In Manhattan, where I spend a lot of my professional (& personal) time, there are always some people, mostly tourists but some locals, who never figure out the scam that the 3-card Monte dealers use to fool hundreds of folks everyday!!! To many of us, Barack Hussein Obama was a 3-card Monte dealer of the political variety from his earliest emergence on the US scene. Although it has never been easy to do, it wasn’t hard to figure out who & what was really beneath the Media-confected facade of the post-racial, post-partisan Healer sent by a non-denominational divinity to save America from its evil self!!!

CDE-CAG birthday lunch-2013

The fact that the Chosen One was the son, grandson & student of American Communists & (maybe) a Third World anti-colonialist, & that He had seemingly arisen in His glory from the smash-mouth, corrupt Cook County Democrat political swamp, should have been a clue as to his actual identity & goals for Amerika. But Our Dear Leader’s lightweight political sloganeering & his Ivy League patina so inspired the generally intellectually challenged “Progressives” of the Media that the Chosen One was never fully vetted by anyone that could get the nation’s attention on the pig-in-a-poke we where buying to lead the greatest & most complex nation in world history through an increasingly dangerous era.

“Yes We Can!!!” was good enough, & George Soros, the world’s favorite unindicted co-conspirator, managed to keep the potentially problematic bits from Obama’s past…the druggies, the Chicago & Occidental College gays, the multiple Social Security accounts & the forged birth certificates, even the inflammatory theses from Princeton & Columbia, out of the view of the American public. But some of us just listened to Obama’s own speeches (yes, videotape versions are available) & read his Bill Ayres-ghost written “autobiographies” & we knew Obama as a faculty-lounge Marxist, a professional failure who disdained hard work & regarded the world as “unfair,” despite the free ride he had received, & the Muslim-educated, mixed race “Progressive,” who learned the wonderful cadences of African-American preachers like Ray Charles borrowing the rhythms of the Black Church for his Soul music.

So, in the wonderfully ironic phrase of Reverend Wright, “America’s chickens have come home to roost!!” in the person of Barack Hussein Obama, AKA Barry Soetoro, AKA an American President without any commitment to the US Constitution or our Founders’ vision. And as Louis was surprised to discover gambling at Rick’s Place, many two-time Obama voters are shocked to see what their stupidity & laziness hath brought forth!!! Having graduated from his 3-card Monte past, Barack Hussein Obama is now revealed as the Bernie Madoff of American politics!!! Hopefully the hour is not too late for the sake of American & the world!!! CDE


  1. CDE,

    The only surprise (bewilderment) to me was not what Obama would do but what the American Citizen would do, not only the first time around in 2008 but in 2012 as well.

    From the moment I laid eyes on Obama I knew he was hell bent on destroying the Republic. From the parent(s) that raised him to the friends he kept, to the church he attended there was no doubt in my mind he was a godless evil person that hated everything the US stands for.

    It still remains to be seen if we have a chance to recover from this mad man and his henchmen. We will know very shortly based on the elections of 2014 and 2016. If we do not elect those willing to back the train up with no compromise then it will take a military coup or a revolution to salvage anything that is left.

  2. “The Affraudible Care Act” as l like to call it, was engineered by lawyers, for lawyers, and they have absolutely no skin in the game. If you ever want to touch a nerve on one of them, just bring up the notion of a centralized mandate upon them, as they’ve foisted on others. I however say, good enough for the medical profession, good enough for the legal profession. The Constitution doesn’t say a damned thing about doctors, but it sure says an awful lot about guaranteed legal protections and speedy/public trials.

    I’d say the lawyers need to get some skin in the game. Just like the president once said: “everyone in, nobody out.”

    Socialism is good, right? Good for everybody? Then lawyers need to pony up. Right now there are innocent men sitting in prison … imprisoned by a racist/unjust legal system. I think they need to be represented by world-class lawyers, just exactly as they are expecting world-class healthcare equally for everyone — services rendered up front of course (it’s an emergency after all). If they get paid a government-mandated pittance later, at least they can rest easy knowing they’re contributing to the greater good.

    “Justice delayed, is justice denied.” – Martin Luther King.

    And no less a legal light than Chief Justice Warren Burger said one of the great tragedies would be “that people come to believe that inefficiency and delay will drain even a just judgement of its value.”

    I bet you that they do not remember that from law school.

    I get tired of listening to smack-talking idiots, so I look for ways to quickly shut them up. As my girlfriend would say: “you are a real fucking asshole on forums, and Facebook.” She wasn’t incorrect. They’ve called me evil, insulted me, attempted to enslave me, taken money from me … done tolerating evil, stupidity, and theft. Many of these crazy fucking liberals have no idea why they believe what they do, so I just point out what their philosophy means … in personal, real-world terms.

    Thinking is hard … much easier to simply emote, and I won’t tolerate that, particularly when it’s screwing me over.

    That is where I am at on the issues.

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