Is Having Sex a Right?

Is having sex a right? Or is it healthcare that is a right? Or both?

There is no doubt that the advent of birth control that operates via chemical suppression of natural occurring procreative cycles has significantly altered the outlook on sex because it offered all the carnal pleasures of the act without the consequences – a pregnancy.

Follow me here for a journey into the logic of the liberal mind – careful, be sure to keep your hands and feet inside the car at all times and make sure your seat belt is buckled. Here we go: if healthcare is a right, and birth control is a part of healthcare then birth control must also be a right. Following that logic, if birth control is a right and it is used to prevent the consequences of sex, then sex must also be a right.

If sex free of consequences is a right, how can there be rape – because we certainly can’t go around preventing people from exercising their rights, not can we?

Or is the right to sex only a woman thing?

Girl power!

Don’t think I’m arguing for rape, I’m just extending the “logic”.

In a brilliant take on the subject, Stacy McCain at his blog, The Other McCain, noted that we now have people, many of whom are on the consequence free/abortions are groovy sex train, that have lived their entire lives during this time when an altered form of human biology is considered the “norm”. The fact is that the altered form of human roles is not the norm because until the advent of the “pill” in 1960 and its common usage in the ensuing decades, the act of sex was understood to be a procreative and consequential, not merely an act of responsibility free sensual pleasure. It had a purpose other than recreation.

Fun fact: Who was behind the push for contraceptives? Why it was none other than noted racist and eugenicist, Margaret Sanger who saw birth control as a way to manage the mongrels among society and prevent them from reproducing.

But back to my rant…

McCain writes:

“After four decades of rhetoric about “choice,” and two decades of lectures about “safe sex,” younger Americans apparently assume that it is normal for sex to be sterile, and that for sex to produce its natural result (pregnancy) is something weird.

As [Rush] Limbaugh said, people now think of fertility as a “sickness,” a “disease” that requires medical treatment. So deeply ingrained has this view become among some young people that a sex educator in Massachusetts found herself accused of being “unintentionally heteronormative,” which made her realize that her college students had ‘never thought about sex in terms of biology or reproduction’!”

Perhaps this is why abortion is seen as socially acceptable, it is nothing but a sickness to be cured or treated, not the creation of a person.

So many things have changed since the Constitution was ratified. There are things that exist in our day to day commonplace lives that would have been unthinkable 30 years ago, much less in the time of the founders but what has not changed are the natural laws that our rights are based upon.

If you don’t believe it, just think of it this way – if aliens from Jupiter’s moon Io and the first thing they did was to destroy all forms of contraception, what would happen? Well, we would return to the natural state of reproduction where the consequence of sex could well be a pregnancy.

Take another couple of examples – lets say that the Ioians took away our ability to produce aviation fuel – the planes stop flying. Let’s say that they took away electricity – society would revert to pre-electrification processes and much of what we use electricity to produce would simply disappear and humans would return to an earlier state of development.

But the need for food, clothing an shelter would remain. The need for self-actualization, while taking a back seat to survival, would also remain. We would return, step by step, to a more natural state of existence – not that I am promoting that as an option, I sort of like modernity where I’m not poking a mastodon with a sharpened stick in search of dinner. What I am trying to point out is that like electricity, aviation fuel and birth control are all deviations in the natural state of humanity, alterations in the basic nature of man that are temporary and require some outside support to be maintained.

In the entire history of mankind, natural laws have been held in abeyance for periods of time but they always reassert themselves. Hollywood knows this – every science fiction/environmental disaster flick represents a return to a state of dystopia – a Hobbesian existence that is “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short”

Progressivism is also such an alteration in the natural state of man. Through its roots in postmodernism, it seeks to redefine reality to suit its purposes but it, like these other non-normal states can only be maintained with effort. It is an ideology (approximating a theology these days) that will fade as the energy required to uphold it fades – as will the “rights” that are conjured from the ether and sold to its adherents like a 2% cash back award on your CapitalOne card.

The benefit of rights as determined by, as Jefferson put it, “Nature and Nature’s God” is that they require no energy to exist and can never be destroyed by any earthly force (they may be taken or given away but like matter, they always exist). Natural laws are natural laws because they always apply – like the law of gravity, it doesn’t matter if you believe it or understand it, it still applies.

Our challenge in a modern world is not to figure out how to alter the classical liberal ideals that created America to fit the modern world, as progressives are wont to do, rather it is how to be true to those ideals in a changing world, recognizing that our God given rights are natural laws and therefore immutable and eternal.

Something to think about before we allow a majority to sign on to the “sex is a right”/”Soylent Green is people” bandwagon.


40 thoughts on “Is Having Sex a Right?

  1. This made me think:
    Is having a smart phone a right?
    Is having a “chick magnet” car a right?
    Is having “designer clothes” a right?
    Is having all this without having to work for it a right?

  2. Utah,

    The problem for these self-centered, selfish, irresponsible and ‘entitled’ individuals is that, if sex is a ‘right,’ then the logical extension IS that rape is also a right. But then, that is the whole purpose of ‘conditioning’ people to think they MUST say yes to whoever asks — to cut down on the number of rapes that must be ignored.

    Now, I can already here the backlash hammering out on the keyboards of those shallow thinkers out there who just took offense to my comment, so let me stop you now. If you want to object to what I just said, that’s fine — go ahead. But not until AFTER you have read or re-read “Brave New World.” If you reply to me and cannot answer some pointed questions about that book — a book telling us what WAS going to happen to society — then I will dismiss you as too uninformed to have this discussion.

    As tot hose of you who DO know what that book is about:

    “Are we there yet?”

    • Joe,

      If the progressives have there way rape will soon be a right everywhere just like it has been for most of human history.

      Rape is ALREADY a right in the USA. For $35.00 you can rape a minor from China, Mexico, Central America and many more countries in all major cities of this country.

      With Obama’s help thousands more will even have the opportunity to be rapped after he has ICE transport them to the back alley brothels operated by MS13.

      So the next time a fine progressive says it all about the children now you know what they really mean.

      I do have a solution but justice is no longer a right.

  3. ** Is having sex a right? **

    Perhaps the question could also be framed …..” Is having Sex “Right” the deeper question we should be asking ? “

  4. Margaret Sanger was not a racist, Look back in your precious logs, Urah, and you will find that I have destroyed that ridiculous argument more than once. Your ‘logical’ advocation of rape wouldn’t pass muster in a sixth grade classroom, unless you don’t count consensuality as a prerequisite to sex.

    And Joe, we are closer to 1984 than we are to Brave New World; at least in terms of being controlled by media and a government disconnected from the people

    • The only thing you destroy is oxygen. In your case, I would agree to carbon dioxide emission control.

      Sanger was a racist, she was no better than Hitler in her quest to eliminate the “undesirable” underclass through legally sanctioned murder.

      • Utah,

        I can’t remember, so you may have already done so, but I KNOW I have shown Melfamy the PROOF that Sanger was part of the Eugenics crowd who gave Hitler his idea of making a ‘master race.’ So, I wouldn’t say she is no better than Hitler; but that she helped MAKE Hitler. It is part of the historic record (but you can’t find much history in modern history books because the same Progressives who did all this now have control of the schools, so they — naturally — tell people they were the ‘good guys’ and the people they were/are trying to eliminate are the ‘bad guys.’ Isaiah 5:20-21)

      • In your case, I would agree to rendition, but the only place that would take you is the Orange Free State, the last bastion of white supremacists.
        Her work was praised by Martin Luther King, W.E.B. DuBois was on the board of her Harlem clinic. I know you won’t read the article linked here, as you have an allergic reaction when exposed to the truth
        but maybe, just maybe, somebody in the room has enough brain cells left to finally realize how you deliberately lie and distort.

        • So, if MLK praised someone, that must mean they couldn’t be a racist or a horrible person. Well, OK, then by that SAME ‘logic,’ then Greg (Melfamy) MUST think Hitler, Mussolini, Mao, Stalin and Castro are all ‘good’ people, too. After all, they were ALL praised by people they eventually killed, so…

          Yes, hopefully those with enough brains will see Melfamy is a L-I-A-R who is defending racism, which — by his reasoning — means he is a racist.

          • Joe,anyone with a working brain can see that you and Mike are the liars. You guys could commit suicide by taking a laxative, what’s left could buried in a shoebox.

                • Greg,

                  You have been shown that you are wrong — many times. No one can help you. You have intentionally chosen to believe lies. That’s fine. It’s also fine that you call me names. I understand. But what is not fine is that you continue to lie to people.



                  These are all HER words — or accurate reporting of her words. We have noted that all you have EVER presented is PROPAGANDA produced by those who support Sanger’s racist agenda. By YOUR definition — not mine — that makes those who protect her a racist, as well. Hence, YOU are the racist — PER YOUR OWN ARGUMENT!

                  It is said and pathetic that you do not poses the intellect or honesty to even see this… 😦

                  • every ‘quote is either truncated to hide the truth, or misattributed to Ms Sanger. Here is a n actual quote from the lady
                    If plants, and live stock as well, require space and air, sunlight and love, chlldren need them even more. The only real wealth of our country lies in the men and women of the next generation. A farmer would rather produce a thousand thoroughbreds than a million runts.
                    How are we to breed a race of human thoroughbreds unless we follow the same plan? We must make this country into a garden of children instead of a disorderly back lot overrun with human weeds.
                    In a home where there are too many children in proportion to the living space, the air and sunlight, the children are usually overcrowded and underfed. They are a constant burden on their mother’s overtaxed strength and the father’s earning capacity. Such homes cannot be gardens in any sense of the word.

                    • And you call me an idiot?!

                      Hey, Greg, I am refering to ALL the MANY posts in the past where I have posted those video clips, newspaper articles — the picture of Sanger at the KKK rally — all of THAT stuff where SANGER admits she saw blacks as ‘un-fit’ to breed. You KNOW this is what I meant. See, you are a deliberate deceiver and/or shallow thinker. Either way, truth and honesty do not reside within you — nowhere.

                    • In the mind of someone who rejects objective reality? Yeah, I suppose I do. But in the REAL world? No, there I am standing on solid ground — because I actually seek, accept and deal with reality as it is — not as I “wish” it to be.

                      Night, John Boy.

                  • You are the propaganda disseminator, Joe, you are akin to Himmler in every way; you lie, you distort, you promote hatred and ignorance. have a really crappy day, and know that you are only fooling Sawdust and Augger with your un-American ideals.

                  • you are hopelessly mired in lies and falsehoods, you are the pathetic one When Sanger talks about improving the race, she means the Human race! Her clinics were located in poor neighborhoods because poor people need birth control more than the rich! Again, why would MLK praise a racist? Are you saying he was just a dumb black who didn’t know any better?

                    • Sorry, you missed again.

                      When it comes to what Sanger believed, Sanger is the best authority, and I have quoted her accurately.

                      You see, people, the problem we have here is Greg believes the ‘fluff’ that Progressives add to their statements so they can hide their true intentions. They use code words and dog whistles, but they do not train their dogs to hear them — only fellow masters. This is why Greg does not see or hear them.

                    • Joe, you and your ilk take sanger’s statements out of context in you assinine attempt to demonize her. She was not out to extermanite blacks, and you don’t do research, you copty cyclaim to love.rap from right-wing liars and believe because if you don’t your insipid world view would collapse like a house of cards.
                      You lack any vision, all you want is to be the right one. But that cannot be, because you are no where near knowing anything worthwhile, anything that would help this country you falsel

                    • Listen — and listen VERY carefully — Greg.

                      I have NOT taken Sanger’s comments out of context. On the contrary: I spent enough time to FULLY understand the woman. She hated humanity. She wanted to de-populate the earth — at least those she deemed “un-fit to breed.” In fact, that is the title of one of her papers.

                      Now, those like you who say she was not a racist get stuck behind her spin. She says a bunch to fool the idiots — those who refuse to look at what she actually wanted to do. This is exactly what she was doing when she said she wanted those black preachers. It made it LOOK like she was not against blacks, but when you look at who she DEFINED as “un-fit to breed,” the list included ALL blacks. So I would call her a racist, but she would say “Not true! I am just against those ‘un-fit’ to breed.” And YOU would defend her. All the while, neither of you would acknowledge that she lumped ALL blacks in that category which is — by definition — RACISM!

                      Sanger was a progressive. Progressives lie. They never speak clearly because they know — AS SCRIPTURE TELLS US WE ALL KNOW — that they are doing wrong. So they play games, deceive and rely on those who simply do not think to work their will on society. The only question that remains here is whether you are a Progressive leader, and thus, you are actively lying and deceiving, or are you just one of those who do not think and just defend your masters out of reflex?

      • Now Utah, you fucking blasphemer. LOL You didn’t know that the eugenics movement was not racist, even though she turned that gun towards the blacks?

        Well, a case to support that claim itself is Melfamy. If she had her way, she would have kept the “undeniably feeble-minded” from procreating, and Melfamy would never have been born.

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    Margaret Sanger WAS a racist, and she flat-out stated that abortion was part of her plan to rid the U.S. of blacks and other ‘undesirable’ people.

    Just search for Sanger and you will find the many posts I have written on the RNL with the necessary documentation to prove this is the truth. Melfamy is another apologist for the racists who still control the Democrat Party and American Progressive movement. He has repeatedly demonstrated he will flat-out LIE to protect these people and their agenda. SO, PLEASE, look into this and you will find I am telling the truth and Melfamy is lying to you.

    Here, this is a start:

  8. After reading a lot of the Hobby Lobby comments, I’m quite sure there are many young folks who believe sex is a right. What I don’t understand is that by logical extension, why aren’t males clamouring for Viagra via the workplace in order to aid in the reproduction of our society?

    • ‘Cause ( blushing…aww shucks…)…Many of us guys don’t need the little blue wonder.

      (BTW….Guys, Men, fellers and such is fine…………… “Males” is for the uhmm, putting it euphamistically, “Metro-Sexuals” )

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