Benghazi Redux

I’m stuck in cynic mode…

We have been told that Obama represents the ultimate incarnation to date of the master politician but I’ve always been doubtful because without the help of a compliant and often disinterested media, he would have been torn apart like a bleeding fish during a shark feeding frenzy. However, given that Obama got elected twice as an empty suit, there might have been some credence to that…

In his entire career, Obama has never made a move unless it was politically advantageous to his career, to the point of having quite a history of “voting present” to avoid taking a position on issues that he couldn’t later spin to his benefit. This is a man who has spent a lifetime perfecting the craft of saying everything while saying nothing, mastering the art of giving speeches that are so empty of content that they can be interpreted to mean anything the bias of the listener wants them to mean and the ability to generate a lot of sound and fury, signifying nothing. He spends more effort avoiding responsibility that it would take to actually do something.

This is why the Bergdahl deal is confusing to me – what political gain does Obama get for it? By all accounts, Bergdahl is a deserter who seemingly disavowed his mission in Afghanistan and chose to walk into the open arms of the enemy. He is also suspected of actively collaborating with the Taliban against his fellow soldiers.

Six soldiers died during the search for Bergdahl, countless others in the war that captured this Taliban starting five, not to mention the hundreds – perhaps thousands – of Shiite Muslims killed by Norullah Noori – one of these GITMO inmates. Hell, even the UN wanted this guy held as a war criminal.

Maybe he will read about Bergdahl’s alleged desertion and collaboration in the Washington Post today or maybe see it on CNN as he is channel surfing during the commercial breaks in “House of Cards”.

Seems pretty politically flat footed to me. Is Bowe Bergdahl the kind of poster boy that Obama wanted for his “triumph” of “negotiation”?

Obama’s “leave no one behind” falls flat even with Democrats after Benghazi where this administration did leave 4 people behind and never lifted a finger to help them. Neither he nor Hillary sent any help to Libya, yet he is willing to break the law to exchange these five really bad guys for one alleged deserter? Even the most die-hard Obama sycophant must be doing a little head scratching over this one.

I think there are many Democrats who were willing to bite their tongues over Benghazi as long as Obama kept his mouth shut about it – but for Obama to compound the Benghazi lie by claiming that the Bergdahl trade represents some sort of commitment to honor and responsibility is a line they won’t cross because they know that such a commitment was missing in Benghazi.

This “deal” with the Taliban brings that into glaringly clarity when the lawless “we must act!” actions of this regime in the Bergdahl case is compared to the total lack of any action during the Benghazi attack – except of course the calls to YouTube to take down the video as the attack was raging.

There is just no upside to this. It just invites comparison and contrast to Benghazi at a time people like Elijah Cummings and Hillary Clinton claim that there is nothing to see here, let’s move along.

Even those who want GITMO closed know that this was a bad deal. Even those who hate “Bush’s wars” know that this was a colossal mistake that will cost America more lives in the future. Even Obama’s staunchest supporters are expressing concern about his disregard for established law in this case, not understanding the urgency after five years. Even they understand what a dangerous precedent Obama has just set.

Now the even the Cubans want to get in on the deals at Crazy Barry’s “Buy here, pay here” Used Terrorist Lot.

If there are Democrats who aren’t squirming every time a member of the Obama administration says “leave no man behind”, they are truly evil.

30 thoughts on “Benghazi Redux

  1. Mike,

    This one is easy. This traitor sided with Obama’s true allies (the enemies of America), so Obama took the opportunity to help him and his allies (Al Qaeda). This deal is a ‘two-fer:’ Obama lets five allied fighters go and gets back a traitor who he (Obama) sees as a hero because the two of them share a common hatred for America.

    It is this simple: we have a traitor in the white house, and since they have been supporting him, we also have traitors in the media and the Republican Party. I say that because the Republicans STILL have not impeached this man. And no, I do not want to hear the political excuses about how he could not be convicted in the Senate. That matters not. The House has a DUTY to impeach this man, yet they steadfastly refuse to do so. That makes the Republican Party JUST AS GUILTY as the media. They are BOTH supporting the traitor, which means they are traitors, too.

    And that leads you to the last guilty Party in this mess. If Americans were still AMERICANS, none of this would be happening because we would be up in arms over it all. But, sadly, we are not the people we used to be. So, bottom-bottom line: we are getting what we want (and thus, deserve).

    • Joe,

      Ugh, it pains me to say it, but can anyone really argue with a summary like that? This is the Republicans golden opportunity served up on a silver platter, and sadly they’re not going to put their money where their mouths are. Well said—as usual, Joe.

      • fascisti,

        Believe me — in spite of what many want to think — I derive no pleasure from stating what is nothing more than the painfully obvious. By now, those who have not figured out the Republicans are working with the Democrats as are blind as the ‘Liberals’ they like to accuse of being drones. But then, it takes one to know one… 😦

  2. The ONLY thing about the prisoner swap that doesn’t stink to high Heaven is that an imprisoned American citizen will be reunited with his family. I haven’t seen where any of the soldiers he was serving with have come out to say he wasn’t doing something wrong when he went missing. The fact that half a dozen American soldiers died when they were trying to find him after he went missing seems to be bad spot on his record, if in fact he chose to go awol and wasn’t captured. Releasing 5 enemy combatants that were essentially generals in the armies we are fighting against for one questionable US army member seems to be a rather poor deal made by any deal-maker. I can’t imagine the Taliban swapping 5 of our military leaders for one of their soldiers. Just another stupid move by this administration.

    • I’ve seen from several of his former mates that he was a malcontent and intended to desert. Now they’re talking he’ll be promoted to Staff Sargent, when he should be tried for desertion? A friend works with a former member of his platoon and the former soldier is livid. I also saw another on the news this morning who is the same. Have also read numerous articles from others who are speaking out. Even the liberal press is condemning this guy. How can it be any clearer, given the evidence presented to us, that this soldier was guilty of dereliction of duty and desertion? This is more than just a bad spot on his record.

      • How about this 5 for 1 trade?
        How about if we trade to Mexicothese 5 criminals: OWEbozo, Pelosi, Reid, Hillary and Holder for our REAL soldier, Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi?

  3. Watched an interview of this one soldier who says that it was common knowledge that he deserted. He says the govt. came in and decided to change the story. This is so fishy. Have to agree with B., here. I just don’t believe the POTUS’ allegiance is to this country. Oh, here is the video of the soldier who looks like you:

  4. Bergdahl may very well be guilty of desertion, but he has the right to be tried before being convicted.There is more to the Constitution besides the second amendment, after all.

    • Mr Melfamy, I must agree with you about the trial….and after all we’ve heard about this from his fellow soldiers, THERE REALLY NEEDS TO BE ONE. If there is not even a trial, then there are 2 possible explanations. Government coverup…or this guy went undercover. Since he was not in a special ops unit, that is pretty doubtful.
      So I await government action. But I believe the main reason for this trade is to clear out Gitmo, and get the VA healthcare scandal off the front page…. NO ONE…LITERALLY NO ONE is talking VA…..SEE , HE FIXED IT…all gone!!!!

      Do you deny these soldiers the right to speak of their opinions?

  5. Utah , I too am stuck in cynic mode….just keep blowing scandal after scandal out there and eventually there’s so much crap on the window….no one can see anything

    On another note ….welcome back. Have missed your posts.

    • Thanks, Ralph. I know I have neglected the blog but I’ve been trying out a few other formats, writing for a couple of friends outlets and generally feeling that I don’t have a lot new to say these days…

  6. The VA is an albatross around his neck…seems willing to break the law to make it go away…. Let me say HERE, that VA healthcare providers are first rate…top notch… and all I have dealt with are really good at their field…
    The bureaucracy on the other hand…………

  7. N.B. How alternative media broke this story a few days before anyone on MSM would dare express any reservations. Even today most plea that ‘We can’t jump to conclusions, or We leave no man behind.’ This is officially the most scandal ridden administration in the history of the United States.

    That the Socialist Progressive Communists continue spew apologia speaks volumes to anyone still on the fence in judging them inept or malicious. What good is maintaining the ‘status quo’, if the future of your children is in question?

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