A Serious Follow-Up Question for Republicans

I have been of the mind that we who still love this nation — as founded — to give serious consideration to not voting for Republicans.  Yes, I understand this means the seat will go to a Democrat.  But then, what does it matter?  Look at what happened the last time we gave both Houses of Congress and the White House to the Republicans.  Had Obama not come along, Bush would still be the largest ‘Big Government’ President/Spender in U.S. history!  And now?  Now we see Republicans telling us they will pass amnesty and demonstrating they are identical to the Democrats when it comes to keeping their seats and supporting their Party above all else.  So let me ask you this — and I am serious:

Why vote for a Party when it is not going to make any difference whether that Party wins or not?

Now, before you answer, consider this.  If we stop voting for the Republicans — I mean stop all together and forever — then what is left?  Those R’s who are already Progressive in spirit will go over to the Democrats (where they belong). This will leave a void where the majority of Americans really live.  Now, what fills that void?  I do not know.  But it becomes very easy to demonstrate that what would be left is no different — NONE — than the NAZI regime, Stalin’s Russia or Mao’s China.  The only difference is that — finally — it will be America’s turn to be run by evil, evil people.

On the other hand, we can just keep doing what we have been doing since Reagan was in office and tell ourselves that — this time — it will finally be different.  If that is where you are, it’s OK — honest.  Just remember, doing what you have always done and expecting a different result is the operational definition of insanity.  So, if this is where you stand, that’s cool, but maybe — just maybe — you might want to stop calling ‘the other side’ crazy when you have already demonstrated you are insane, yourself.

13 thoughts on “A Serious Follow-Up Question for Republicans

  1. Reblogged this on Cold Dead Hands Days and commented:
    Yes..we have to STOP doing what we always did because nothing will change. We need a new constitutional platform. Call it the patriot party, Tea Party, whatever but we need to stop voting for all Democrats and Republicans.

  2. Joe, it needs to be an “I told you so moment”.

    A good example is Tad Cochran in Mississippi. He is so into himself to win he will use those he knows stand for and desire to be provided for from cradle to grave welfare benefits. When you enlist Democrat operatives to defeat your opponent with lies and deceit you are no different than a progressive. You have selected the end justifies the means approach to obtain power. You will destroy anyone and anything to remain a Republican US Senator.

    In addition, the RNC assisted in this process and hence losses any moral high ground and further convinces me they are not worthy of my financial support or vote.

    Goodbye RNC. You have proven to be untrustworthy.

    • Chhelo – The Republicrats are the same as the Democans. Thad or his adviser Haley would not have used the Democans if they did not have the same core beliefs. Both believe that the ends justify the means. My idea is to try to actively vote out the leadership of the Republicrats and the Democans by voting for their opponents in the General Election. Otherwise only vote for Conservatives.

      Have my own problem in this district. New district created for a Democan here in FL, and Greyson ran and won. Hate the Republicrats for that move alone. Especially since I voted for the Republicrats in the State Government.

  3. Joe,
    I know it is involved for some people to review, but History has a way (Natural Scheme), of repeating. I can remember
    in the late 70’s when Carter was president and the U.S. of America was going through similar times, gas doubling from
    thirty-five cents a gallon to seventy-five cents a gallon, being able to buy gas only on odd/even days, (I had to stay over in
    San Francisco because I couldn’t buy any gas to get home).

    There are a lot of good and honorable members of our Congress (mostly Republican) who are looking out for America
    and we have to support and let them know that we are on their side and advocate their policies as representatives of

    I am forever grateful to the American Voter who helped me elect President Reagan in 1980, when the company I worked
    for was down to our last paycheck and there was some doubt that I would have to return back to the U.S. at my
    own expense (working in East Africa).

    We Americans (Republicans) are greater than any adversity, especially people (democrats Harry Reid and Nazi Pelosi)
    and the current FRAUD administration can try to subjugate us with their political failings.

    We have been here before, we will prevail. God Bless America.

    • Edward,

      I was with you…right up to the point where you said “we Republicans.” Maybe you could have kept me if you had said “we Americans,” but, as it turns out, you showed me that you are — sadly — part of the “Party uber alles” crowed.

      My friend, Reagan was a man. He was a good man, and I admire him still, but he was just a man. He did nothing more than encourage us to be who we could be — that’s it.

      As for Carter: he was not the cause of our energy problems — not directly. HOWEVER, the people in Washington right now — D’s and R’s BOTH — are the direct cause of our energy problems, and that leads directly to an additional drag on our economy.

      Yes, history repeats itself, and for the same reasons: people forget God and start thinking they can do better. Well, that didn’t work too well for Israel in the Old Testament; for Germany in the 1930’s and 40’s; for Russia from about 1915 on; for China, Cuba, or any other socialist nation (the EU included), and I do not expect it will work too well for us, now. But, and I mean this, if you think the Republican Party is the answer, then good luck. As for me, I like History, and HISTORY tells me the Republican Party is as much a part of the problem as the Democrats.

  4. We “Republic” cans. Not the Party but the Republic. How it was instituted and designed to be. Our Founding Fathers would all be marching on DC to take out the trash.

    We no longer live under the rule of law. We now live under the rule of a tyrannical government and corporate cronyism. A near fascist state.

  5. One word : incrementalism. It’s how we have lost control, and short of a real; shootin’ war…it’s the only way to get it back. Move incrementally more conservative this cycle…a little more next cycle..;.
    If you want to vote for Libertarians, Green Partiers, or Constitutionalists…go ahead. Meanwhile , I’ll just syock up on food and ammo, dig in a little deeper, and say every man (woman) for themselves….I’ve got my compound, and family. You better get yours together.

    • Ralph,

      You cannot “incremental” a system like the one that is in place now. You must get outside of it.

      As for stocking up: won’t help. They will pass a law against hording, call you a hoarder and turn the masses of mouchers loose on you to do their dirty work for them.

  6. Strength in numbers. The lone wolfs will all be picked off no matter how well prepared or off the grid you are.

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