Voting Your Way Out of Poverty

If people vote to elect politicians who promise to lift them out of poverty with programs that are paid for by other taxpayers money and have been doing so for decades, why are they still poor and why do they still vote for these people?

Voting for a politician promising prosperity to this group or that group at the expense of another group doesn’t work – and as and example, we have 50 years of failure of Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” to prove it.

Why does the political path to prosperity not work?

Because simply casting a vote:

  • Won’t automatically increase your level of education, knowledge or skill and it won’t guarantee that any of those are valued in the market.
  • Won’t create an individual drive or passion to succeed.
  • Won’t build the self-confidence that an individual needs to overcome the rough spots.
  • Won’t free the individual of personal habits, addictions or other negative behaviors that prevent success.
  • Won’t erase the legacy of poor personal choices, it won’t overcome unplanned pregnancies, addictions or criminal actions.
  • Won’t heal a broken family.
  • Won’t turn a bad idea into a good one.
  • Won’t turn sloth into industry.

Only the individual can change those things.

Generally following the guidelines or patterns (getting an education, staying clean, creating a stable home life) that have lead to success will not guarantee success, there is no doubt about that – but not doing so certainly guarantees failure.

It is possible for the political world to give temporary relief from poverty through programs but in reality, all the poor get is a share of other poor people’s benefits. Welfare is the functional equivalent of the minimum wage – as the minimum wage is an entry level salary in the economic world that no one is expected to live their lives on, welfare is the entry level wage for society that no one is expected to live on.

Politician’s promises of prosperity are the contemporary incarnation of snake oil. They can’t cure all ills…as a matter of fact, they rarely cure any ill without making another worse.

You simply cannot vote your way out of poverty any more than you can borrow yourself out of debt.

3 thoughts on “Voting Your Way Out of Poverty

  1. But, Again, I ask you: Why would you support the Policies of a group (KKK democrats) that enslaved your ancestors?

    Ignorant people acquire some knowledge by aging. STUPID people eventually learn the fallacy of performing repeated actions expecting change. (At least some people learn!)

    Utah, I perceive your sagacity. Maybe it’s time to throw in the towel?

    • Well, Ferguson could be called Sag Ass City.

      I hope it isn’t towel time. There have always been stupid people, the problem is (as my sagacious self sees it), is that the ignorant have convinced themselves that they are the smart ones. We do live in objectively reason-free times where people have lost the simple ability to see cause and effect. If a person burns a finger on a hot stove, instead of learning not to do that again, they sue the stove manufacturer for making the eye hot.

      There are none so blind as those who will not see.

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