The Harvard Model

“Barack is a self-centered, utterly unfeeling, revolution-seeking drone who cannot be bothered with the hard work of genuine leadership. And as terrifying as it sounds, he is a typical Marxist leader who wants to “save humanity,” but finds individuals not important enough to consider. It’s no wonder Barack’s White House loves Mao, a possible role model for crazy, unthinking and ideologically-driven tyranny from the man who murdered 77 million of his own countrymen. Or perhaps Vlad Lenin, first dictator of the USSR is his example, who said—“Any cook should be able to run the country.” Marxists have no respect for democracy, republicanism or capitalism.”

~ Kelly O”Connell, Canada Free Press, October 30, 2012

I guess when one gets right down to it, there probably is very little that can be done about Obama’s lawlessness. He is a product of one of our foremost liberal law schools and like any Harvard lawyer, he looks for ways to “make law” by stretching conventional bounds to the breaking point but somehow managing to keep it within in the margins of legality.

To see him game the system like your local personal injury lawyer shouldn’t be that surprising because this is the way generations of lawyers and politicians who happen to be lawyers were taught to do it.

Not being Harvard educated myself, I’m not of the camp that thinks this this is the process the Founders intended us to use. I look at President Obama and simply cannot understand how he looks at himself in the mirror each morning but it is clear that he is as passionate and confident as he is wrong. He honestly doesn’t believe he is corrupt because he was taught that corruption is the modus operandi of governing.

I’ve decided that we need to cut him a little slack because I also recognize that he doesn’t have the benefit of an adversarial media to challenge, scrutinize and assign a motive to every waking breath like his predecessor did. I’ve yet to hear Obama hounded in a press conference with repeated calls to admit his mistakes and offer apologies to America for…well…being George W. Bush.

The Obama/Harvard approach to governance is a dangerous process but while we are all chafing under this regime, there might just be something positive that will result.

Though his expansion of executive power, the Senatorial intransigence of Harry Reid and the first term procedural antics of (former) House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Obama and his band of merry men have taken us to a place we haven’t been since those heady days of progressive yesteryear – FDR’s packing of the Supreme Court.

It is pretty clear that Obama has forced this country to a tipping point.

Corruption always breeds more corruption, corrupt governance destroys confidence and when confidence is missing, the public is absolved of the duty to obey any order coming from a corrupt government. In our constitutional republic, transparency is not a campaign slogan to be thrown about with casual impunity, it is a basic necessity of our system.

In September of 2013, Michael Dorf, Professor of Law at Cornell and a Constitutional scholar wrote:

“…Still, no one disputes that it would be possible–as a matter of brute fact–for Americans to let go of the Constitution and replace it with something else. Put in terms we owe largely to H.L.A. Hart, what makes the Constitution the law around here is the social convention that we treat it as the law. The Constitution is like paper money. It has no inherent value. Its value derives from everybody’s willingness to treat it as valuable.”

Dorf’s comments were directed at our current Constitution but it follows that the right for any constitutional republic to exists is only because the people allow it to exist. Any laws produced in such a republic only have meaning and force because the people agree to give it meaning and force.

When the people are no longer confident that the government is acting in their best interests, a tipping point is reached – either the government falls (or in our case, changes via elections) or it chooses to enforce its will via coercion.

By acting unilaterally as the executive and then sending his henchmen (henchpersons?) out to do his bidding through suppression of the minority party in the Senate, executing procedural hi-jinks in the House (like was used to pass Obamacare), using (or simply ignoring the use of) the DOJ and the IRS for political purposes, President Obama has chosen the latter – coercion.

This is the Obama tipping point – the absolute nadir of political corruption concentrated in the the executive branch. We are going to go one way or the other. As contemplated in the lyrics of songs from as disparate performers as Gretchen Wilson to SemiSonic:

“You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.”

The hope is that SemiSonic has it right:

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

22 thoughts on “The Harvard Model

  1. I never thought that I would see a POTUS continually lie to the American people and not ever get confronted by the media about whether what was said was true or not. The loss of IRS emails is a perfect example of what OWEbozo’s admin will do to keep from having to be honest. There is no way in this century that all those emails just disappeared. There has to have been numerous copies of them on several servers somewhere in the governments possession. If, in fact, they actually are all gone, it was an unreal effort by many OWEbozo people that accomplished it.
    The sad thing is that the other side isn’t much more honest. The GOP politicians all seem to say one thing and then do the opposite when they need to to advance their political standing and wealth. At least the liberal lefties are somehow getting away with saying AND doing things that in the end will be the demise of the America that was started a couple hundred years ago.

  2. My opinion is Obama and his supporters are being shortsighted as well as all of us are. Obama has been allowed to continue to expand a precedent that has been happening since FDR. I don’t see too much more time passing before a President tries to remove his restrictions and become king/Tzar/ Emperor etc. It will not take much. An attack on US soil by a terrorist group, or some Bundy/Waco event and the masses will eagerly vote to suspend the rules so they can be protected.

    History has taught us repeatedly that this is the path. We are marching like lemmings to the cliff.

    • Scott, I have been saying the same thing for years, that dictatorial powers are accreting to the Oval office. It won’t stop until a President is impeached or imprisoned , as Nixon should have been., Ford’s pardon of Nixon is a direct cause of Iran-Contra, the 2003 invasion of Iraq, and Obama’s protection of his AG in the Fast/Furious fiasco.

  3. Some other Marxist graduates of Harvard, Mitt Romney, Ted Cruz, Alberto Gonzalez, Michael Chertoff, Elizabeth Dole, and Antonin Scalia, marxists all.
    Obama has done bad things, I have called for a special prosecutor in the Fast n Furious case, and he deserves to have a hostile press. But his critics lose all credibility when they use wildly hyperbolic terms like marxist, for a president who is less liberal than freaking Eisenhower, or calling Obama, a left-handed hot-dog eater, a muslim!
    You will remain a fringe group until you bust out of the corner into which you have painted yourself.

    • “or calling Obama, a left-handed hot-dog eater, a muslim!”

      You must truly hate Bill Maher now. 🙂

    • Marxism is a worldview and method of societal analysis that focuses on class relations and societal conflict, that uses a materialist interpretation of historical development, and a dialectical view of social transformation. Marxist methodology uses economic and sociopolitical inquiry and applies that to the analysis and critique of the development of capitalism and the role of class struggle in systemic economic change.

      Obama is anti-capitalist, anti-individual liberty, and pro-class-struggle and his advisors have often been heard to promote societal conflict as a means to social transformation.

      All of those things are elements of Marxism, so Obama rightly owns the label.

      • How is Obama anti capitalist, anti-individual liberty? Bush used our military as a means of societal transformation, Cheney had secret policy meetings with oil executives.
        All your rhetoric is empty and poorly applied, bull crap, in other words. Obama is pro-business, look at the stock market, look at interest rates, The GDP was up 3.5% in the last half of 2013, after revisions.
        You marginalize yourself with all the Obama=Marx garbage; it really makes you look stupid, to be perfectly blunt, and I have zero respect for you.

        • We’re not talking about GWB. I have not defended him and, trust me, you marginalize yourself when you accuse me of doing so. I have no respect for anyone who cannot countenance any critique of their chosen president.

          Obama as an anti-capitalist – let’s start with sharp increase of regulation on businesses that has stifled economic growth.

          All that regulation has been helpful to large corporations while suppressing small businesses and harming their capacity to complete against the corporations.

          The stock market, by the way, is a poor and inconsistent measure of economic or business health. It’s gambling, pure and simple. Interest rates are being kept artificially low, which also keeps saving rates low, which further harm the long-term economy.

          What’s more real inflation, including gasoline and food prices, has increased substantially since Obama took office and are on the move upward as I type.

          Pebble Mine is just one example where the Obama administration has moved preemptively to prevent needed and safe projects from developing.

          The Keystone Pipeline is another example.

          Carbon regulations that are slated to drive my community’s heating and electrical generation needs up by 30% over the next five years.

          GDP for 2013 was 1.8% for the entire year. The fourth quarter had a 3.8% increase, but the first quarter of 2014 was down 2.9%, suggesting — in part — that the figures for Q4 2013 were crap..

          Other presidents have done things that harmed small business and individuals trying to keep their homes heated, but Obama has done more than any other president in that regard. Thus, anti-capitalist is a deserved label.

          Anti-individual liberty — let’s go no further than ObamaCare, which takes away the individual health insurance choices of every American and requires people who consider abortion to be murder to pay for coverage for abortions in a majority of states. We could mine the anti-liberty elements of Obamacare for several posts, but that’s enough for me.

          But we could also look at the political prisoners the Obama administration has locked up — consider Shaefer Cox for example (a young man doing 26 years for stating his opinions in a loud and persuasive manner).

          Obama’s constant attack on gun rights, which was the DOJ’s excuse for locking up Cox for stating an opinion.

          The continuation of the NSA data mining of ordinary Americans.

          Or we could just focus in on his ordering a drone strike against Anwar al Alwaki, who while being a voice for terrorism, was also an American citizen who should have been afforded a fair trial as the Constitution requires.

          So, yes, Obama owns the label of anti-liberty as well.

          And the dichotomy is not Obama = Marx. That’s ridiculous. Obama is clearly not Karl Marx, who died some time ago. Is he a proponent of Marxist ideology? Yes!!! But he is not Marx himself.

          • You are ignorant about the stock market; it is only gambling for gamblers. People like me, who look at individual companies and their prospects going forward, are not wagering.
            (Reuters) – U.S. employers hired workers at the fastest clip in more than two years in April, pointing to a rebound in economic growth after a dreadful winter and keeping the Federal Reserve on track to end bond purchases this year.
            the economy grew 3.65% in the last half of 2013.
            If blowing up a terrorist who might be threatening the US is anti-liberty, you and I have different definitions of the word. Would you rather we had risked the lives of a Navy Seal team to extract the slimeball? I can see you defending Obama if that had gone wrong; no wait! I see you being a total hypocrite and laying into the president for wasting American lives.
            Eisenhower was more marxist than Obama, you brainwashed moron.

            • Thank you for showing us all how reasonable, logical and intelligent you are, how much you respect the principles this country was founded on and how really consistent to the cause of liberty you are.

              My sister-in-law is a stock market investor who managed not to lose much money in 2008 and who has consistently outperformed the market over the last 35 years. She calls the stock market “just a great big game of poker — a legitimized dice game.”

              I’m sure everyone who had their money in the market in 2008 and lost their retirements were not wagering that they would make money rather than lose it.

              As for your other assertions —





              You are welcome to your private opinion, but facts speak for themselves.

              • I have been just as successful as your sister, maybe more. She did more than throw darts at the stock page to do so well. Day-trading IS gambling, and I suck at it.; I go for the long-term. My my net worth shot up 40% last year, I know what I’m doing, and it is not gambling.

                • Yet, she says it is. As she says “when I buy a stock, I am wagering that it will go up. I’ve got good instincts. Most of my stocks have gone up over the years. But I’m always aware that I am buying that stock from someone who was equally convinced that it was going to go down.”

                  She uses the example of 2008. She had a gut feeling there was going to be a major market correction because of the increasing national debt, rising fuel prices, and she was didn’t like either candidate for president for different reasons , So she moved most of her stocks over into “safe” investments — stocks that never make much money, but never tank either — Nabisco, for example. And that was how she rode out 2008. She didn’t lose much money and her portfolio has grown since, but she reminds me that the people who bought the stock she sold in 2008 are now probably bankrupt. They were convinced those stocks were good and it turned out they weren’t.

                  Gambling is being convinced that your cards are better than the cards of your opponent, but you can’t see the cards in his hand, so you don’t know that what you believe is really true.

                  And that is very much the stock market. When the economy was in free fall, unemployment was in double digits, people were losing their homes all across the country and businesses were closing their doors, the stock market was yo-yoing up and down all through 2008-2009 and then it remarkable “recovered” in 2010 even when none of those economic indicators provided any hope that things were getting better.

                  It’s not a reliable indicator of economic health and anyone who thinks it is is being foolish. You may have good instincts and that’s great, but so do great poker players and it’s still gambling.

                  • Things are getting better, the Gulf is booming, they cannot find enough people to crew the boats needed to service the oil rigs. The Industrial Lock in New Orleans is backed up, withove 40 boats waiting to carry raw goods, steel, cement iron ore to factories and building sites.
                    Unemployment rose steadily through the Bush years, and peaked at 9% in 2010, it is now at 6.3, and hiring is also higher.

                    • “Things are getting better,”??????????????
                      Gas is up 100% since OWEbozo took office.
                      Food is up 50%+ since OWEbozo took office.
                      I don’t know about your ignorant ass, but my health insurance is up from $10,000/year to $26,000/year.
                      EVERYTHING is higher since OWEbozo took office.

                    • Gas prices plunged in 2008, because no one could afford the stuff, they still haven’t reached the high acchieved under Bush. I couldn’t get health insurance before Obamacare went into effect. Food prices are up, but nowhere near 50%

                    • “Gas prices plunged in 2008, because no one could afford the stuff, they still haven’t reached the high achieved under Bush.”
                      Oh, but they will and then some before OWEbozo leaves office, and they are TWICE what they were when he started as POTUS.
                      ” I couldn’t get health insurance before Obamacare went into effect.”
                      If what you have is coverage under OWEbozocare, you still don’t have any real health insurance.
                      “Food prices are up, but nowhere near 50%”
                      ALL the grocery shoppers I asked said that prices are at least 50% higher since the asshole took office. I don”t grocery shop so I can’t swear to it, but I am certain my wife, 2 sisters-in-law (one a big-time OWEbozo backer) and mother-in-law know what they are saying when they bitch about what it costs now..

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