Domination Revealed

When it comes to domination, I think it only fair that I enlighten any reader who could and would be taken by Augger’s deceptive post.

In order that I divulge the truth, I must subject you to images which are somewhat disturbing. These demonstrate the true world of domination, and if it frightens you, than by all means, go watch MSNBC (ignorance is bliss.)

For you brave souls; I’ll let you know right off the bat that in Dominatrix 101, we learn how to spread a pandemic faster than any bird. Here is how we rolled out the highly contagious strep throat virus:


It was all very simple, really. (I would tell you where those feet have been, but that would break Dominatrix Rule 1.)

To reward ourselves, we oftentimes just settle for control over the mundane. Believe it or not, tasks become LESS boring when we’re in control!

Here’s a little secret: A dominatrix really hates to iron! Shhhhhh! (Duh! Why else do we dig wearin leather?!)


Now then, we look out for our bitches, er, slaves. We take them in for their yearly check-ups:

After a particularly rough day in the dungeon, we make sure that they are well-rested for whatever tomorrow brings:


In order that they feel rewarded, we invite them to observe one of our training classes:

(Trapped and I in a class last summer)


Hopefully, this information that I’ve shared will lift that veil of mystery that surrounds domination. Under normal circumstances, you would be begging for this knowledge……on your knees……….in a diaper…………with a pacifier in your mouth.

Have a good day, and never forget what happens to naughty boys….

7 thoughts on “Domination Revealed

  1. Boys, I think our resident blonde missed the point of Rule 5 Domination (hint: it’s not about a dominatrix), but let’s roll with this one for a moment, and I will ask which you prefer …. toe sucking or this?

  2. Kells — I do thank you for revealing to us a piece of your mind. We learn a little more about you daily. 🙂

    • I know I probably shouldn’t have shared that pic, but no one will believe it! Can I just say that your Dungeness Crab Torture class rocked? (The definition of sweet pain……except for those vegetarians……)

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