The raw politics of science

Politics has twisted not only the Constitution and the “rule of law”, but also science.

Climate Etc.

by Judith Curry

 The myth that there is no politics of science is dangerous as it prevents the important and urgently needed institution of some democratic control of the existing system of politics within the commonwealth of learning. – Joseph Agassi

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One thought on “The raw politics of science

  1. There is no such item as “settled Science”….settled science in 1961 said that the smallest particle of matter was the atom. (which contained neutrons, protons , and electrons) wait…wait… I asked in science class ,,,”If the smallest particle of matter is an atom…How can it be ‘made up’ OF ANYTHING?” ridicule followed…then in 1968, some “genius ” said …uhhhh , quarks, make up the building blocks of atoms….so much for “settled science”.
    In the 1970’s..we were told that CFC’s and CFHC’s were destroying the ozone…and that the good ol USA was the primary culprit. Wait….wait , I said….CFC and CFHC are heavier than air…”How are they getting up into the Stratosphere ..and beyond?” ridicule followed….But…but… The coriolis effect, I said. The wind in the Northern Hemisphere circles west to east …and towards the NORTH POLE…and the hole is at the south Pole…..”Shuddap ” they said …it’s settled science….
    Now , we get “GLOBAL WARMING”….er” CLIMATE CHANGE” …er sumpin..uh and it’s “settled science” BULLSPIT…it AIN’T EVEN A GOOD HYPOTHESIS. It’s all based on computer MODELS, that have had a ZERO % prediction accuracy, and the only reason that a number of “scientists” have agreed on this is to keep getting their GRANTS. If you don’t agree….yopu lose your FUNDING.
    As my American History prof used to say…”The biggest pain in the world , is the pain of the pocketbook!”

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