Divide and Conquer

This morning I read an article that caught my eye. It disappeared from Fox, but I remember the source was the Daily Caller. The title of the article is: “Obama Administration Seeks Race-Based Government In Hawaii”. I truly believed this to be some right-wing propaganda. I just now went to the Daily Caller, and followed the links. In the first link, it has a FAQ at the top. This is important because you get the niggling feeling that this president could make this happen.

There was one commenter who summed it up quite nicely:

Here’s what none of these articles ever tell you.

Taking the OHA land trust set up by the US government is a multi-billion dollar grab by “Hawaiians,” who wish to exclude anyone that is not of pure Polynesian ancestry from any benefit whatsoever. Ever been to Hawaii? Nobody is more than a fraction Polynesian. That means hundreds of people of pure-blood Polynesian ancestry would rake in billions and screw everyone else over.

The so-called “Hawaiians” even call for any land not deeded by royal decree be returned to the “indigenous people” by force if necessary. They expect the US military, who protect the islands to pay billions to their separate government in annual rent for the bases they occupy. Google “Native Hawaiian Sovereignty Movement.” You will be appalled.

The Polynesians, who by their own admission, sailed to Hawaii to claim it as their own, are not indigenous people of Hawaii. They lost the islands that they claimed in a bloodless coup. Would they rather have been slaughtered? Everyone that now lives there has as much right to ALL of Hawaii as any other person and that includes equal access to the racist OHA trust. Obama once again is playing the race card to divide and conquer.”

Personally, I agree with the commenter. After all, the president does not have a personal stake in this, right? Here is the article: http://dailycaller.com/2014/05/27/obama-administration-seeks-race-based-government-in-hawaii/


6 thoughts on “Divide and Conquer

  1. “After all, the president does not have a personal stake in this, right? ”
    Well, he does VACATION there every year…………………………… and he does falsely claim to have been born there.

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