Hyper-Racial America

What happens if America has been so beaten down by illegitimate claims of racism that it is afraid to speak out against injustice when it is contained in the timbre of a black person’s voice?

I’m sure that I will be called a racist – won’t be the first time – but there really seems to be a trend appearing that indicates that there is a desire for a sort of separate “black justice” that includes an automatic assumption of illegitimacy of any non-black opinion and an automatic indictment of any white person suspected of a crime against a black person, coupled with a speedy conviction and execution with little concern for the actual facts or the truth.

Sure sounds like a lynching to me.

Sybrina Fulton’s (Trayvon Martin’s mother) comments that “If they refuse to hear us, we will make them feel us” and the presence of Eric Holder, the New Black Panthers and the left leaning “news” outlets egging them all on from the sidelines seems to be establishing the conditions for a sort of racially motivated payback of the Bull Connor/Jim Crow lawlessness of the Civil Rights era American South.

Officer Darren Wilson may or not be guilty of murder but that is a job for the courts to decide, not a riotous mob looking for revenge at the end of a rope, either real or metaphorical.

President Obama and his administration weighed in on the side of Trayvon Martin and Eric Holder has refused prosecution against the New Black Panther Party. Now both appear to have come to the aid of Michael Brown’s family before the facts are known. The impression that we now have a federal government headed by a “black” administration that will be sympathetic to such a “payback” on behalf of black America is a dangerous one for both blacks and whites. Politicized “justice” isn’t justice, it is a tyrannical weapon.

Matt Drudge is a master of headline juxtaposition but this collection is chilling:

I bear no affection for the evil that whites did to blacks before, during and throughout the Civil Rights fight. The killings and human debasement through segregation of blacks was a crime against humanity, second only to the evil institution of slavery.

But where Martin Luther King fought a noble and righteous fight, seeking only equality with malice toward none – to simply allow all people to judged by the content of their character – that is not what this Ferguson thing feels like to me – in my view, this is more of a desire for payback, an opportunity to sate a bloodlust that has been festering since the day the body of Emmett Till was dumped in the Tallahatchie River in Mississippi.

There will be those who say that because I am white, I am wrong, I have no business talking about Dr. King, I cannot understand the “black experience” and likely I am just a racist – but the fact is that after growing up poor in rural Mississippi in the middle of the Civil Rights struggle, I can guarantee that I understand that “experience” better than Barack Obama (who is rumored to have been born in Hawaii) or the Bronx born Eric Holder.

I hope I am wrong.


7 thoughts on “Hyper-Racial America

  1. Unless and until American blacks get another leader with the mentality MLK had, we will never be able to intelligently handle situations like this one in Ferguson. So long as black here are “controlled” by the likes of Sharpton, J. Jackson, Holder and OWEbozo, white Americans will always be depicted as racist haters.

  2. Eric Holder is using the DOJ as his own private “payback” machine to mete out punishment for racism real and imagined. The DOJ used to concern itself with actual crime but seems to be all anti-white all the time. This is not new when a black individual takes control of a public office they seem to feel the need to seek out those who must be punished and also those who must by their race be rewarded. The president is doing the same thing on a greater scale. The new Brother’s Keeper program is a massive transfer of wealth into the hands of black people. It is difficult to stop them once they are in a position of power because they always have the race card up their sleeve and use it to discourage criticism or any effort to prevent them from looting the treasury. The pigford settlement is a good example of this ongoing multi-billion dollar racist transfer of public funds. I don’t know how to stop these criminal acts by black public officials. To a lesser extent the same thing occurs with women in public office. Even AJ Ginsburg believes women deserve “free stuff” and denying it is unconstitutional. Detroit is a perfect example of where the U.S. is headed unless we get a handle on this problem. The black leaders of Detroit looted the treasury and even got multiple billion dollar bailouts from the feds and looted all that as well. What they left behind was a cesspool of crime and destruction. You will remember when the governor of Michigan wanted to send in people to clean up Detroit and deal with it’s insolvency that the black leaders played the race card to back him down. They don’t want anyone to actually discover what they have done there. They would rather that their people wallow in the cesspool then clean it up and uncover the crimes committed there. There are now no checks and balances on Obama and Holder. I am sure that the same is true in departments throughout the federal state and local governments where blacks hold positions of leadership. Why? Because the race card allows the black criminals to get to the top and no one dare try to impeach their honesty or their job. I know I’m pissing in the wind but I hope once Obama’s term is finished that there is some honest investigation and reporting so that the people/citizens/voters can see what has been going on. But I suppose investigating Obama or Holder would be racists and therefore no one would dare do it. And therein lies the problem.

    • American blacks do deserve “something”…………………. they deserve everything that American non-blacks are getting. If Holder can find an instance of someone in power giving to American non-blacks what American blacks are not getting the opportunity to receive, he needs to do his job and prove it and then remove that person from power.
      American women do deserve “something”…………………. they deserve everything that American men are getting. If Holder can find an instance of someone in power giving to American men what American women are not getting the opportunity to receive, he needs to do his job and prove it and then remove that person from power.
      Holder is in the position OWEbozo gave him because there was no doubt in OWEbozo’s mind that Holder would do exactly like he is doing. The first and maybe one of the most obvious examples of Holder not playing fair was his refusal to try the Black Panthers that used brute force to get their way at the polling places in 2008.

  3. Generally speaking, no oppressed group wants equality. They want payback,…revenge…to place the oppressors in the position that they formerly occupied. Case in point…the LGBT community. Requiring that ANYONE who stood against their agenda must be DESTROYED…censure is insufficient.
    And , like the boy who cried wolf, the constant barrage of RACIST….HOMOPHOBE….etc, becomes to the rest of us , so much background noise. The hum of the universe…so to speak.
    I can no longer concern myself with the possibility that I MAY be called a racist (homophobe…etc, add your own favorite slander) I HAVE been labeled racist, and will be again. B…F…D…(any vet knows those initials) Don’t Care Anymore.
    When a group uses a label again and again, it becomes a non word… a not word…it NO LONGER HAS MEANING.
    And…….my world continues to rotate around the SUN… and not around their desires.

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