Last night I had my parents and some friends over for jambalaya. Here is a snippet from our conversation:

Sal (my mom) – Isn’t that awful about all these illegals coming in?

Friend – We have to think of what the Christian thing to do is.

Sal – What would Jesus do?

Dad – Send em to Detroit; plenty of housing.


As I was lying in bed, the question did cause my 3% to swim. What is the Christian thing to do? Is it a Christian thing, really? I mean the laws of our land seem quite keen on separating church and state.

For me, it is almost akin to comparing apples to oranges. I say this because Christians are encouraged to give of their own free will. The govt., on the other hand, steals (taxes) from its individuals to do its own will. Christianity is an expression of freedom by love from the individual, whereas the state is slavery by its own design of superior “love” morals set upon the forced collective.

Let’s look at Central America. Statistically, the violence is down; this from a study that DHS was involved in. Note to self: Hunt down that link. Here, Kells: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/07/16/misperceptions-about-us-immigration-policy-behind-surge-illegal-children-report/

The question that is begged to be asked then is this: “Why now, brown cow?” Could it be that the Great One did not get His immigration legislation passed? That was on as fast a track as His healthcare legislation, after all….

Also, inquiring minds want to know: How did these poor (cause that sucks and they’ve been that way for so long) and surrounded-by-violence (yeah, that’s new……….not) folks come up with the cash for the coyotes (the high-priced tour guides)? Was it from the same place as the free Greyhounds to Any City, USA?

In Jesus’ time, these folks would’ve become slaves and/or indentured servants. But what would Jesus do?

Well, in a few parables, Jesus heals beggars (what my mind deems comparable to illegal aliens.) By heals, I believe Jesus shows them the meaning of freedom, by healing (saving) them. By saving, I believe He (not to be confused with the Great One) is giving the knowledge of the strength that one can master by a higher power (the self through Christ) rather than the govt. (that of no free will, baby…..slave of the big O…………………….Obama, not the other one.)

But what of the unaccompanied minors, you ask? That is of the govt., by the govt., for the govt. Period.

Personally, I believe the solution to the problem would be to have Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt adopt them all.

7 thoughts on “WWJD

  1. Kells,

    Christ actually answers this — IF you are familiar with the ls, that is. He would tell us we have an obligation to care for these children, but also to enforce our laws. So we should feed and care for them, but we should send them back home as quickly as possible, as well. We should also close and secure the borders remove ALL political leaders who are not obeying the law, or who are perverting the law for Party gain. This is one of the things Christ HAMMERED the Pharisees over: perverting the law for personal gain at the expense of the poor and oppressed.

    Otherwise, I aree with Lrn: good post, lady 🙂

    • B., what scripture provokes this scale of charity via Christ? I mean, we are talkin about a 10 million-dollar tax-payer fee for upscale lodging (reckon the Motel 8 didn’t leave the light on.)

      • Kells,

        I did not mean to imply Christ would have us treat these — only that He would have us care for them. But remember: all Christ’s disciples said we are obligated to provide is food and clothing, to care for the sick and visit those in jail. Past that, we are not obligated to do at that point — it takes from those who are still in need.

        Like I said: you have to KNOW the Scriptures. 😉

  2. I agree, Joe. Like Beck said…… we should make sure that these “JUVENILES” are taken care of as well as we would want our own children cared for UNTIL they are back home in their native countries.

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