Political Correctness Kills


I know that this might not be a popular question in these politically correct times and having never served in the military, I probably do not have the standing to ask – but being inappropriate in pursuit of the truth has never worried me…

I was stunned in researching the VA issue that there were so many of our veterans – 30% – who were victims of PTSD and that caused me to wonder – are we not doing enough in training to prepare these soldiers for the horrors of battle and by being more brutal in training, deselecting those who simply cannot handle that kind of trauma?

Due to the Israeli/Palestinian conflicts, I wondered – since Israeli citizens are expected to enter military service and the public of Israel exists with a continuous threat of terrorist attack and in a perpetual state of war, what is the rate of PTSD for soldiers in the IDF?

I found that the IDF has the lowest rate of PTSD of any military in the world.

It would seem that multiculturalism and political correctness in our military is truly putting our soldiers at risk before, during and after battle. They deserve better than being forced to serve next to the Bowe Bergdahl’s of the world just because we are too soft to demand that they man up or get out.


2 thoughts on “Political Correctness Kills

  1. Ok Utah, I will see if I can make some sense for you. Consider this, an Israeli citizens, especially if he/she is a lifelong resident, has seen more carnage first hand by age 10 than the average American soldier before entry into service. Thanks to our geography, we still live in a relatively isolated culture. We also are a culture that believes generally, in “Thou Shall Not Kill”. Even in WWII, a Marine Corps Colonel observed during the battle of Iwo Jima that combat troops fell into 3 categories during battle when it came to firing their weapons. One group would hide in their foxholes and not fight. The second group would not shoot, but would hand off their ammo to another Marine. And the third group did all of the shooting. In researching why this was so, he determined that the cause was our cultural prohibition on murder. And that the military had to come up with a way to induce more soldiers to actually fight on the battlefield. PTSD was first described on the battlefields of WWI as “shell shock”. Again, a culture of
    “Thou Shall Not Kill” was the norm for all of Europe since a war had not been fought there since 1879. Israel has always been at war with her neighbors and carnage unfortunately is a part of the daily life there. Now you can debate that this doesn’t matter, but I and others can tell you that culture matters greatly in this condition.

    • Shell Shock in WWI had a lot to do with being Bombarded with huge Artillery not seen before while being forced to stay in the Trenches.

      Though there was PTSD, it was manifested differently than Shell Shock which often took the form of serious nervous disorders. Even to the extent of being unable to walk in a Coordinated way.

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