James Taranto quotes Juicebox Mafioso member Ezra Klein in his BOTW column today and I think this quote is fundamental to understanding support for President Obama. The inestimable Mr. Taranto writes of the entirely estimable Mr. Klein:

“Klein sets out to explain why these disappointed expectations are unrealistic. He begins by stating his premise: ‘Obama’s supporters aren’t asking for anything Obama can’t do–or even anything he hasn’t done before. Obama was elected president because he seemed, alone among American politicians, to be able to bridge the deep divides in American politics.'”

It is Klein’s assertion that President Obama was elected because he seemed “to be able to bridge the deep divides in American politics” – that, at least to me, appears to be significantly lacking congruence with the observed actions of the President and his supporters.

I would propose that Candidate Obama was elected (twice, mind you), not because he was expected to build a bridge, rather he was elected to cross that bridge, burn it and cast his favor on the other side, the side of identity politics, statism and progressive ideals.

Obama’s supporters didn’t (don’t) want dialog, they want “social justice” and “income equality”. They want businesses who are not sufficiently supportive of progressivism to be penalized. They want the Tea Party to be eliminated, even if they have to go full Nixon, break laws and get the IRS to do it. They want any amount of perceived American hegemony destroyed – no more “wars for oil”. They don’t want equality, they want special “rights”.

They wanted (want) payback, baby…

The facts are that the President has shown minimal to no interest in compromise with any who aren’t already 100% in line with his views and agenda(s). He has mouthed the word “compromise” and that he is “willing to work with anybody” but has demonstrated that he is truly willing to do neither, even within his own party – this past week, The Hill reported that the Congressional Democrats wonder why he doesn’t talk to them anymore.

There are over 300 House bills gathering dust on Harry Reid’s desk, we have taken a fall off several “fiscal cliffs”, enacted sequestration and “suffered” through the Great Shutmageddon of 2013 as proof. His one-way vision has allowed Iraq to be overrun by ISIS, Putin to take Crimea and Assad to keep on keeping on in Syria…while the Mad Mullahs prepare to go full-on nuke.

No, President Obama’s supporters have little interest in bridges unless they are one way and they can build a toll booth and charge a toll for coming over – it is a lot like the Eagles’ Hotel California – you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave…

3 thoughts on “Payback

  1. “…he was elected to cross that bridge, burn it and cast his favor on the other side, the side of identity politics, statism and progressive ideals.”

    (Evil) Man’s law above the Constitution and natural law. Setting the politically favored to rule above all others.

    Just as in the criminal indictment of Governor Perry for exercising is lawful Constitutional authority.

    Never doubt this; there is nothing, including imprisonment of innocents, the progressives would not do in order to force their agenda upon all Americans.

  2. OWEbozo has managed to divide America far more than any POTUS in my lifetime. I remember people bitching about every “D” and “R” president serving since I became aware that there was someone called the “president”. However, I don’t recall any of them purposely causing one side to literally hate the other side. Not only has he split America because of our politically different ideas, he has managed to extremely widen the racial division of Americans.

  3. On Election Day in 2008 I was still living in Oakland, CA. I was very disappointed that Obama had won the election & my progressive neighbor came over to talk, she told me “Obama is going to bring us all together” and she truly believed that. I had been researching Obama & my first thought was ” this man has never brought more than 10 people together for a dinner party in his whole life, how can he bring our country together”. Some of Obama’s buddies like Van Jones lived in Oakland so I knew he would be the most far left President in US history & that scared me. I also realized anyone who ever criticized Obama would be instantly branded racist. Progressives are the most fascist group I’ve ever encountered, they don’t want freedom of anything. They just want you to do as they tell you & I still think they are a major danger because of their inability to live & let live. Our country will long bear the scars of this administration. I wish he had been a better President for all Americans.

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