The Kew Gardens Democrats

Has Iraq become President Obama’s Kitty Genovese moment?

The brutal murder of Kitty Genovese in New York on March 13, 1964 and the myth that grew from it cemented the perception in the global psyche that the citizens of Kew Gardens were not only uncaring and unwilling to help Miss Genovese but were willfully detached to the point of criminally depraved indifference.

It gave birth to the phrase “I don’t want to get involved.”

From all appearances, the perception that America borders on being criminally indifferent to the suffering of certain religious castes in Iraq and around the Middle East is going unrefuted. The same goes for our support of Jews and Christians around the world.

In this case inaction (rather than action) speaks louder than words.

The Democrats have long charged Bush and the Halliburtonian neo-cons of being war mongering profiteers who created “wars for oil” out of whole cloth – but with faced with true genocide perpetrated against non-Muslims and when their mettle is tested with an obvious, real-time challenge like the murderous terrorists of ISIS (or ISIL or IS, whatever the politically correct term is this week), the evidence is that the Democrats are constructed of nothing more than cotton candy with a foreign policy of champagne wishes and caviar dreams.

But in all fairness, they do have an election coming up, so what are a few dead Yazidis on a remote mountaintop in Iraq compared to alienation of the isolationist Democrat base?

As much as it pains me to point out, even the aspirin factory cruise missile/rocketeer Bill Clinton had more backbone when he went in to protect Muslims from being eradicated in Kosovo…but then again, those were people adherent to Islam, the protected, de facto State Religion of Washington, D.C.

The core of the Democrat Party has become so isolationist, so deluded and obsessed with creating their own reality that they forget the words of the famous British physicist and spiritualist, Sir Oliver Lodge, who said:

“Denying their existence, ignoring them will not make them go away and will not dampen their influence because the energies are there and they affect you. Just like, for example, we could deny that the moon exists and yet the gravitational pull, the magnetic influences, would still be a factor. We could go and live in a cave somewhere and never see it and yet the moon, the physical body, would influence our reality.”

Such it is with the events in Israel, Iraq, Ukraine and Syria – and in other places where radical Islam and dictatorial desires are giving life to as brutal totalitarianism as the world has seen since the times of Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, aka Captain Obvious, says that “the world is exploding all over!”

Thanks, Chuck…

That just goes to prove that even the dim-witted recognize trouble when they see it and yet President Obama can’t even be bothered to call a summit of world leaders to devise a response to ISIS, a group/movement that all Western leaders, including the Pope, are calling the greatest evil the world faces. I guess if someone had told the President that ISIS is even a greater evil than the Tea Party, income inequality, the minimum wage and global warming all rolled into one, we would have seen some executive orders by now.

But President Obama is not alone. Europe is sitting back and wringing its hands once again, as it did in the run-up to WWII as the Jews were rounded up and killed. Even the French are calling for Europe to return from their August vacations and get something done…and if the notorious lassie-faire French are telling the rest of the world to get up and do something, we need to pay attention.

If a coalition can’t be built against ISIS, the greatest evil in the world and the greatest risk to Western Civilization, one has to wonder if there is anything worth saving. Like Kitty Genovese, Iraq, Israel, Syria and Ukraine are screaming as they are being stabbed.

The question is whether President Obama and the other Western world powers will come to Kitty’s aid or will they just say, “It doesn’t concern me, I don’t want to get involved.”

Depraved indifference. It is what all the Democrats are wearing this Fall.

2 thoughts on “The Kew Gardens Democrats

  1. It’s an odd “line in the sand”, right? Now then, you’ve got the Monroe Document that has been trampled since Wilson. The basic and pertinent question is, “Are we overstepping rights of another country? In doing so, will we not change the course of history? If we form a League of Super the territorial Heroes; who will benefit? The Muslim? The Christian? My hope is that the US will back the wrongly oppressed. Is it legal? Is this administration’s actions?

    The reality is that this president is so flippin out of touch, he doesn’t realize that black-on-black crime in America is at a much higher percentage than white-on-black crime. I take that back. He knows, just as he knows what the hello happened to those IRS e-mails…. (I can always spot a snake.)

    This is our life…………….. living with an extreme loser-in-chief.

    Out of curiosity: What would Jefferson do?

  2. Obama knows exactly what’s he is doing. Whatever Valerie Jarrett tells him to do. His mission is front man (puppet) for the destruction of the Republic.

    By 2016 the Constitution will be a relic of the past.

    2016 Democrat Election Slogan: Assimilate or Die

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