Fighting the Canadian Patriarchy: Being Sex Positive in Vancouver


Well, just to let you know, there are acts of political theater outside the US that are just as weird as ours…perhaps even more so.

As part of my job, I have responsibility for all of the operations of the company regardless of location and due to some business realities, I have been spending time in Vancouver, British Columbia at our facility there. Spending time among our cousins from the frozen tundra, I take the opportunity to observe the similarities and differences in Canada and the US, particularly in the politics.

It is interesting – Canada is all British in governmental organization but all American in politics – a brutal but often funny pairing. The scandals; however, are universal as are the aftermath.

There is a little dust-up here in Vancouver about Trish Kelly, a feminist and a candidate for the Vancouver Parks Board running as a member of the Vision Party. The Vision Party or “team” as they call themselves is a center-left party (as with most parties who say they are “center-left”, they are less “center” and more “left”).

Even though she garnered more votes than any other non-incumbent in Vision’s nomination process, Ms. Kelly has withdrawn from the race.


Because a video surfaced of a 2006 “art performance” that Ms. Kelly wrote, directed and starred in.

What subject matter was it that could end a budding political career, one might ask?

Why, thanks for playing.

It was masturbation.

Ms. Kelly is out and proud of her sexuality. According to one of her supporters, she “…has a great history of sex-positive activism and has always been open about that…” and in the video she discusses at some length her fascination with, and frequency of, pleasuring herself saying, “Pretty much I do it every night after brushing my teeth but before putting on my jammies…”

The video itself might have been considered risqué in 2006 but by today’s standards, you can see worse on any HBO or Showtime creation and almost as bad in the check-out line at Kroger – so the drama around Ms. Kelly’s withdrawal really seems somewhat manufactured, especially in a liberal city like Vancouver.

I don’t know…it just seems that there is another shoe yet to drop.

But what is really interesting is the reaction to it. What could it possibly be that caused this terrible blow to feminism?

Why you guessed it…it was the patriarchy, of course.

Writing at a blog called The Tyee, Jarrah Hodge hits us with the hard truth. After listing a litany of inoffensive actions – which she immediately equates to Kelly’s video – she writes this:

“Back in 2005 I ran in a provincial election. Since then I have occasionally been asked if I’m ever going to run again. Today I am announcing my intention not to run in a future election, because I have realized I may be ineligible for public office.
Here are some reasons why:

  • When I was in high school, I wrote and published erotic Law & Order: Special Victims Unit fanfiction online.
  • In my high school musical I played Rosie, a woman who, desperate to attract the attention of her fiancé, attempts to seduce an entire Shriners meeting.
  • I have over 14,600 tweets. There’s gotta be something in there someone wouldn’t like… maybe a positive review of a burlesque show or a criticism of Game of Thrones.
  • On my blog, I have written about many things, including vaginal mints, menstrual cups, tampons, sex ed, abortion and the HBO show Hung.
  • I’m pretty sure there’s a video out there of me singing an innuendo-laden Britney Spears song at a karaoke night.
  • On Facebook, there are or have been pictures of me…

But wait, you say. Sure, some of those things might be dumb. But what does most of that have to do with seeking public office?

Oh, I forgot the operative factor that makes the other things worse, apparently

  • I’m a woman.

For some reason young women candidates keep finding themselves attacked for expressing their sexuality, even though it’s not at all relevant to the office they’re seeking.”

Well, there you have it.

As far as Trish Kelly “expressing her sexuality”, I could care less. Her penchant for masturbation is a personal issue for her to enjoy and is really something not necessary for me to know about.

I have no idea whether either Ms. Hodge or Ms. Kelly being a woman has anything to do with it. Perhaps it has to do with the tendency of people like these women to indulge in silliness and trivialities as if they were serious matters. It is a common activity among the “activists” on the left to disclose something of a personal nature like masturbation – actually to scream about it in the public square:

“Hey! Look at me masturbating! I do it all the time! I’m sex positive!”

They then assume that the very public disclosure of that thing they do equates to bravery and somehow elevates people like Ms. Kelly to an unassailable and unimpeachable position. Being liberal in a liberal city means that you have to yell really, really loud.

The fact of the matter is that if Trish Kelly or her party allowed this to push her out of contention for office, even that of a city Parks Board, and her supporters immediately blame the “He-Man Women Hater’s Club”, maybe she shouldn’t have been nominated in the first place.

6 thoughts on “Fighting the Canadian Patriarchy: Being Sex Positive in Vancouver

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  2. While she is somewhat spared from her candid remarks on masturbation (due to the fact that she’s a lib and the media are lib majority,) the fact remains that women are held under a microscope with regards to any missteps from society far more stringently than any man ever will be or ever has been. Of course, I blame Bush for this.

    • ” her candid remarks on masturbation”
      ” that women are held under a microscope” …. they should never be used in the same sentence !!,,,,You Hussy.

      (Not that there’s anything wrong with that )

      • That wording of my perspective actually cause me to spew my drink!

        With regards to Ms. Kelly, she is as all lib women are: Self-indulgent to the point of ignoring the bigger plight of our sisters. I do not understand why women do not address this issue of men, via religion or otherwise, given the power to mutilate a woman’s quoi.

        • Not only that Babe.
          But Ms. Kelley prolly thinks the Bangs work too !

          See my Rand Paul article to Edward in a post below….Liberal-tarians on Parade in all their destructive glory. Turns out the Virginia Libertarian attack against Cuccinelli was merely a warm-up in their destructive attack against America.

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