A Question for all You ‘Republicans’

I have taken a lot of flak over my change in stance on the GOP.  Where I was once a registered Republican, I am now as much opposed to the GOP as I am to the Democrats — and my ‘conservative’ Republican friends have largely abandoned me because of it.  But then, that is the whole point: to keep people loyal to the Party uber alles (above all).  However, with the recent events in the primary elections, I feel more strongly than ever that I have been vindicated.  Still, I have a question for those who remain firm in their belief that the GOP is the solution to America’s problems.

How can you support a Party that is actively courting DEMOCRAT VOTERS in an effort to destroy their TEA Party/grass-roots constituency? 

I honestly do not understand anyone who claims they still believe in and support the founding ideals of America, yet they actively support a political Party that is working against that stated belief.  This applies equally to the Democrats and Republicans.  When one steps back and takes an honest look at what these two Parties do and not what they say, there is not a shred of difference between them.  Even their agendas are the same.  The only real difference between them is the scapegoats they attack to gain support.

So, if you are still supporting and voting GOP, all I can ask you is why?  Why do you still believe you can fornicate for chastity?  But more than that: by what act of insanity have you gone past the Democrat drones and convinced yourself that you can not only fornicate for chastity, but also regain your virginity in the process?

[WARNING: if you vote D or R this year, you are going to get amnesty from BOTH Parties — because they want the new drones who can be bought with the money they steal from you, the few who ‘claim’ to still support the ideal of America as it was founded.  Mark my words: the only solution now is to stop funding and stop voting for the D’s and R’s.  You cannot kill this monster any other way.]


Today, Beohner said he will ‘sue’ Obama because Obama is not doing the job he swore to do when he took his oath of office.  Why would you sue instead of impeaching Obama?  Because you do not want to set the precedent of removal for breaking the constitution; you want to set a policy of slapping on the hand.  This way, when your Party gets in power again, you don’t have to worry about being removed when you violate the law of the land.

Still think the ‘R’s’ are any different than the D’s?  If you do, then you may need to check your soul, because you have a forest in your eye, not just a plank.

32 thoughts on “A Question for all You ‘Republicans’

  1. Reblogged this on Dead Citizen's Rights Society and commented:
    Screw ’em. There’s not a nickel’s difference between the parties. Start working for the Restoration of Rightful Liberty and the removal of tyranny. Become a III%’er, RESIST!

  2. Stopped sending money to GOP 10 years ago. Only contribute to individual candidates. After more than 60 years I no longer call myself a Republican so you get at least one voter who agrees with you. Keep the faith and never give up.

    • Arthur,

      I respect your action, but the problem is that these people now send the money you gave them for their election to help others get elected. There is no honesty with anyone who supports Party over principle, and anyone still clinging to either of these parties — anyone — is dishonest. ANYONE!

      • No argument here. I frankly think it is time to let the Republican Party die. There are serious risks allowing the damn D’s to continue destroying the country but the current leadership of the damn R’s is, at best, only doing that more slowly. Perhaps we can urge Cruz and others to go independent?

  3. Joe, they are the same, in fact I fully believe that if the Republicrats gain control of the Senate they will pass Amnesty under their banner. They will do this to keep the money flowing from the Chamber of Crony Commerce and the misguided belief that those receiving amnesty will reward them with their votes.

    As far as a solution, I’m not sure. I do think that this fall all establishment Republicans should be retired by the Conservatives voting for the opposition candidate. Couldn’t be worse than what we have now. Just might open the door for more conservative candidates in 2016 by having no establishment Republican incumbent to fight.

    You and I have had this argument before, enough said.

  4. We don’t send any $ to the GOP anymore although we do support specific candidates Nikki Haley or Ted Cruz. I do believe the Tea Party will continue to elect Republicans who represent the conservative/libertarian viewpoint, but it will take years to become a significant part of the GOP. It’s like turning a big ship, it’s not going to turn on a dime, but be steadfast & keep chiseling away.

    • Trappedinca,

      The problem with that is, as long as you are electing Republicans, you are feeding the beast. The ‘good’ people will NEVER be allowed to hold REAL power, so all you and I do is send pawns to fill the ranks so the devils can become the majority Party. What’s more, anyone — ANYONE (Cruz included) — who is still supporting Party politics is part of the problem.

      the ONLY way we will change this system is to destroy it, and the only way to destroy it is to stop voting for ANYONE who is part of a Party. Yes, it will cause a mess. But we have a mess now, only it is tyranny. I would prefer anarchy to tyranny. How about you?

  5. Joe, I understand what you’re saying, but just this week Gov Haley has brought 7100 jobs to SC. Our unemployment rate is only 5.7%, such a difference from CA. SC is doing well, even with all the caca Feds give us and it’s easier to fight back from a stable, prosperous place.

    Not sure I’m ready to unleash anarchy, that might be more than we can control. I think I’m more the stubborn, unmovable type than brash anarchist! What I do think is imperative is that all anti-Dem groups unite for 2016.

    • Trapp,

      Please hear me. I am not attacking. I am pleading. Please read in that tone of voice — please.

      Stop and read what you just wrote. We attack D’s because they think govt. is the solution to their problems; that they cannot do it without govt. Now here you are, telling us we need to keep the R’s because they are bringing in jobs. Where is the difference between you and the D’s? I mean in principle, not agenda? Both of you are looking to govt. for solutions, and the difference is you defend the Party you think will push your personal agenda for you. But either way, you are all looking to govt. for solutions.

      Personally, I have undergone a change of heart and thinking. I will rely on God and God alone. I will not place a govt. a Party of a man/woman above God — not anymore. I did that far too long and I helped get us where we are now. Neither will I sell my allegiance to God for a job, or even this nation. We are all placing idols before God — something our founders did not do and warned us NOT to do or we would suffer the fate we are currently suffering.

      But this is just how I see it — me, Joe. We must all decide for ourselves…

  6. I get what you’re saying, Joe, about letting the system collapse — just taking hands off and letting the idiots run it into the ground. Maybe we can pick up the pieces afterward. Maybe ….

    And it’s that uncertainty that gives me pause. I’m not a Republican. I’ve always been a non-partisan who, after I grew up) used to vote for the most conservative candidate in the race and for the last decade has tried to vote for the most liberty-minded candidate. Usually that was an Alaska Independence Party candidate, but sometimes it’s even been a Democrat.

    I like the anarcho-capitalist, voluntaryist ideal. In a perfect world, private property would be protected, 90% of what government does now would be handled by private enterprise (or allowed to go the way of the do-do bird), and we’d be lot freer and probably (most of us) more comfortable financially.

    But ….

    If the American system collapses because the American people have stopped participating, what will take its place?????

    And, yes, the answer matters! Lack of foresight is what got us into the mess we’re in now. More lack of foresight is not the solution to that problem. I don’t think.

    • Aurora,

      Oh, I get the uncertainty part, but — to me — it is much preferable to the absolute certainty that the path we are on leads to an American version of 1940 Germany.

      Now, since the growing majority of the American people have more in common with the Germans of the late 1930’s than our founding fathers, the only hope we few who remain have is to all move to a part of the country where we can concentrate and defend ourselves. Otherwise, we will be little more than isolated pockets of modern day Bonhoeffer — and we will suffer the same fate, a swell.

      History is actually rather clear about the result of the path we’re traveling. I think a guy named Hayek even wrote a book about it 😉

        • Honestly? Texas and as much of the surrounding area as will go with. There is enough oil, farm land and mineral resources as well as access to warm water ports and room for those who would join the cause to sustain the likely population. It could also be defended — if need be.

          • Oh, goody! Texans in charge! Shudder!

            Sorry, but I couldn’t resist. During the Pipeline era (1970s) Alaskans had a bumper sticker —

            Happiness is 10,000 Okies Headed South with a Texan under Each Arm

            I take your point, but I hope you will take mine.

            Alaskan frustration with Texans at the time is germane. They flooded up here to work the oil patch with no idea of the culture or the environmental challenges and they immediately made every attempt to change the culture, which Alaskans highly resented.

            Huge population shifts like that can lead to unintended consequences. Local values can be diluted by newcomers and then there’s the problem of liberty. Is it really liberty if I can move into a town and dictate to the people who are already there how they should live?

            • Aurora,

              Then grab some popcorn (while it is still legal), sit back and watch the end of America — because nothing short of something as radical as I describe will stop the fall. Only GOD can do that now, and He isn’t listening because WE turned our backs on HIM!

              • Loss of faith is definitely part of the problem.

                And, I think you’re right that we may have gone too far down the road to serfdom to turn back.

                The thing is, Texans wouldn’t want Alaskans invading their state anymore than Alaskans wanted Texans. The Texans brought their culture with them — manicured lawns, no dog teams, no log cabins built next to mansions, etc. And THEY were absolutely certain of the RIGHTNESS of their culture, so they set about to change the culture. And Alaskans who objected were just supposed to live with it because WE were behind the times and needed to be brought into the 20th century.

                And, yet we think of Texas as a pretty liberty-minded place, so wouldn’t Texans care about the liberty of wherever they invaded? Not really. A recession and a couple of record cold winters sent most of them home and the ones who stayed converted to the more relaxed Alaskan lifestyle.

                If all liberty-minded people in the US flooded into Texas, I submit we’d try to change Texas to our own conception of “culture”. If we were a plurality of the population, we would do just that.

                But what happens to the individual liberty of the people who were already living there, who liked it the way it was before we arrived?

                You see, I think that what is wrong with the United States right now is that we are the UNITED States and many of us have gotten the idea that WE know what is best for the ENTIRE country. WE forget that others don’t agree. Or WE think we’re so smart that everybody else ought to do it OUR way. But in doing so, we’re forcing people to join us whether they like it or not, which is the essence of a loss of liberty.

                You’re right about gathering together into pockets of like-minded people. That’s going to happen anyway when the system collapses and maybe if we’ve thought ahead, the crash and rebuilding won’t be so hard, but we do need to recognize that liberty may look different for different groups of people and that as soon as we try to dictate to the society around us how things should be, we’ve violated the central principle of liberty.

                Which means that, eventually, we’ll have to do this all over again.

                • Aurora,

                  So, just stay put and gather with your local ‘like-minded’ people and we will all do the same in our local areas — just as you suggest. This way, we don’t tell others how to live.

                  HOWEVER, I would like to point out what we called this approach when I was in the military. It’s called making “pockets,” and pockets are left isolated until the conquering force decides to go back and mop them up. And mop us up they will, because ‘pockets’ of resistance NEVER defeat the force that made them into a pocket — NEVER!

                  Now, about your complaint about changing the culture of others. If you love liberty BEFORE you love the region in which you live, then you can stand with me, as I stand with Franklin, who said:

                  “Where liberty dwells, THERE is my country.” [emphasis added]

                  Or… If you care about region first and liberty second, then sit tight in your ;pocket’ 😉

                  (offered seriously, but in a smiling and sincerely friendly tone: as one friend to another, because that is what we are 🙂 )

                • Aurora – Alaska is a good place also. Always wanted to go there when I was in the military. Tried to sign on to projects that were in the works to clear the lands that were contaminated with explosives by the military after I got out. But it never worked out. Looks like a place where you can be yourself with little interference. Stay there, as I don’t think a lot of people can survive the independence offered by Alaska.

                  • Alska ns have an independent spirit, but we’ve also been a colonial possession of a foreign occupier for our entire recorded history. The federal government has deliberately kept us dependent while extracting our resources at dimes on the dollar. Draconian regulations have prevented us from building a healthy economy independent of he government. In some ways we are both the most libertarian and most socialist state in the union. It means we chafe for independence,but we are also so entangled people are unwilling to demand our independence. We are also the 13th largest petroleum reserve in the world. We could support ourselves, but it’s barely tapped, so we would not be able to do so right away. During that interim, we’d be vulnerable – a lovely plum to be picked by China, Russia or Japan.

                    For Alaskans, the best scenario is for the federal government to relax it’s death grip on all the states while maintaining military ties – for a while, so we can prepare for independence, otherwise we’d become a colonial possession of yet-another mother-country.

  7. The Republic can’t servie without a Judeo-Christian moral people. Our Founding Fathers even warned us. Now our government mandates by law that we accept sinfulness behavior or face the penalty of persecution for non compliance.

    Our President lies, murders US Citizens without restraint, condones and forces acceptance of sexual perversion, theft through a totally immoral progressive system of taxation and health care system, enslavement of generations of families to a welfare system that destroys men’s souls and the list goes on. On Election Day we are expected to vote for the lesser of two evils! Evil Heavy and Evil Light.

    I will continue to do my civic duty and vote for individuals that support Godly principals but not for those that condone or demonstrate their acceptance of sinful behavior to get elected. From my viewpoint the Republican Party has left the reservation and I have left the Party.

    Noah preached for 120 years as he built the Ark and in the end God destroyed all but 8 because they would rather serve themselves and/or other men over their Creator. We all make that decision based on our own free will and “all men” have been warned what to expect if we refuse to accept God’s plan for redemption and salvation. Know you are a permanent spirit being living in a human earthly vessel for a brief moment compared to eternity. Think positive, good will triumph over evil.

    Something to consider next time you vote!

    PS: Joe, good to see you post back on RNL.

    • chhelo,

      AMEN! What’s more, since 9/11, we have repeated — word-for-word — the prophecy of Isaiah 9:10. When you understand the rest of prophecy a bit better — specifically those prophecies dealing with Ephraim — you might find that Isaiah 9:10 has been repeated EXACTLY to the letter, down to the same 10 Northern tribes of Israel!!!

  8. Joe, when we should be turning back to God our overt arrogance will destroy us. History repeats itself. Harbingers past and present.

  9. There is no more Republican Party. They are simply a juxtaposition along side of the crazy fucking Democrats.

    Side note: Remember what I wrote here Greg, and let it burn in to that pea ass brain that locked away in the melon of yours.

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