Special People

braying-jackassThere is a special class of people in this world who share a gift; I have seen them in action my entire business career.

That gift is the uncanny ability to make the wrong choice almost 100% of the time.

They usually don’t climb very high in their careers because in a capitalistic, competitive environment, they tend to self-identify and are isolated or expunged from the business. In an environment where success and achievement are rewarded, repetitively making bad calls is frowned upon.

They are useful because you know that the right decision is to do exactly the opposite of what they want you to do…they are sort of the canary in the coal mine for a business.

These people are typically called “ex-employees”.

But not to worry – there is a safe haven for people with this gift. It is a special, magical place called “government”. In this “government”, people with these amazing talents are rewarded with elected office, appointments to ambassadorships, lifetime jobs in the bureaucracy and top level cabinet positions.

Anchored in this safe harbor, these people can achieve dizzying heights of power and financial recompense. They have absolute job security and have access to security and benefits that people in the private sector can only dream about…and retirement, well the retirement plans are the best! Typically funded by other people, they can be pretty sweet!

Perhaps the greatest benefit is that being wrong is seen as a badge of honor and evidence of a superior intellect! Make a stupid pronouncement – it is the listeners fault for not being smart enough to comprehend it. Send a moronic tweet in response to a tragedy – get a pat on the back for understanding the Power of Hashtag! Make the wrong economic call – get invited to dinners with Paul Krugman and the editorial board of the New York Times! Foreign policy disaster? Don’t worry – you will still rake in $200K per speech once you hit the rubber chicken dinner tour!

These special people who miraculously succeed by failing have a name, too.

These people are called “Democrats”.

14 thoughts on “Special People

  1. Kells,
    Totally agree with chhelo. Have to save this for posterity! Every day when I awake, I Thank God that I am alive and
    NOT a democrat!

    • Before all is said and done Edward……you will be thanking Him that you are also NOT a “Libertarian”

      Rand Paul …. Votes for felons…..Do away with Voter ID……there really is NO EFFECTIVE DIFFERENCE between Liberals and Libertarians !!!!!

      **Liberal-tarian** was and IS the operative and correct Term for socalled Libertarians.

      • So is it all Democrats who are druggies forging checks that should not be allowed to vote after serving their time? I’d take Paul over Warren, Clinton, and Biden any day of the week.

        • You are making a distinction that is becoming clearer every day is irrelevant…..Libertarians = Liberal / Progressives.

          The Libertarians have effectively done what the RINOs did…..claim they are one thing , but on the important issues they vote Statist-Progressive-Liberal…..effectively destroying the Republic.
          The Libertarian “Base” thinks they are voting for American Values….the Libertarian Propaganda is thus…. “..Well I’m socially liberal…but Fiscally Conservative….and I’m for Freedom …and the Constitution”.

          The Libertarian mantra..
          … Lip service to Israel’s right to exist….But supporting Hamas and other “Palestinian” terrorists…..Support OPEN Borders……support Islam’s right to Sharia law in the US ( under the guise of “religious freedom” )…. Give lip service to a Strong America…but support the gutting of the military……….. Against Voter ID …… for Felons Voting ( proven to be about 85% Democrat / Liberal supporters) …… freedom to Libertarians of course actually means the right to smoke dope anywhere , anytime, and gay “marriage”….. ( while giving lip-support about getting the Government out of the Bed-room).

          Socially Liberal ….. has now proven to be the Government (SC and the Executive )….getting into everyone’s private business…and (2) supporting policies ( Open Borders…social welfare etc) which cost ever increasing amounts and encourage Not working.

          Fiscally Conservative…… Well actually it is hard to think of a single Fiscally Conservative policy strongly supported by Libertarians……. Fiscally Conservative and Social Liberal are in many (if not most ) aspect mutually exclusive.

          • Don, I know that the local Libertarians present both sides of an issue; it’s a tactic that forces you to think freely, or unrestrained by a liberal media. I know that there are topics which touch a nerve in every conservative when probed with certain questions, but this is where we as individuals may have our voices heard by standing our ground. That said, I’m still a registered Republican. I schooled them on Palestine, and I’ve been schooled on the police state in America. I get it. I also get that a third party will primarily pull votes from the conservatives. I suppose my greatest concern is this nationwide apathy that has settled in. Don’t know if that’s the best word. Laziness?

            • Well ………… Ur right that Libertarianism is a “Tactic”…..a Progressive Tactic.

              I wonder if some of what we see manifested as laziness is a sort of PTSD for a lot of us……in other words the Cloward-Piven blitzkreig of Destruction on a Daily basis is overwhelming ( as it was/is intended to be).

              Then we have seemingly endless Turncoats like Rubio….now Rand Paul, and Even Louie Gohmert and Ted Cruz with the Glenn Beck Pro-Amnesty stunt ( YES I KNOW Beck gave lip-service to “sending them back”…..Kinda, Sorta like the other “Libertarian” lip-services remarks, huh ? )

              So maybe “laziness” is shell-shock actually ?

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