Anybody wanna play a game? This game is called, “What is your prediction with regards to the Middle East”?

Because news from over there is convoluted, I’m going with what I’ve read, and what I believe to be true. First the basics:

1 ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham) is basically a Sunni sect of al-Qaeda. They are currently the largest and wealthiest terrorist group, and they’re fanatical thugs. They free prisoners to increase their numbers, rob banks, maim and/or kill non-believers, commit suicide bombings. They want an Islamic caliphate with strict Sharia law throughout the world. They are moving like a wild fire. Who will stop them? Iran?

2 Iran is now in Iraq, apparently to protect their religious shrines. Is that all? Does Iran want another war with Iraq? Obviously, it is in their best interest to stop the madman, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and his merry, marauding men. Could there be more to gain, though? Iraq is second only to Saudi Arabia in oil production. Or more to lose; the Shi’ite sect is the minority, yet they are the ruling class. Is their power/religion threatened? Would they turn to the U.S. for aid?

3 The US has been pulling strings in the Middle East since the 50’s. Iran has a very deep-seated grudge against the U.S. If anything, I believe they would tap Russia for aid…….or China.

My prediction is that Iran will pull a Putin by claiming to help save religious shrines and restore order, &c., while systematically decimating the ISIS movement. I predict they will need and receive aid in some form from Russia and China. I predict this battle will ensue for a long time. Finally, I predict that when the dust settles, we will not have seen the last of Abu ba-ba Blacksheep.

Your prediction?

7 thoughts on “Predictions

  1. Kells, these factions have been fighting since the founder died. They hate each other. The Shia want to defeat the Sunni and take over their holy places in Saudi Arabia. We should back off and let them fight and if they attack us pound them back until they say enough and leave us alone. Remove any of them (illegal and documented aliens) here and disband their Mosques as incompatible with our form of government.

  2. We need to make an example of them. Several carefully dropped bombs from a B-1 or B-52 will do wonders…make the country a glass-topped parking lot.

    • I was just talking to a boy who feels that it will come to that. I have a fear of isolationism due to the religion and its followers. I also have a deep-seated fear about how our dear leader will lead. Tumultuous times……

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