leave these systems because they do not meet their needs, what does the Marxist do?

Blame them and tax them.

karenlewisLast year, Karen Lewis, President of the Chicago Teachers Union, blamed “rich white people” for the failures of the Chicago School System – the same “rich white people” who gradually left the inner city for the suburbs where schools were more responsive to the needs of their kids. The problem in Ms. Lewis’ mind is not that they left, it was that they took their tax money with them. Her suggestion to fix the issues – a progressive tax on Chicago’s higher earners.

This year, even as she carries the same battle cry of inequality, she and her cronies are instating an academically questionable “Afro-centric” curriculum that seems to be designed to teach black superiority through fiction rather than history based on actual scholarship and in true Gramscian fashion, seeks to institutionalize the teaching of “critical race theory”, a line of thought that racism is institutionalized in western society and “white privilege” is the primary cause of the oppression of people of color.

Chicago public schools are set to introduce a new Afro-centric curriculum, according to a closely-guarded copy obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation.The curriculum covers kindergarten through tenth grade and is designed to align with Common Core. It includes a web link to, a website whose publisher decries “fake-Jews” and calls the United States a “Zionist-occupied enemy territory.”

The site also claims that the world will end sometime this year and that President Barack Obama is “merely another trick of [the beast of the 4th Kingdom].”

Often it has been said that unions are Marxist incubators – if that is true, our schools have become little other than Marxist maternity wards.

12 thoughts on “Marxist Maternity Wards

  1. Really enjoyed this article. Living in CA for many years I certainly know about “critical race theory” which is just that, a theory dreamed up to label every Caucasian as racist. Doesn’t matter if you are actually racist or not. Teaching this in public schools will do irreparable harm to children who happen to be born white & I think you will see white parents pulling their kids from these schools in record numbers.

    What parent of any race would want their children taught that they were bullies from birth, that they were born trying to marginalize & discriminate against anyone that is not white? To teach this to a child seems like child abuse to me.

    • Trapped: Critical race theory is an attempt to institutionalize racial grievances as an excuse for perpetual preferences and handouts to specific minorities without addressing the conflicts between minority groups – like the way inner city blacks resent Asians. It is true racism in the sense that it tries to validate that I am a racist simply because I am white and my actions are motivated by racism no matter what they are. It is almost saying that racism is genetically based – we are racists down to our DNA…but curiously, that is the same argument that is used against discrimination of gays, that because the can’t help who they are, they should not be subjected to any sort of discrimination.

    • Trapped; I wonder if parents will pull their kids out. They’re letting the govt. get away with this Common Core garbage, as well as teaching evolution. It is amazing to me that so many college kids do not question that theory…..

      My son attends a charter school, which is very conservative, and has a strenuous curriculum. Next year, he should like to attend high school at the public school because of the ROTC program. This school is a helluva lot different from when I attended….. go figure.

  2. A few years back, I watched an NAACP convention on CSPAN. I just happened to catch the panel that was talking about RACE-BASED Initiatives, and NEED BASED Initiatives. The panel (all black) concluded that they should fight against NEED BASED Initiatives, because white folks could avail themselves of those programs , too. And that was not what they wanted.
    I have always held that any group that has been dicriminated against, does not want equality….they want payback, revenge, …they want to put the other side into the dicriminated against category….only they then want them DEAD.

  3. Just a few thoughts and I will go.

    First the observation that we built the greatest nation on earth through the one room school and the independent school districts that formed after. They relied on no Federal Monies and usually very little State cash. And since the Federal Government dangled the huge sums of money in front of the ISD’s and the control of the curriculum that comes with it, our schools have underperformed. How long is it going to take for the people electing the local school boards to realize that this is not working and elect people willing to make the necessary changes?

    One other thing I notice is that the inner city schools are always complaining that they are underfunded. Why? Usually the most expensive property is located in the city center. Have the Politicians created exemptions for these properties for school taxes?

    Locally here in Central Florida I think I have seen construction at every school I drive by. Have we gotten to believe that a new facility will make the student learn? What a false belief, just talk to any student that has excelled and they will likely tell stories of one or more teachers that inspired them. It’s the teachers stupid! I won’t say that Union Teachers are the pits, but I do feel that the Union fosters mediocrity not excellence.

    • ‘I do feel that the Union fosters mediocrity not excellence.”…… this says it all. Once unions are allowed to take control of ANYTHING, that thing goes to hell.

  4. This is tangential related. The three kids here are wonderful products of leftist thinking. And another example of where the “rights” movement has dead ended at:

    ———– Forward ———–
    On May 7th, three students on their way home from school in Paterson, New Jersey allegedly attacked a cat by hurling rocks and a brick at the cat. The cat died a few days later.

    The three who attacked the cat were charged with animal cruelty on May 28th:

    The young people who’ve been charged in this incident are, yes, young — they’re 6, 10, and 12 years old. And they’re black. Then:
    “ The Paterson chapter of the NAACP is calling on the Passaic County prosecutor to drop charges against three boys, one of whom is 6, who are accused of fatally torturing [….] ”

    A vigil was held, with the purpose of raising awareness about animal abuse as well as being a memorial for the cat. A couple of hundred people attended it. There were also a couple of hundred protesters. Yes, protesters:

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