OK…Now I Believe Global Warming Is A Crisis.


The Daily Mail says it could spell doom for my favorite of the female species – the redhead – and my favorite variant of favorites, the Scottish Ginger.

Global warming could lead to the extinction of Scotland’s redheads, experts have claimed.

Experts believe that Scotland’s gloomy climate has led to a red hair emerging as a genetic adaptation to help exploit rare sunny days and boost Vitamin D production.

But as the world warms up, some predict that the change in climate will lead to more sunny days for the Scots – meaning they will no longer be so well adapted to their environment.

We must spare no expense to save the gingers!

Just for grins and giggles, I’ll post a Rule 5ish bunch of pics of one of my favorite gingers, Karen Gillan – my favorite Doctor Who sidekick/assistant…and a ink to The Chive’s list of red-headed hotties.



13 thoughts on “OK…Now I Believe Global Warming Is A Crisis.

  1. Married one voluptuous blonde, and one long legged redhead. Blondes are sweet, and redheads spicey (I know from whence I speak)…and my first toast each time I raise A GLASS OF BOURBON is to “Long legs, and short skirts”

    • Interesting side note: I have two banjos….one blonde maple…one red maple…hmmmmmm…….subconcious …subliminal….what?

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